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Welcome to WMB1ChurchSites. Here are churches located in Europe and Africa related to the Ministry of Jesus Christ through William Branham. NOTE: These churches may or may not represent the accurate teachings of William Branham. Feel free to submit a site. HomePage

Addiscombe Christian Fellowship
Location: London, England
Pastor: Bro. Andy Strevens
Agapao Tabernacle
Location: Bruxelles, Belgium
Pastor: Bro. Salem Kimolo
Amen Tabernacle
Location: Belgium
Pastor: Bro. Guido Vanbrabant
Bare Tro Church : Believers fellowship - Only Believe
Location: Oslo, Norway
Pastor: Bro.
Believers Christian Fellowship
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Pastor: Bro. Ