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Rebekah Branham Smith Send your thoughts to Brother George and Sister Rebekah Branham Smith and family.
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Also remember Billy Paul Branham, Sarah Branham De Corado, Joseph Branham.

March 21, 1946 ~ November 28, 2006
Sister Rebekah Branham Smith as a Bride

William Branham Rebekah Smith died passed away November 28 2006 Read emails below.

Rebekah Branham Smith ~ In His Arms

Sister Rebekah Branham Smith Thank you
We wish to express our heartfelt thanks for the many prayers that have been prayed on behalf of our family. Your prayers, words of encouragement, and support, with God's grace, have sustained us during this difficult time. We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you more than we have the words to express. As we return to our lives, there is an empty place in us all that only His love can fill, and this is being done through you - the Believers around the world - that perform God's work here on earth.

In the past week, there have been outpourings of love and sympathy like none of us have ever witnessed, and this has made us realize how deeply this special child of God touched so many lives. Among the many beautiful tributes paid, we would like to share an excellent slide presentation, set to Sister Rebekah's own piano playing, that was compiled by Voice of God.

There is also a guestbook that many believers have been using to leave their thoughts and notes of condolences. We have been pouring over them, and are humbled to read the words of so many people that shared her life with us.

Thank you and God bless you.
The Smith Family Read New December 14 Update

On behalf of the Branham Family, I sincerely thank each of you who showed such love and compassion to us during this recent difficult time. We may not have been able to shake your hand or hug your neck, but the Lord surely answered your prayers and gave us the strength to make it through. We know that the Lord has given us friends who love us with all their hearts. My sister was truly a wonderful lady, and she will be deeply missed.

May God bless you for your love and dedication.
Brother Joseph Branham

George and Rebekah Smith. Rebekah Branham Smith Tuesday evening, November 28
The battle is now over, the victory has been won!
God decided Tuesday evening at 6:10 pm Tucson time that He needed Sister Rebekah more in Heaven than we needed her here. With family around her singing "Hallelujah", The Angels came and ferried her peacefully across the river, and she is now rejoicing, without pain. His decisions are best and we are trusting Him more now than ever before. His Grace is sufficient.
We thank every one of you for your prayers and kind words. God richly bless you.
We will be announcing arrangements on this site within the next several days.
Brother George Smith & family

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  • Tucson Newspaper Guestbook
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    Cards may be sent to:
    George Smith Family
    Believers International
    PO Box 1000
    Elizabethton, TN 37644-1000

    Rebekah Branham Smith
    SMITH, Rebekah Branham, 60, was ferried across the river by the Angels on Tuesday, November 28, 2006, after a lengthy illness. Rebekah was born March 21, 1946, in New Albany, Indiana, to Rev and Mrs. William Marrion Branham. She is survived by husband George; children, Stephen (Rebekah), Angela, and William (Renell) and three beautiful grandsons, William, Noah and John Moses; brothers, Billy Paul Branham, Joseph Branham; sister, Sarah Branham Corado. Public visitation will be at EAST LAWN PALMS MORTUARY, 5801 E. Grant Rd., Tucson, AZ, on Sunday, December 3, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. A private family funeral is planned for Monday. In place of flowers, it has been Rebekah's request that donations be made to ongoing missionary projects.
    Published in the Tucson on 11/30/2006
  • Tucson Newspaper Guestbook

    Dear Saints,
    Yesterday around 6:10 p.m. Tucson time, Sister Rebekah Branham Smith received her victory in her life’s journey, and went home to be with the Lord. We know that she is now in that place that our daddy spoke of, and we are resting on that. Please continue to remember the families in your prayers at this time, for we have no tears of sorrow but of joy to know the Lord has called her to be with Him.
    We will keep you posted of any further arrangements.
    God bless you,
    Brother Joseph & the Branham families

    Voice Of God Recordings, Jeffersonville IN, Branham.org

    In accordance with her wishes, the following arrangements have been made for Sister Rebekah’s funeral.
    There will be a visitation open to all who wish to pay their respects on:
    Sunday, December 3rd, 2 - 6 p.m.
    East Lawn Palms Mortuary & Cemetery
    5801 E. Grant Road, Tucson, Arizona
    A private ceremony and burial will be held the following day.
    In lieu of flowers, she requested that monies be directed to the missions account of your local church or organization of your choice.

    December 1 Joseph Branham
    Over the past few days, I have received many phone calls from the saints in the US, Canada, and around the world offering to come to Tucson to pay their respects and support the family. We appreciate these gestures of love. However, for those who have not yet made arrangements, I believe it would be my sister’s request that, rather than going through the hardship of making this trip, the expense be devoted to furthering the Message through missionary efforts of your local church or organization of your choice.
    I sincerely appreciate your support during this difficult time,
    Brother Joseph Branham

    December 1 Billy Paul Branham
    There are no words to say how much we loved her, not only as my Sister in the flesh but as my Sister in the Lord. Truly she loved the Lord Jesus and this Word that was preached by our father Brother William Branham, and she wanted everyone to know what God done in our day,and what a talant God gave to her to express this also.
    I can't say how much she will be missed in our lives, but truly her life has touched millions around the world, God bless her galant stand.We'll meet you in the morning Sis. by His grace.We loved you so very much,and what a flower in our Master's bouquet.
    Bub & Loyce Branham (Sellersburg, IN )

    From Your Friends

    Text: November 28, 1965 William Branham sings:
    Though I have suffered
    In many a way,
    I cried for healing
    Both night and day;
    But faith wasn't forgotten
    By the Father above,
    He gave me His sign
    On the wings of a dove.
    On the wings of a snow-white dove,
    God sends down His pure, sweet love,
    Oh, a sign from above,
    On the wings of a dove.
    On the wings of a snow-white dove,
    God sends down His pure, sweet love,
    A sign from above,
    On the wings of a dove.
    Home: Elizabethton TN

    Editor: We found the above posting to be of interest due to the date. Upon looking we also found that this was the last service Brother Branham mentioned Sister Rebekah's name. The same date of her graduation, November 28.

    Name: Stuart Cummings
    Text: Dear Smith Family,
    I am nearly a recluse, having little to do with Message Believers in the West though I am much involved in missionary work in Sri Lanka which requires that, from time to time I communicate with VOGR etc. by email re translations and such.
    However, when home, I spend my time reading the Message and the Bible and not much given to reading much else and while I have great love for the Branham family I have not paid much attention to your lives, either during Brother Branham's ministry or after his departing.
    Then, one day, Brother Gerald Lush (One of the few Message Believers in the West with whom I communicate and who has been a constant friend in helping me in missionary work mentioned Sister Rebacca's magazines.
    Thinking they might be of interest to Believers in Sri Lanka, (Who have, until recently been cut off from the Message for some twenty years) I went on the internet looking for them.
    It was there I came across her testimony in a collection of audio testimonies, put together by a young brother, titled "I Am Witness'.
    Sister Rebecca, without exageration, in a few sentences deepend and expanded the Message for me more than all the preaching I have heard over twenty years from all the message preachers I had once listened to.
    I was so overcome, so moved, so full of joy and gratitude I wanted to write her and tell her. But, out of respect I hesitated.
    I am fussy about my own privacy and as I was sure she didn't need to hear from yet another well meaning Believer, so I elected to say nothing.
    Then, just a little while ago, in one of the magazines I read her article 'Sound and the Unsound'. I am sure this was appreciated by Believers everywhere and there is no doubt it was worthy of PHD thesis on the subject of the music history of the West and its global effect.
    However, I once was an expert and involved deeply with practice and science of mantra. (Sound, unsound, mind tool) I was iniated into the science and practice by the most advanced Buddhist Lama's from Tibet and practiced the audio and inner visulations far beyond what most practioners every do, for many years. So, I was able, from a different perspective, and perhaps more deeply than most appreciate how deeply she had seen into sound, its effect and power, on the both the individual and collective human spirit.
    Again, I wanted to write and congratulate her on her article and again for the same reason, I didn't.
    Now, in one way I wish I had. And, then on the other, not knowing she was ill until I heard from Brother Lush, it was perhaps best I didn't.
    However, personally, I can tell you that my 'walk' with the Lord was absolutley, fundmentally changed by her testimony. And, as a happy 'ex expert' of mantra practice, her article on sound, unsound is without a doubt the best I have ever come across.
    Parting, for family Believers is indeed such a sweet sorrow. I have tears in my eyes as I write thinking of your sorrow, and joy in my heart, knowing that you know, she is with Lord and her Daddy in the City where the Lamb is the Light.
    Your brother in Christ's love,
    Home: Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

    Name: cicero pedro

    Name: nnorma correia-brasil
    Text: i love my sister and brothers- G0D Bless Our Father give in drean the name the Profecta W M B I belive and my famaily sorry my ingles. I m very happy Brasil lamb Pastor Veber Cordeiro Brasil I belive meet sister Rebeka in sky
    Home: pmcorreiaUol.com.br

    Name: aron marin
    Text: dios
    Home: venezuela

    Name: Br Edmund Mwandurah
    Text: My prayer is that GOd help you to undrestand that she took her in His time.I was happy to learn that you understand that the battle is over for her.God bless and comfort you.
    Home: Harare ,Zimbabwe

    Name: luis hernandez
    Text: me gustaria compartir la palabra de Dios, los cantos cristianos y testimonios sobre la vida del hermano Branham
    Home: angel_a_n_d@

    Name: john oguguo anuna
    Text: just to appreciate the love of God for Him, being the giver of our life and He that decides to give us jesus,and above all for he takes that which belong to Him from the ages.so may the peace of the lord be with the family of willy branham.and may this good news keep on reaching the unreached world of troubled heart and may He flourish what that will yield nicce crops to His name alone i pray. bro john
    Home: 01 bp 583 abidjan 01,cote d'ivoire.

    Name: Harvey Turnage
    Text: I heard Bro. branham in germany aand it change my life forever. I was just 19 years old now im 71 and i,v preached the good news for 51 years .I began to see visions and dreams .thank you very much for bring back the good thouts love you. Bro. Harvey
    Home: 0rlando, Fla

    Name: Bro Melvin Lamphiear
    Text: I just wanted you to know you are greatly loved and appreciated for your labor in our Lord Jesus Christ
    Home: Huntington Indiana

    Name: PROF. S P PANDEY
    Text: How Brother Branham's dynamic sermons have strengthened my faith in the Bible and transformed my life.

    Name: Aina Karin and rev. Per Einar Jensen
    Text: God bless you from Norway
    Home: Norway

    Name: Branham Odongo Odawa
    Text: I do wish to send my condolesces too, although I learnt of the departure of our precious sister just recently. This indeed brings grief, sorrow and pain. But thanks be to the Lord because of His unfailing promise he gave us concerning assurance of resurrection and we know that our sister has gone home to rest in the loving arms of Jesus.
    Home: KENYA

    Name: Godfrey Marozva
    Text: One day we shall meet our sister and how glorious that will be. God bles you.
    Home: Zimbabwe

    Name: kolade abolarinwa
    Text: dear smiths, The grace of our lord jesus christ be with you & comfort you in this time of distress.Its also heartwarming to know that great love & concern has been shown to you from around the world. we thankGod that she slept in the lord & our pain for missing her will only be temporary. God understands best for we all prayed earnestly for her healing. the lord jesus will uphold the entire Branham & smith family through it all. May God direct us all to keep in the apostolic faith God used bro branham to restore. shalom
    Home: maseru lesotho

    Home: PETERLOI1971

    Name: Pastor Clement Kasongo
    Text: Just to whish the Smith Familly blessings a lot from the Almighty
    Home: Brazzaville

    Name: Evans Chineka
    Text: May the God of heaven comfort you in this difficult time.Our sister is in a better place.
    Home: England

    Name: Jose guillen Izarra
    Text: Deseo oraciones por mi,familia y por todo el pueblo de Dios.Quiero mensajes,cintas,libros,videos etc.y mas conocimiento de la familia Braham. To en español
    Home: JGIzarra

    Name: Childerick
    Text: Je demande pour mes frs qui son reste queDIEU vous fortifie de ++ encore afin que vous marchez on vous souvennant de ce MESSAGE de sa GRACE qui est son prophete, et Paul nous dit de ne pas nous inquiete de ce qui dorment en CHRIT a +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Home: Partout

    Name: David Ali
    Text: I greet you in The Name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.I may not have much to say but this...Be strong and of good courage. May God Richly Bless you all.
    Home: Trinidad, West Indies

    Name: George Ofol
    Text: My belove in the LORD, may the Lord strengthen and comfort you all in this difficult moment.
    Home: Buea, Cameroon

    Name: Jeffrey Ntsengwana
    Text: I love them,and I appreciate them.May the God of our Prophet the Lord Jesus Christ ever bless them.
    Home: Cape Town, South Africa

    Name: krish & vijay govender
    Text: Our Sympathies to you and the great family. We listen to our Bro. Branham's sermons daily.
    Home: South Africa

    Name: beinfait
    Text: God bless brother and sisters I just wanted to say God bless to all.its end time and the devil is controling the world ,we have to hold the word of God . till we meet again
    Home: canada

    Name: madelene
    Text: God bless you brothers and sister I was just looking at brother branham ministery and found you email,I was wanted to say God bless all say God bless to all amen
    Home: canada

    Name: Patrick Rodrigues
    Text: many many years ago i called Believers International and requested prayers for me and my household, and a lady answered the telephone.She was a very kind lady and spoke very kindly for which i am very thankful:for this meant so much to me. Then just a few months ago i had a 'night dream', and i thouight it was about my sister Celine: i did not know what the dream meant , but i know now and it is recorded in the annals of God' book of rememberance: a gracious woman that cared for someone that she had never met to pray for a special request.Thank You Rebecca Branham Smith. Patrick Rodrigues 01-25-07.
    Home: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    Name: Anthony Richardson
    Text: My prayers are with you brother george smith and family. have not seen you all in years but think of you often. brothe tony
    Home: lewisville tx

    Name: Ferlin & Vivienne Hiku
    Text: We would like to express our deepest sympathy to Bro. George and the fam. For their loss. We also want to appologise for only sending our thoughts to you now we found out from out from friends around the world. Gods blessings go with the fam. and we will certainly be seeing our sister on the other side. God Bless
    Home: New Zealand

    Name: Brother Lehabim Mejía
    Text: I´m sorry so much, but we are happy all the time beacuse we are part of the thrue message and we are childrens of the GOD and becarefoul the Smith Family I love you . sincerily BROTHER LEHABIM
    Home: Honduras

    Name: bro lionel bro neville bro vernon sisters tilla and althea
    Text: We love you .We will keep you in our prayers .all the believers in cape town is praying .We thank the Lord for a dear sister like Rebekah.Whoever follws me will never walk in darkness ,but will have the light of life.john8;12 .
    Home: cape town south africa

    Name: Andrew Sikuku
    Text: God,Bless the Branham family.How I long to meet sr Rebekah and the loved ones across!
    Home: Bungoma-Kenya.

    Name: Natan
    Text: We of the bride in Maracanau wait a minute of silence and sing "only believe" before begining the next service after our sister meet our brothers, beyond the curtain of time. And by faith all of us here and them will be together for ever with our Savior Lord Jesus one day. May be the Lord comfort your hart, and "one this days we are be changed these creatures that we are"
    Home: Maracanau - Brazil

    Name: Sr Vicky Khasandi-Telewa
    Text: Our prayers are with you. We love you.
    Home: Nakuru, Kenya

    Name: Alan and Lisa Carver
    Text: I wish i could have known such a wonderful person; God bless you.
    Home: Destin Florida

    Name: Bro.&Sis. Asiedu & family
    Text: Our sincere condolences, she is asleep in the Lord, we shall meet her on the golden shore.
    Home: TTema, Ghana

    Name: Orseldumanon
    Text: God bles you you had a wonderfufl father William Branham whom we believe a prophet/messenger to our age.
    Home: P4,B21 Mahogany, Butuan City, Philppines

    Name: Francis Elie
    Text: I present to you and sinserly my condolences. God bless you.
    Home: Felow-ship tabernacle/Drc/Lubumbashi

    Name: Bro Ben &Sis Rose Wilson
    Text: The circle grows bigger on the other side. Soon we'll be together to part no more. May God continue to grant Grace for Daily Living and the strength to continue the gallant work of keeping the purity of this Message that we have received. God Bless.
    Home: Scarborough Spoken Word. Ont. Canada

    Name: Tumelo Thobejane
    Text: To you Brother George and the rest of the family, just know that we're behind you with prayers and I'm so glad because you've got the Revelation of what has happened as the Apostle Paul says "O! death where is thy sting, O grave where is thy victory.." May God give you strength in these hard times, He's still the Great El-Shaddai, Abraham nursed from Him until He received strength. God Bless you
    Home: South Africa, Johannesburg

    Name: Ronald Rickard
    Text: I was saddened when I saw on the website that Sister Rebekah had passed on. I just read it today. My prayers are with all of you.
    Home: Evansville,In

    Name: Samuel Silva Remoardo e Família
    Text: Nós da família Remoardo oramos para que Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo conforte os corações dos familiares que integram a família Branham, certamente nossa amada irmã Rebekah Branham Smith aguarda assim como nós o dia e a hora da segunda vinda de Cristo cujo profeta permanece nas mensagens que ouvimos e reconhecemos ser o alimento de águias. Que Deus abençoe a todos que compõe este grande corpo a Noiva de Cristo.
    Home: Tabernáculo da Mensagem- Bauru-SP/Brasil

    Name: Samuel Bonaya Buya
    Text: Sister becky's depature is a big loss to us. We loved her.No words to express our feelings. We believe we shall meet againt and our sorrow shall be turned to joy. God bless his bride Hephzibah. Let us Meditate these scritures iogetherJohn 16:9-24.Isaiah 62:1-5;66:5-14;35:10;John3:26-30 Revelation 19:6-9. God bless you.
    Home: Ngao village, Kenya

    Name: Vimal
    Text: God bless william branham family and Sis.Rebekah has fulfilled her role in ministry of end time messenger and people like me she is great inspiration about god's ministry and responsibility. At end she won the battle and confirmed his place at god's kingdom we all shall meet her at god's kingdom but we loose a good sister in our family. I continue praying for brother smith and his family in my prayers. Please remember sister Rebekah ministry during your tenure.
    Home: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

    Name: Stephen Oguh
    Text: In accordance to the infallible WORDS of Promise, We have CERTAINLY not lost our Sister, She rests in the Lord. May the Lord comfort the Branhams and the Smiths in Jesus NAme. We love u all.
    Home: Christ Bride Tabernacle, Nigeria

    Name: Br. Raymond family
    Text: I am so glad that death has no power over us. because victory is ours through the blood of the lamb. May the lord be your comfort in this time of sorrow. May God bless the family
    Home: florida

    Name: Rob Mccarthy
    Text: i know this must be a difficult time presently but tusting that you will all find true faith at this time to believe in the God of Rebbeca God Bless
    Home: England

    Name: Pedro Alfonso Perez
    Text: En venezuela estamos con el hermano jorge y sus hijos y nietos, en este momento dificil para uds,estamos a su lado, oramos para que EL SEÑOR JESUCRISTO les de fuerza, y recordar que esta en el paraiso como redimida por JESUCRISTO
    Home: Venezuela

    Name: Michael Beard
    Text: i am so sorry for this great lost.i was saved in jail by reading bro branham books my sister brought me.i know she with her mom dad tonight.i have listen to those tapes so much its like i know you.i visted his grave one time and went right to the church by remembering what bro branham said on the tapes were the church was.i'll see you someday and will thank you for the books.and your daddy for bring the light to the end of this evil age.
    Home: campbellsville ky

    Name: Elias Rueda Silva
    Text: deseamos de parte de nuestros hermanos en lafe que ustedes sigan adelante con este precioso mensaje ahora mas fuertes que nunca,que nosotros estaremos en oracion por ustedes.
    Home: calle 34 # 21 a 33 yopal casanare colombia

    Name: clifton kurasha
    Home: ZIMBABWE

    Text: December 19, 2006 Nous sommes de ceux qui croient qu’un chrétien ne meurt pas plus qu’on ne l’enterre : Il peut arriver qu’il s’endorme et qu’on le plante en attendant l’apparition du soleil de la justice. . . Roc Séculaire Tabernacle, mon église, se joint à moi pour vous dire tout de même toute notre affection dans ce deuil qui vous frappe. Je sais combien il est difficile d’admettre qu’un être cher, en l’occurrence une sœur, une épouse et une mère nous quitte -même si nous savons que cela n’est que pour un temps- en nous laissant en proie à une peine immense. Je souhaite que tous les souvenirs que vous gardez de sœur R. Smith se transforment en images douces de bonheur partagé, de bons moments vécus ensemble. Mais aussi en l’assurance que Christ dans l’homme c’est l’espérance de la Gloire. Toutes nos affectueuses condoléances et notre meilleure sympathie.
    We are of those that believe that a Christian does not die more than one does not bury it: It can happen that it goes to sleep and that one plants it while awaiting The appearance of the sun of justice. . . Secular Roc Tabernacle, my church, joins itself to me to say you anyway all our affection in This mourning that hits you. I know how much it is difficult to admit that a dear being, in this case a sister, a spouse and a mother leaves us - Even if we know that that is only for a time- while leaving us in prey to an immense penalty. I wish that all the memories that you keep Of sister R. Smith transform themselves in soft pictures of divided happiness, of good lived moments together. But also in the assurance as Christ in the man This is the hope of Glory. All our affectionate condolences and our better sympathy.
    Home: (PARIS, FRANCE)

    Name: Denis Beaudry
    Text: she is with the Lord , God is so good for his people
    Home: Montréal, Québec ,Canada


    Name: Greg Hamilton
    Text: My prayers are with you.
    Home: Asheboro NC

    Name: Anugrah Paul
    Text: She has finished the race in this world. She is already in heaven, were there is no pain, no sorrow only happiness. may her soul rest in peace, and God bless the family. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.Just remember one day soon we'll all be together where their are no more tears,pain and sorrow.God Bless All of You, love in Christ
    Home: Nagpur (Maharashtra) India

    Name: ARMEL
    Text: God bless Bro William Marrion Branham's family, Bro Georges Smith's Family and all the believers around the world, let the Lord Jesus-Christ fill the family's hearts with Divine Love for that big missing. But one thing is true, we are with our sister Rebekah, she just changed the dimension. GOD bless his love as his servant and keep us to serve Him like our sister did. Shalom
    Home: Johannesburg/ South Africa

    Name: Jocelyne
    Text: May God bless you.
    Home: HAITI

    Name: Polen
    Text: jest mi smutno z powodu smierci siustry Rebecci jestem z wami pozdrawiam w panu Marzena
    Home: marz11 pl

    Name: Josias lepatsi
    Text: She has finished the racing course, and the angel called her, that's the reason she couldn't stay. she'll have a great time with fellow christians beyond the sky. may her soul rest in peace, and God bless the family.
    Home: South Africa

    Name: Paul Kogi Mburu
    Text: Rebekah of our time reminds us of Rebecca of old; That even in the current generation that we are living in when all morals have been corrupted by the world of Satan, we can still have true men and women of the Living God. Our sister fought a good battle and kept the faith; leaving in her footsteps precious memories of a great woman in the sights of God. We are truly inspired by her contribution to the spread of the Vindicated Word of the End Time Call, which has won many souls to the Redemption of the Lamb across the Planet. We all miss our dear sister, and pray for the comforting of her family and friends as we all bear the loss. The Lord giveth, the Lord has taken. Blessed be His Name. Amen
    Home: nairobi, kenya

    Name: Lidia Hernandez
    Text: I know how is it feel lost a love one. I lost my mom when I was eleven years old and my dad seven months ago when he was in a misionary trip. The Lord is the only one who heals the pain, we know that everything is in God's hand and we know that the day is coming to be with our love one ones again. My prayers will be for the family. God Bless You!
    Home: Phoenix, AZ

    Name: Brother Aniekan Henry-Grace Udosen
    Text: We do not sorrow as those without hope, but though our heart kay ache with the loss of sis Becky, we know that soon we will meet to part no more. It is not a guess work but a more sure word of prophecy given by God's vindicated prohet to this generation. We will certainly meet at the Eastern Gate. So Brother Smith, grief-stricken you may but look up for our redemption draweth near. Shalom!
    Home: Sunst Tabernacle Lagos 12/12/06

    Name: The Adamson Family
    Text: We pray that the Lord Jesus Christ give you strength and comfort during this difficult time. We thank God for the Smith family and all the Branhams. God bless you all.
    Home: Metamora, Illinois

    Name: Bro George Muthumbi
    Text: whatever the prophet said has come to pass in our midst.....may God bless you all and may He reveal His will to you today(his will for the day we are living)
    Home: Nanyuki Kenya

    Name: Anna Vertesi
    Text: I have never met her personally but i have read her Only Believe magazines and i have been really blest my it. My dear sister must have taken alot of time writing with those tired hands and aching eyes and many people cannot thank her enough! Lord Bless the family. Hold strong because soon you'll meet up with her. I believe she will appear before you- to tell you the rature is on. Jus think now shes' the happiest young lady !!! and she's met up with her Daddy
    Home: Qld , Australia

    Name: Bro John Sis Hazel Maddox
    Text: To The Smith Family Our Prayer and Thoughts Are With You. May The Love That Was Shown As The Capstone. Comfort You At This Time Here We Greive. But The Love We Leave Behind Will Never Die. The Parting Will Only Be For The Space Of A Blinking Eye. I Have Been Following The message Since The Begining f The 70,s But Each Day I Feel I have Not Scratched The Surface. Well How MuchGreater What He Has For Tho,s That love him. Forgive My Fumbled Atemt To Let You Know We Are Feeling for. We Did Bury My Mother in law ON tuesday
    Home: john_and_hazel_maddox

    Name: Sharol-Rose M. Gregg
    Text: I wish to convey my deepest condolences to the family. God has a reason for everything that he does.
    Home: Arnos Vale, St.Vincent and the Grenadines

    Name: Uzele Chana Chretien
    Text: I here express my kindness to Br. Smith and family but one thing is certain that our beloved sister is now home where most of us long to go. May God bless and help us as we toil in this unsecured wold.
    Home: Mahagi/DRCongo

    Name: annick
    Text: God bless you. just to tell you that we believe that God will take care of her but we must just focus on our time.May the Lord JESUS be with all the familly and reconfort thee.
    Home: RSA

    Text: I am very sorry about the loss of our sister Rebbeca, but what i know is that one day i shall meet her in heaven. GOD BLESS YOU.
    Home: ZIMBABWE

    Name: Oguh Uche Joel
    Text: I am very sorry that words had failed me to expess my grief for the loss, our Consolation is that SHE served the PURPOSE of CHRIST, hence, THE RESURRECTION in CHRIST JESUS for Her. May the LORD Jesus uphold the HIS BRIDE Universally and the Branham Family at this Time. God Bless You and May His Soon Coming Rejoice Our Hearts.
    Home: Nigeria

    Name: Br. Kennedy Madray
    Text: Our Deepest sympathy to you Br George and family,Sis Rebekah is with her Dad and Mom in the land where we never grow old.
    Home: Trinidad, W. I

    Name: Paul Yirenkyi
    Text: I pray the Lord will comfort you in this time of sorrow and uphold you with the power of his Spirit. God bless! I believe our sister has gone to be with our prophet and the Lord.
    Home: Benue State, Nigeria

    Name: Charlotte Moore
    Text: You all have really been on my heart for several weeks. May GOD give all of you the strength it takes to get through this trying time. We know that is all that sustains us during trials, sickness or whatever we have to dealwith. GOD BLESS !!!!!!
    Home: Ball Ground,GA

    Name: Andrew Nair,Esther,Joy & Jeremy
    Text: Our deepest condolences to all the family members.I wish to remind everyone of this conversation:
    God Has A Provided Way.(Victoria BC 62-0728) E-25-
    Dolores(Bro.Branham's sister) called me up, & she said,"Bill, I just can't stand to see mama go." I said "Dolores, what makes you say a thing like that?" She said,"I just can't stand to see mama go. Its the only mama we got,& the only one we'll ever have."And said,"Here you are 53years old & me 27. Said,"How are we going to stand it Bill?We've had her all this life." I said"Dolores, look out the window where you're setting at your phone,to your left.What do you see?Is there a great big oak tree?" She said,"Yes." I said"2 months ago all the leaves were pretty & green." "Yes." I said,"What color are they now,Dolores?" And she said,"They are brown,& they are red, yellow & green." I said,"What's the matter?" She said,"The life is leaving the leaf." I said,"Correctly."I said,"When was it its prettiest?" She said,"Right now." I said,"In its death...Amen.Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints,seeing them old saints come down to the end,to the last moment."
    Home: Singapore

    Name: Bro Lawrence
    Text: I pray the Lord will comfort you in this time of sorrow and uphold you with the power of his Spirit. God bless!
    Home: United Kingdom

    Name: Melody Shoko
    Text: I am very sorry for the loss of Sister Rebbeca but as you have already mentioned,she has gone home and one day we will join her. May the Almighty father richly bless you. Lots of care, Melody from Zimbabwe
    Home: 4133 Mkoba 10 Gweru

    Name: Br. Traceford Mutuma
    Text: My precious brethren, our precious sister is in sweet home, a home the prophet brought the evidence of what it is. We all cant wait to be in that perfect home. As humans that we are, we are indeed touched by the loss of fellowship in this natural world but our comfort is where she has gone is where we are all groaning to be one one these days. I thank God for our precious brother and messenger of God who God has used mightly that to day we have a revelation over all these kind of things and we take strength and courage.
    Home: Gaborone, Botswana

    Name: Andrew
    Text: Sister is no more in body form, but she is with the Prophet where god promised. One day we will meet her with the same form, that is god's Promise "Amen"
    Home: India

    Name: Wes Bumgarner Family
    Text: We are deeply saddened by the loss of Sis. Rebekah but happy for her to have completed her journey. We will keep the remaining family in our prayers until we all meet on that wonderful day. Bless you all. We will carry you in our heart.
    Home: Hudson, North Carolina

    Name: Valtair M De Souza
    Text: Nós do Brasil, irmãos em Cristo, saudamos a família da nossa preciosa irmã Rebekah Branham Smith. Deus Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo a tem recebido em Sua Gloria, assim o Cremos amém. Estamos orando a Deus em favor da Família Branham, e os amados irmãos tenham a certeza plena de que, nós sentimos honra em fazer parte desta Gde família Eleita de Deus, Amém
    Home: Brazil

    Name: James
    Text: I would just like to express most sincere and deepest sorrow at your loss. May the Lord Jesus rest her blessed soul in peace. May the Lord Jesus be with you in this time of great loss, even though we know she is with the Lord. Even our Lord himself cried when Lazarus died. The Lord Jesus be with you all
    Home: England

    Name: Sister Elizabeth Mulwa
    Text: Blessed be the name of the Lord for the beauty of holiness in the life of sister Rebecca, God has fulfilled the purpose of her being by crowning her a victor! Amen May the loved ones find consolation underneath the pinions of the almighty God.
    Home: Elizabeth ,NJ

    Name: Bro. Luc
    Text: No matter what is happening in our life, we thank God, because He is the Only One Who gives and takes back. God bless your Family.
    Home: Albany,New York

    Name: Silas Kalule
    Text: We came to know of the passing away of sister Rebekah Smith on Sunday Morning and we only needed to fall on our knees and commit the family of Brother Smith in Prayers. We indeed appreciate this family how they stood with this message of the prophet. Special appreciation for the ministry of “Only believe Magazine”. We love you and do remember you in our prayers. Silas Kalule. Kampala Church- Uganda.
    Home: Kampala Uganda East Africa

    Name: Martha Ann Johnson
    Text: She's Home At Last. Praise God

    Name: Marilyn Hunt
    Text: To the entire Smith and Branham families, I extend my deepest sympathy to you in the loss of Sister Rebekah. I can only tell you that not only do I understand the feelings of great thankfulness that your loved one is free from this world and rejoicing with all we know is on the other side, I also understand the incredible, intense, and profound feelings of loss. Loss has become such a huge word to me since I lost my husband Mike, this time last year. It has made the heavenly dimension more real and yet sometimes more of a mystery. We are still here and have so much to deal with and to fight for. All I can say is how much I will enjoy visiting with you all one day. Being walloped by Mike's death has given me the most agonizing, yet productive education I have had in my walk with the Lord. It is truly a paraodox of bitterness bringing sweetness. Special hello to Valerie with memories of her month with Mike and I way back when in our home in Langley......to George, I always felt we had missed some good times together, Mike being the restless "Peter" he was, we were away during the years you were in Cloverdale. To Rebekah's children....God bless and comfort you, knowing that you truly had a living "fifth gospel". Love to you all...Marilyn Hunt
    Home: Cloverdale/langley

    Name: Sis. Judy Randolph
    Text: Brother George we met you at the Youth Camp when you spoke to the young people. I always wanted to meet Sister Rebecca, but never did. Our hearts go out to you and the family over your loss. I don't believe words can take away the grief you all must be feeling. We just want you to know our hearts are sad for you and your family and our prayers are with you. God bless you and sustain you during this hour.
    Home: Frankfort, Ohio

    Name: charles kincaid
    Text: GOD bless all of you bro GEORGE ,for sure sister Rebecca"s life make a great impression on all of us ,we thank GOD for what she did and shared with the bride of christ around the world, MAY GOD REST HER SOUL IN PEACE. GOD BLESS
    Home: zion,il

    Name: Br Bert Thomasson Family
    Text: To the Smith and Branham Families: Thank You for the Great Sacrifices Made through the years to bear the attention and scrutiny associated with our Beloved Prophet's name and Ministry. Also especially to Br Billy Paul, Br Joseph and Sister Sarah for sharing your Daddy with the world. Our hearts and prayers are poured out on your behalf in the passing of our Sister Rebekah.
    Home: Elizabethton, TN

    Name: David Muzinga & family
    Text: May the almighty Lord author of life, consoles your hearts. We know now the mystery of death, that it is just a way to come back in the presence on our creator. So we say Sister as you enter there tell to brother Branham we are coming too, just waiting for the sweet chariot. Till we meet again Pelgrim, Gob bless you!
    Home: Cape Town SA

    Name: Raul Christopher Meza
    Text: May God be your comfort to you all I do not have word but I was thinking never met sister Smith but I by the grace hope to some day I wrote this and hope this blesses you . Rebeka was a flower in his kingdom her word of wisdom left you your heart singing a soul never never forgotten , a daugther from the spoken word begotten , Her life was the salt that was sweet savor from our Savior, Her behavior lived a life after that one that her a message, a written a epistle from heaven, angels have sung songs , but what word can expess , her life but nature , the rising of the sun thats silent the seed that bring a violet , recieving into sight , in love divine , through a portal to dwell the immortal, wind chimes ring for a bride , waiting in her chamber for her mate , Royalty she has held in her heart, know she also hold her dad and prophet with all precius souls, and her garment as white snow, Feel not alone, my beloved Christ shall come he promise , to his jewels he honest and it been told through this seven seal srcroll, the mystery that sister one that manifested him, a victory she had till the end, now the storms brings streams to the fruit to this branch of bride tree , and strong winds that has now brought green fellowship, unseen but by faith we see, your sister mother, Grandma and beloved friend and wife , God bless your brother by his grace in Christ, Raul Chirstopher Meza
    Home: Whittier Ca

    Name: Donna
    Text: I know you miss her dearly....this is only goodbye for a little while,and peaceful knowing she is in a better place. May God bless you all in your time of need.
    Home: United States

    Name: jesiliah makonye
    Text: I am so sorry for this loose. We have lost our precious sister in christ. I never meet sister Rebeca face to face. But it seems she was my blood sister. I loved her and her testimonies from the internet , was so touching and makes me want to search more from the word of God. Through many dangers toils and snares I have alreday come . It was grace that brought her thus far and grace will lead me home. i will always love her, i know that we will meet one day in eternity. God bless the family,.
    Home: Glennorah, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Name: Bro Martin Stadt
    Text: Our deepest condolences to the Branham and Smith Families on the passing away of our precious Sister Rebekah.Our prayers and thoughts are with you and may God heal the wound that death has wrought.May He Comfort you and give you great strenght.God Bless
    Home: Port Elizabeth,South Africa

    Name: Bro. Bruno Gattuso
    Text: Nella certezza che la sorella Rebekah Branham Smith si sia ricongiunta con i suoi cari che prima di lei hanno attraversato il giordano ed abbia la felicità eterna nella presenza del nostro Signore Gesù Cristo comprtecipe del vostro dolore per la sua dipartita e felice perchè Essa sia con gli eletti dei Dio nei prati sempre verdi nella pace e nella eterna felicità Go bless You
    Home: Siderno (RC) Italia

    Name: Pastor Stephen Samuel Shinde
    Text: We are really concerned on this occassion and we would be surely praying for you. >From The Assembly Of Biblebelievers, Mumbai- INDIA. TEL 0091-22-25663243.
    Home: Mumbai - INDIA.

    Name: Sister Babalwa Cwane
    Text: Brother Smith and family. At this trying time, allow me to say the victory is won and the battle is over for Sis. Rebekah. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be His name. I know you are more than strong to sail through this and I trust that the Lord will give you courage and strength to release her. God bless you.
    Home: Cape Town, South Africa

    Name: Tshiama Joaquim
    Text: From our eyes, we miss sis Rebecca but I we know according to what we beleive the Prophete William Marrion Branhan taught us, we will meet again some day in the glory. Let God be our comforter. We still praying for your Bro. Smith and your little family, Joseph Barnham , Billy Paul and for the whole Branham family. God bless
    Home: Angola

    Name: Mission Voz de Restauracion
    Text: Family Smith Branham may the lord help you find healing in your heart this moments, we are sorry to hear that sister Rebekah Branham Smith is gone. Think that she is now with the lord and that soon we will all be together, she just got a headstart because the lord chose it to be that way. May God bless you, we are praying for you. - Pastor Mauro Lopez (typed by member of Voz de Restauracion patricia hernandez)
    Home: Mission Texas

    Name: jerry
    Text: its such a sympathetic news to hear our precious sister rebecah smith is up in the glory, i pray that the Almighty God will give all the branham's family and the smith's family including all her loved ones grace to bear the loss....i'm like more than weeping when the news reach out to me....
    Home: 7, ajebo lane, ajaka, sagamu, ogun-state, Nigeria.

    Name: ALMA FACIO
    Home: DENVER

    Name: Simone
    Text: May God bless you and console you in this hour...knowing that this is not good-bye forever. I'm praying for you.
    Home: Germany

    Name: John Eno
    Home: BELGIUM

    Name: Suzana Fialho Rocha
    Text: The hope and the faith sended by the Father for us be with you, in this moment of sad and tears. Think about this: She is with Father now, and She yet met her father, our dear brother Branham. We hope that moment for all, and like her, we believe in Word of God. Soon and very soon, we will across the river, and we will be together forever, without pain, tears and death. Regards of the Fialho Family. God bless you very much.
    Home: Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil

    Name: June & Erlend Førsund
    Text: Sis. Rebekah has now been promoted, and is together with her heavenly family. We never met her, but one day we will. We are deeply sorry for your loss, but we know you have the same hope and faith we have, that one day we will see our loved ones again. It is a promise we have as Christians. Until that day, let us press on. God richly bless you.
    Home: Sarpsborg, Norway

    Name: Bro.& Sis. Alvin Green
    Text: May God Bless You All.We Are Sorry For Your Lost, But Rejoicing For Heaven Gain. May The Peace Of God Rest Upon You Daily. We Love You.
    Home: Ahoskie,North Carolina

    Name: Sister Connie Cook
    Text: I am deeply sorry for your loss and what a great loss sister Rebekah's passing is for the Bride. She will be missed, but we do have a promise...that we'll see her again soon on the other side. She has graduated and she's with her mom and dad now. Sister Angel....I'm glad I got to meet you and talk with you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong, sister. We love you. God bless you all.
    Home: Erwin, TN

    Name: Thiago Garcia
    Text: Loved brothers, I am the brother Thiago Garcia of the church of message of the profeth of São Carlos, Brazil. I come through this email to express my feelings all and of the people of God in Brazil for the departure of the Rebekah sister. We have absolute certainty that at this moment, the saints are appreciating you the wonderful company of the Rebekah sister. A time more, my feelings to all Branham family, and that God Bless. Evangelist Thiago Garcia São Carlos, Brazil
    Home: São Carlos/ Brazil

    Name: Bro. Jean ADJEVI
    Text: Shalom Dear Smith Family
    Dear Bro. George and Sister Rebekah's family. May the Lord Comforter comfort you during this time. I know that sister Rebekah dieth not for Bro. Branham says that a christian did not die. She just cross to the Other Side waiting for us. She is now resting in peace. ONLY BELIEVE ,ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE ONLY BELIEVE.
    Home: Lot 426 Kpondehou . Cotonou

    Name: taba billy paul
    Text: je souhete a la femmile branham mes condoleance
    Home: r.d.congo

    Name: Sis. Francine K.
    Text: Our Sister is now safe in the arms of Jesus, free from all pain and suffering. May our Lord give you the peace of God that passes all understanding, the comfort that only He can give!
    Home: Gatineau, Québec

    Name: Brother Ken and Sister Joyce Andes
    Text: Dear Brother George, with your children and grandchildren, may the Lord Jesus comfort you during this time of sorrow. You are loved and appreciated, and God will reward you for every difficult effort you have expressed, and will express, in leading souls to Jesus Christ. God bless you as you continue working in our Father's Business, and may He grant to you the necessary strength and courage in continuing to fulfill His will through your life. God's Love and Grace will surround and enfold you and your children during this time of loss and forevermore. God bless you! Our love and prayers are with you, Brother Ken and Sister Joyce.
    Home: Jeffersonville, Indiana

    Name: Irmão Roberto e familia
    Text: Gostaria de expressar aqui nossas condolencias aos nossos preciosos irmãos em Cristo Jesus. Algum dias desses estaremos todos em um lugar que não haverá separação e nem sofrimentos .Tudo aquilo que temos ouvido pelo mensageiro do entardecer é a Pura e infalivel Palavra de Deus .E é isso que nossa preciosa irmã Rebekah fez .Irmão George ,que Deus ti abençoe e ti console .Assim estamos para o caminho da Glória ,nada nos fará parar.
    Home: Japão GIfu-Ken

    Name: Sister Lindsay
    Text: What a homecoming! all is well! With much love and the understanding of our lives both here and with The Lord.
    Home: Cape Town

    Name: Brother KATATA
    Text: My condolences more affected to all the Brother Smith familly and Branham family. May our God consoles you during those hards moments. Our affections more affected
    Home: RDC (Central Africa)

    Name: Cleta (Branham) Traweek
    Text: Saturday, December 2, 2006
    My sympathy and prayer for you all today as I discovered Rebekah's notice of passing in the Tucson newspaper last evening.
    Last Sunday, I was drawn to visit Bruce Brock's Faith Community Church in Tucson after seeing him preach on television and I felt magnetized to go visit his ministry for the first time. While at his church last Sunday morning, ironically enough, Pastor Brock and I met briefly and happened to speak of Rebekah's father and his having had a true gift. All this past week that has followed, Rebekah has been on my mind as I recalled my brief exchanges with her only on a couple occasions.
    She and I were born the same year, myself at Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo, Texas, and I would like to have considered her sister indeed, especially after I read some of her father's works and learned he had passed at the same Amarillo hospital in the mid 1960's. When I called her the last time, I spoke with her at daughter's house and she mentioned she was soon to be on her way after that to Indiana - I was requesting information be sent for my brother, Donald Ray Branham, who was back living in Arizona that year.
    Anyway, our family was graced to have had a couple miracles occur directly due to the link of the Branham name and to this man, William Marrion Branham. His daughter, Rebekah, now safe in the arms of Jesus, was wonderful to carry on her father's ministry and the magazine she put forth, Only Believe, fell into my hands at the most unusual and appropriate times.
    For instance, I saw the article about the Sierra Vista family, and I phoned the grandmother in Sierra Vista about the miraculous recovery of the little boy who fell from her roof onto a garden stake. I was working at University Medical Center the afternoon he was brought in, I saw the helicopter tail on fire and the fire truck and men trying to extinguish the fire and I felt deeply moved to pray for that person so that doctors would know what to do for him and that he would not suffer pain - that was while I was entering the hospital from the parking lot and I had no idea what had happened. Later, the helicopter pilot joined the physicians who filled the Radiology suite where I worked, all of them in utter amazement of the x-rays that were showing on the film boards as the little boy was enduring his procedure to remove the garden stake. I realized I was witnessing a true miracle even when the pilot said he did not understand how such a glass-smooth flight could have occurred when the high windy gusts had enveloped our southwest Arizona area that afternoon - when he landed he noticed the flame from the tail wheel. As he spoke, I knew it had to be an angel who carried them safely through the windy dusty day and to our hospital. At the time, all physicians were dumbfounded that no cutting had taken place in removing the stake, but it was twirled out of the boy's torso, he never having lost consciousness! He went home 3 days later: the garden stake had passed through his groin, through his vital organs and had been sticking out his neck. So amazing!
    The grandmother told me that a miracle had been prophetically told them by Rev. Branham years before, and that all the world would know of it. Indeed, they had heard from Russia and other countries wanting to know details.
    Grandmother reported the progress of the boy, that he had grown into a fine, active young man and she suggested I contact Rebekah as "she needs you". I regret that I did not do so at that time, but I know truly Rebekah was on mission when she wrote of that episode and published her magazine.
    Apparently, her children have attended the same schools as my two boys through the years here in NW Tucson. How near we have been, yet so far, but Jesus draws us ever close in Spirit as the verse below suggests and when I go Home, I am quite sure she and I will know one another well then.
    "May you be comforted in knowing she is with Jesus. He promises He is with us, so then, if she is with Him and He is with us, then she cannot be very far away!" (This verse was given me by someone from Casas Adobes Bapt. Church when my own father, Willis Melford Branham passed away in Amarillo, Texas).
    >From a Sister in Christ and a "Sister" indeed --
    Cleta (Branham) Traweek (Mrs. Warren C. Traweek) Tucson, Arizona
    Home: Tucson, Arizona

    Name: DEBORAH Peelman
    Text: Very sorry , of your loss.
    Home: Goshen Ohio

    Name: helder
    Text: que Deus conforte a familia e os abençõe porque ela foi para o descanço eterno!!!
    Home: goiania goias

    Name: Michele Harris
    Text: I will always remember one evening in particular: Christmas Eve, 1995. Sister Rebekah invited me to come to her home and share her dinner, her hospitality, her friendship, and her grief, as a small gathering of friends marked not only the spirit of the season but the 30th anniversary of the death of her father. "Decades are hard, " I said. "Yes, yes they are," she replied. "Even after all these years, it's harder than I anticipated." I will always appreciate her candor and welcoming personality. I am deeply regretful that I did not have all the information about her illness; had I known her state I would have gone to see her one more time. Now I'll look forward to seeing her again as one of many signifying that we are ALL home at last. Much love.
    Home: Tucson, AZ, USA

    Name: Tonny Kalonda.
    Text: Hi everybody, i just learnt of it when we were in the overnite. My pastor told us about Rebekah. I did't really know her personlly but she was and is our sister in christ that much we know on behalf of my Church. Am writtting from Kampala Uganda. my email is kaltonm47@ . We are glad to say that sister Rebekah was and is one. We too can't wait to meet her across that Brige where there is no more pain, sorrow and ties but only joyfull moments. God Bless All.
    Home: Kampala Uganda.

    Name: Primrose Isa
    Text: At such a time as this, may God comfort and console, for we know oneday we will be together never to part. God be with you.
    Home: Zimbabwe

    Text: Beloved brothers and sisters.
    She is a winner, she has overcame laodicea and went back home to get her crown. She'll be received by his prophet, his father who will introduce her to her creator, God and Lord, Jesus-Christ. We love you to much, we have prayed for our mother and sister Rebekah and now we are praying that may be your strengh. Humanly speaking we are so sad but divinely speaking we are in joy that one of us has overcome this world. May God bless you richely. You have the love of my wife Annie Issiyo and from our 4 boys Salem Peniel, Sem-Levi, Selah Carmel and Shalom Sion. Our Churh here in Belgium bless you all in the name of the Lord Jesus.
    Home: 6, Arthur Warocqué, 7140 Morlanwelz, Belgium

    Name: Radu & Mimi Lutas
    Text: Dear Brother George & Family Our pray and love is with you in this hard time and beside of sadness and tears, we believe that dear Sister Rebekah had a family reunion in haven where her daddy had welcome her Home. May the Lord Jesus comfort you.
    Home: Romania SM

    Name: Bro Charles & Rabecca Mphande
    Text: Brother George and family, In our earnest prayers for Sister Rebecca's healing, we were looking at how much both of you have been a blessing in the Lord's vineyard. We would have loved her around us, continuing her service to the Lord among us. But as it is may we only say the Lord gave, the Lord Has taken away, blessed be His Name. May the Lord be your comfort.
    Home: Melbourne, Australia

    Name: Jock Martine
    Text: I know GOD is GOD. And all He does is Perfect. Now let God give us strong to wait our hour to join the others in Glory WHAT A MARVELOUS LAND.(excuse my english I'm french!!!)GOD BLESS YOU ALL
    Home: ShalomTabernacle (Epinay; FRANCE)

    Name: Bro Israel Thierry Lemandi
    Text: God knows what is best for us. He can not make mistakes. So I thank God for His decision to take Sis. Rebekah Home. Branham and Smith's families, you are all in our prayers. May God bless and comfort your hearts.
    Home: Cape Town. South Africa

    Name: Bro Kenneth & Sr Kuda Maeka
    Text: Bro George we are with you in our prayers during this time of great loss to you and great gain to sister Rebekah. May the Lord richly bless you in this turn of events. One day we shall meet them saints in that place beyond the curtain of time! Sr Rebekah will be there to welcome us home! Shalom
    Home: Harare, Zimbabwe

    Name: Sist Denise Crowe
    Text: Dear Brother and family. My deepest sympathy our prayers are with you. When I heard the news, I just thought how happy Sist Rebekah must be, being united with our Prophet Bro. Branham, Sist Meda , Hope and Sharon. Tears of joy filled my eyes knowing that very soon we will be meeting up with the saints. I know you will be strong. Bro Billy, Bro Joseph and Sist Sarah take courage. Gods Peace and Love be with you during this time. God Bless Sister in Christ
    Home: Cape Town .SA

    Name: Elijah Akinyemi
    Text: Six times, Bro. Branham confirm that Sis. Rebecca, your wife that just gone to her reward was Spiritual. She lived that value, demonstrated times uncountable her love and passion for Jesus Christ (even Opposum - animal) and for her father's Ministry - Our Heavenly Sent Prophet. It is hard that she has to depart so soon. The pains are deep across the world. We prayed but often times, God's decision is the absolute. Bro. Smith, may God strengthen, comfort and bless you and the children left behind. Our love and hearfelt condolense goes to all the Branhams. May the Word preached by Daddy, she stood and die for and the great Holy Spirit be our consololation. Surely, ressurection morning will ease our pains! God bless U ALL.
    Home: elijah.akinyemi

    Name: Sarah Wanjira
    Text: You are all in our prayers. Job 42:2 "I know that thou canst do everything,and that no thought can be withholden from thee." May the Lord richly bless you all.
    Home: Kennesaw,GA

    Name: The Sahadeo Family
    Text: Our thoughts are with you in this time of sorrow. May God bless you and comfort your hearts.
    Home: Trinidad

    Name: David J Hawkins
    Text: May the Lord Jesus Christ give you peace at this time. We will be praying for the family. We will see her again when we get to the other side. God bless.
    Home: Hastings, Fl

    Name: Brother Reece
    Text: My heart goes out to you. I know what it is like to lose a mother. But I don't know what it is like to lose a sweetheart. May God comfort your hearts and be with you at this time.
    Home: Fall Branch, TN

    Name: Howard Benjamin Judah on behalf of New Jerusalem Tabernacle
    Text: Our sincere and deepest condolences to the family and believers who have cherised the memory of Sis Rebecca. From all here in Singapore.
    384 Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll save Becky and Sarah and Joseph, and them, too, Lord. Don't let this happen to my children, Lord. Don't let it happen to my brothers and my friends. Grant it, Lord. 385 We don't know, we don't know, but we're seeing something, Lord. Is it a shaking sign right now before us? Grant it, Lord. Draw us all close to You, quickly, Lord. We love You and we need You. Let it be, Father, the Holy Spirit give us comfort in our hearts now. 386 We pray that we might be witnesses to You in this hour, for we know this has got to happen. It's been predicted through the ages, and we must face it, that we're at the end time when we see these signs appearing. We know, and been told for many years now, that this thing shall take place. Now we see it right in our door, great mighty wrath of God moving through the streets, taking out the uncircumcised. Where there is no Blood on the door, the death angel visits; and they go right on living, but dead while they're living, without mercy, without God, and can never be saved.
    387 God, how we thank You for these who are saved! ... What a great blessing it is to our hearts, to be on the inside now, under the Blood, while that last angel passes through the land, taking out the... 388 The ones out from under the blood, they died without mercy. That was Moses' last pull. First, a young man talking to Israel; second, went down to deliver them; third, was the last message. The miracles had been done, Moses was on his road to the promised land, with the redeemed. O God, be merciful, I pray, in Jesus' Name.
    Home: Singapore

    Name: bro monderoy
    Text: the circle is unbroken in the skies. love the family
    Home: brooklyn n.y.

    Name: Sister Selina
    Home: CHINA

    Name: Vittorio De Giovanni
    Text: Dear bro. George and the hole Branham fam. May I express our condolences to you and the Hole Branham fam. Our deeepest sympathy goes to you in this needy time . Greetings with ISAIAH 57, 1-2 God be with you all !
    Home: Vikersund, Norway

    Name: KAMBALE Kiundura
    Text: Be consolate by this scripture of 1 Thes 4:13-17 v13 But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethen, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. v18 Wherefore comfort one another with these words God bless you richly
    Home: Bruxelles (Belgium)

    Name: Bro Steven and Linda Ellison and Family
    Text: Dear Bro George and family. Our hearts go out to you at this time at the going homr our our precious sister Rebekah. All of you have been such a blessing in our lives. Thank you also for the wonderful work you are doing for this glorious message. God Bless You
    Home: Perth. Western Australia

    Name: Philip Nzioka
    Text: The Lord gave and the Lord has taken,may His Name be praised. Let us strengthen one another by this words that He is comming soon.

    Name: Jose Cañas Calderon.
    Text: TABERNACULO LUZ DEL ATARDECER Que El Señor les Bendiga y les fortalezca en esta hora que nuestra Hna. Rebekah ha sido llamada por El Señor. Con toda la sinceridad de nuestros corazones le rendimos un homenaje pòstumo gurardando un minuto de silencio antes de iniciar nuestro Servicio de Oraciòn el dìa miercoles 29. Hemos sentido mucho su separaciòn pues aunque no la conocimos personalmente es parte de nuestra familia LA NOVIA ELEGIDA y sabemos que està en la presencia del Señor. Estamos orando por ustedes pues la oraciòn sustenta al creyente. Acompañandolos espiritualmente. CREYENTES DE EL SALVADOR C.A

    Name: Janet Ruth Baron
    Text: Bro. George, Sis Angel, William and Stephen and family,
    There is peace in accepting the Lord's perfect will for our sister Rebekah. Though she will be missed, it is comforting to know it won't be long till we all can join her in our "home" that our Lord has prepared for us. You have been in my heart, thoughts and prayers and will continue to be at this time. I'm sure Bro. Branham & Sis Branham are rejoicing their daughter has arrived. They are all waiting now on us.....may our Lord comfort your hearts as only HE CAN....and may He also bless you as only HE CAN. Love in Christ, Sis JR Baron
    Home: Johnson City, TN

    Name: Amy Gonzales
    Text: "Sister Amy, it is so good to see you again,'' she genuinely said to me with such a loving smile. (After a church service in TN, 1999) These are the last words she spoke to me; thus, I believe one day, I'll hear these sweet words from her again. This night, I remember having such eagerness to see both Bro. George and Sister Rebekah after speaking with Sister Angel--I'm grateful that it happened. I feel very blessed to have met her in this life--I will always admire her. Peace unto you all, and may God be with you today and always.
    Home: Valmead Community Church/Lenoir,NC

    Name: Sister Martha Taylor
    Text: To let you know my thoughts and Prayers are with you at this time. I have had Sister Rebekah in my prayers. I know that she has recieved her perfect healing.I also am waiting for the healing for my husband who has had two brain surgeries. he can move nothing but his head.Our God is a great big God and I just take one day at a time. We just hold on and keep believing. I know God will give your family strength that you need in this hour. We know all things work together for our good. (I was one of the trio)
    Home: Hagerstown Church

    Name: Bro.Neville Bonyoma/Kisangani DRC
    Text: I thank Lord about His willing for the Smith family by calling our beloved sister Rebekah home for being together with all saints,Bro Branham,Sis.Hope and Meda,Sis.Sharon Rose,and more being with our lord Jesus Christ.She is now in the Lord's JOY,and let Lord bless Bro.Smith and family,the same for Bro.Billy Paul and Bro.Joseph,Sis.Sarah also.It's painful for all of us, but seing what Lord has primised for us after this life,the life at the other side is better than in this world.I pray Lord to help you to continue to work very hard for the message's purpose.This time let all of us be in Joy as Sister Rebekah is in joy nearest Bro.Branham and lord Jesus-Christ.I'm going to inform all brothers and sisters as Lord can allow.God bless all of you.
    Home: Kisangani,D.R.Congo


    Name: Bro Leroy & Sis Debbie Noreiga
    Text: Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.God bless and keep ypu in this hour of need.
    Home: Oshawa,Ontario Canada

    Name: Ashley Campbell
    Text: Dear Bro George and family may I express our condolences on the passing of your dear wife Rebekah. Also our sympaty goes to all the Branham family. Thinking of you all at this time.
    Home: Perth Western Australia.

    Name: bro. larry y sister darlene y sister sarah
    Text: The Lord does all things well. Psalm 116:7 & 15 Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Our prayers are with you at this time and we rejoice for the victory won! Because He Lives................

    Name: Bro. David Belton
    Text: You have my deepest sympathy and prayers. My love and prayers are always with you all. We know that one day we will see our dear precious sister again. Be strong, we have a promise. On behalf of Jesus Christ Tabernacle Pastor Charles Anderson
    Home: 1302 Sycamore Avenue

    Name: The Belton Family
    Text: Our deepest sympathy and prayers are with you. May our LORD comfort you in this hour and keep you strong. Brother Smith, we extend our love and prayers to you and your family. I know that you all will stick together in this situation and be strong for one another. Greetings to Brother Billy Paul, Brother Joseph, and Sister Sarah as well. We know according our promise, we will see our precious Sister Rebekah again. SHALOM!!!!!
    Home: 1302 Sycamore Avenue, Columbia, SC 29203

    Name: Cheryl San Martin (Wells)
    Text: I remember Sis. Rebekah on the trip to Europe we took with a group of young people. It was a real joy to me to be able to talk with her. I know it is a hard time now that you are going through as I experienced loosing my father to cancer ten years ago. Gods Peace and Love be with you at this time.
    Home: Xenia Ohio

    Name: Ntungila Nkama Stanislas P
    Text: I know Becky is now with my beloved prophet Bro Branham,and sis Meda,and Hope and Sharon,and the saints.I told my little family that the Branham children go straight to Heaven.What a security.Alleluia.Be comforted bro Smith and family,we do love you all and are 100% with you right now.Shalom.Rebecca has won the Great Price. >From bro Stanislas Pepin Ntungila Nkama
    Home: Brussels,Belgium

    Name: Abel Musangu
    Text: Dear brother and Sister be strong because we know that our prophete told us that death is away that God brings us home, we are with you in prayer and we know I this time sister Rebecca she is in glory with the lord to receive her reward. God bless you. Abel Musangu
    Home: Prescott-Arizona USA

    Name: Bro Tonnie K Mulli
    Text: I Corinthians 15:50. Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption. 51. Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, 52. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 53. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. 54. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. 55. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? 56. The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. 57. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 58. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.
    Home: Nairobi, Kenya

    Name: Raul Lemus
    Text: En nombre de los creyentes del Tabernáculo de La Palabra del Dios Viviente de San Salvador, enviamos nuestras condolencias sinceras, pues, la familia Branham es tan valiosa para nosotros. Que Dios les dé la fortaleza y bendición hoy y de aquí en adelante a todos, es nuestro deseo y oración.
    Home: San Salvador, El Salvadork

    Name: Charles MAc-Donald,Tabernaculo APotolico alpha omega
    Text: 2Cor.5:1 For we know that if our earthy home of this tabernacle were dissolve, we have a building of God, and house not made with hands , ETERNAL IN THE HEAVENS. for this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with with our house which is from heaven. ifo be that bein clothes we ot be found naked For we who are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened not for what we would be unclothed that mortality might be swallowed up of life . It is times like this in which heavens becomes so much more real to us even sweeter to us , we are with you at this time thanking God for a presious life our sister live before us and the Love she had for the saints. we are giving God thanks for all the tokens of her life she left behind . Our prayers are with you and our hope is His coming sonn so we can see her and them on that glorious day ... May the peace of the Lord and the confort of presious memoris brng joy to you all ... Shalom Br. Charlie and the church in Miami
    Home: Miami Fl Usa

    Name: Teresa Carswell
    Text: My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.Just remember one day soon we'll all be together where their are no more tears,pain and sorrow.God Bless All of You, love in Christ
    Home: Newton,NC

    Name: Capps Family
    Text: George, Billy Paul, Sarah, Joseph and the rest of the Branham family we are praying for the comfort of you all in such a time. Its a reality that most loveones do not want to experience. But its Gods way. Her physical presence will be missed, but we will meet her on the other side. We appreciate you all and may God bless you. Incarnate Word Fellowship.
    Home: Kokomo Indiana

    Name: sis. ceil carter
    Text: I'm sorry to hear of your loss. We know sis. Rebekah is happy at home now but those left behind have to deal with losing her and I pray for your comfort.
    Home: smyrna, De.

    Name: Daniel Phaladi
    Text: I'm a South African Brother, who dearly loves the Prophet, The Message and his family. A few months ago, before I knew that Our sister Rebekah was ill, I had a dream where I seemed to be chatting to brother George in front of a white building that looked like a church. The church was surrounded by reeds and water, it looked liked it was in a valley. All I can say is, our Brother George is truly a dear son of God, so is his wife Sister Rebekah, who is with our Prophet at this time. God knows best...!
    Home: South Africa

    Name: Fredis Velasquez
    Text: Soy un hermano que conoce el mensaje del hermano profeta desde antes de partil el hermano branham, conosco personalmente a su familia, su esposa, cuando vino a Venezuela en puerto la cruz, me entere de la enfermedad de su esposa y mi familia estamos interesados en su pronta recuperacion. en esto conocemos el amor de Dios, en que amamos a nuestros hermanos,
    Home: droinfa@

    Name: Family León
    Text: That we love them, and we are praying, together with every saint around the world, for our precious Sister Rebekah (we admire her faith, Jesus Christ's faith into her), and we are trusting in His perfect will as our prophet, Brother Branham taught to us. Amen.
    Home: Lima -PERU

    Name: Joseph Masasha Text: The prayers of many saints are remembering you and the family. Be strong in faith. The promise of God is for you. Hebrews 13 and 8 is still alive.
    Home: Nigeria

    Name: Sherry Jennings
    Text: We are all keeping you in prayers and love you very much.
    Home: Dallas TX

    Name: Brother Ron Harr
    Text: Just wanted you to know that we are lifting you up in prayer always that the God of all grace comfort you with HIS PRESENCE in this hour of need. Brother Branham said if God is with us it is all settled.
    Home: Johnson City, Tennessee

    Name: Bro.Neville Bonyoma
    Text: May God help the Smith family by healing Sis.Rebekah.May the pillar of fire cast the cancer out of her body and keep this family in joy.Sister Rebekah must remember the Lord's commission to Bro.Branham, Cancer can't stand in front of this big commision as Bro.branham carried us to believe Him as the Angel commissioned Him.
    Home: @yahoo.fr

    Name: John Kasiko.
    Text: Happy to be talking in form of writing to these loved people. I have great love for my prophet and his children. I have read something about cancer but have not understood what is hapenning but whatever the case i pray that the God of my prophet puts it under control. AMEN
    Home: Londo Ontario, CANADA

    Name: Benon Turinawe
    Text: Dear Smith family,
    The Lord is good!!
    Psalms 23
    Home: Kampala, Uganda

    Name: Dashina Godfield ID.60/3017048
    Text: The brethens here are keeping prayers for you and others of the same problems. The prophet preached a sermon called "making a way", we do hope God is doing something for you.
    Home: Mtibwa-Morogoro Tanzania

    Home: CHINA.

    Name: mauricio perez
    Text: deceo que el gran dios jesucristo, de fuerza a la familia para pazar por este momento ,deve ser muy dificil pero sabemos que el tiene todo bajo control y el vio, esto desde antes que fuera cualquier cosa y tenemos fe que el hace todo por nuestro bien. dios bendiga nuestra hna rebekah
    Home: perezmauricio@

    Name: Bro Namy Naidoo
    Text: You are in our thoughts and Prayers. May God guide you during this time. Asthe messenger says " Satan cannot take you until God is finished with you " may His perfect will be done.
    Home: Durban South Africa

    Name: brother emmanuel
    Text: i remember when my loved one died and passed away and the funeral. but that is only earth speaking. i know they are alive in jesus christ and a funeral here is a celebration in heaven. either way the believer wins. we all pray for sister rebecca branham smith.


    Name: Bro.Robert & Sis.Linda Douglas
    Text: Sis. Rebekah & your whole family are in our prayers. Love You All in Christ our Lord. God Bless, Bro. & Sis. Douglas
    Home: Cairo, Ohio

    Home: LENOIR NC 28645-6325

    Name: Brother and Sister Daugherty
    Text: Our prayers are with you. God Bless You and Yours.
    Home: Jeffersonville

    Name: Rod
    Text: God bless you ! I couldn't stop myself to send you some encouraging words to let you know how we love and appreciate your family.We are constantly in prayer for the Lord to heal you and spread out that testimony all over the world.
    Home: Montreal

    Name: Bro. Scott Sis. Linda
    Text: May the Lord be with through this time and give you His peace and only He can do knowing the they are waiting for us on the other side as we wait for them also.
    Home: Hanover Ontario

    Name: Happy Valley Prayer Group
    Text: We are keeping you in prayer as well as each family member.
    Home: Elizabethton, TN USA

    Name: Charlotte Moore
    Text: My heart has been so saddened as I read the updates. As you stated GOD knows what he is doing,bue as humans we still hate to see our loved ones suffer. We were listening to Be Certain of GOD last night and he was talking of Sarah and Rebekah when they were small and it was so sweet. Our prayers are with all of you.
    Home: Ball Ground,GA

    Name: Linda de la Guerre (nee) de Beer
    Text: Praying for you in these difficult times. May the Lord Jesus bless you richly.
    Home: Nestpark. South Africa

    Name: simon kuto
    Text: God bless sist. Rebekah with quick healing.may she gain more physical and spiritual strength.God bless bro smith and the whole family.
    Home: kamoiywo,kenya

    Name: lisa chinyani
    Text: We will just pray and ask God for the healing orf our precious sister for he said by my stripes you are healed .The devil was defeated that day on calvary when the Lord said it is finished.If you belive then all things are possible.We love our precious sister and will trust the Lord will make a way for he.God bless
    Home: london

    Text: "Now, the Lord God Almighty says "I KNOW" ...But does He hold back the persecution? Does he stem the tribulation ? No, He does not.He simply says," I KNOW your tribulation __ I am not unmindful of your suffering". "The cloudy skies and stormys of life are no signs of God's disapproval.Niether are bright skies and still waters signs of His love and approval. His approval of any of us is IN THE BELOVED...Does He love us? Ah, yes.But how shall we know? We know because He SAID SO... And how shall I prove my love to Him?By believing what He said, and by conducting myself and by conducting myself with joy amidst trials that He in His wisdom allows to come to pass " ( CHURCH AGE BOOK,PG 116 & 118) .We are praying for you and the IMMUTABLE GOD _whom Branham preached and lived for, and whom we still believe in __ will surely prove His Word by healing you.Keep believing .S-H-A-L-O-M!

    Name: Bro Tendai Kapenuka
    Text: We are resting on the promises God spoke through that prophet... we do not fear cancer. Always in our prayers. God bless
    Home: Luton, England

    Name: Leah Thomas
    Text: Nevertheless, let Thy perfect will be done. God Bless you richly:)
    Home: Trinidad

    Name: Bro. Tonnie K Mulli
    Text: All Things are Possible, Only Believe He is the same yesterday today & forever Remember, you are in God's Hands Am praying for you dear saints in this time of your trial. God bless you
    Home: Kenya

    Name: mary wall
    Text: you are in my thoughts daily and we uphold you in prayer like brother branham said if you want to do anything for me remember my family not the exact words we have a love for you all because of calvary God take care of you as He alone is able to do God bless you sis mary n Jake wall
    Home: edmonton alberta

    Name: debra cavalier
    Text: iam praying for you...GOD is with you no matter what,,just rest in your GOD....for HE loves you...
    Home: houma la

    Name: Church in Florida
    Text: We are praying you and your family!
    Home: Florida

    Name: Keren
    Text: Christ is still the same he will do it again! God bless you.
    Home: Nairobo- Kenya

    Name: Bro. Luis & Sis. Maria Sanchez
    Text: I and my house will be praying you and your family.God bless you and let be God's will.
    Home: Phoenix Arizona

    Name: Bro Manson Z. Chirwa
    Text: Bro George we are with you in prayer. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,today and forever. By his stripes Sister Rabecca was healed long ago. She is better and there is a major change in her health. God did it before He has done it to her again.
    Home: South Africa

    Name: Joel and Gina Smith
    Text: Keeping you in our prayers, God bless each one of you.
    Home: Dyersburg Tn.

    Name: Francis Blay
    Text: You are on God's mind. He who cares about he sparrow also cares for you. Remember the old song the saints used to sing...
    He careth for you.
    He careth for you.
    Through sunshine or shadows he careth.
    We continue to pray you and the entire family and it won't be long before we all meet to part no more. God Bless you.
    Home: Maryland

    Name: Oscar Rodriguez
    Text: Jorge, estoy contigo en este momento díficil para ti y tu familia. Tu hermano en Cristo, Oscar Rodriguez
    Home: Guanta Venezuela

    Name: Eternite Boanerge
    Text: Only believe all things are possible only believe. This is the favourable song of the prophet of God for this generation and God is performing miracles today according to Heb 13:8. May the Lord gives the desire of our heart and we're praying for you, only believe. The prophet says if you love me pray for my family and we surely love him. Amen
    Home: Vancouver, Canada

    Name: kathy Sheppeard
    Text: My parents went to bro branham meeting in 1947 and began looking for him again because my little brother had cancer. My little Brother passed away but when they did find about a meeting in 1963 ,in shreveport they went. Thats when he preached on the wings of a dove. My sister was healed of crossed eyes. My dad received a prayer cloth from brother Branham and was healed of chest pains. I still have a piece of that cloth. I still use that cloth when sickness comes along. No weapon formed against us shall prosper . He will be with us even in us till the end of the world. Enjoyed the healing thought book so much and the generation book was so inspiring. Thank you for all your hard work. For this life will soon be past Only whats done for christ will last. Our prayers are with you dear family
    Home: Porter Tx

    Name: bro vince
    Text: Thank God for sending us a prophet in this day He thought us that all things are possible to them that believe Healing is the childrens bread All thigns are possible
    Home: south africa johannesburg

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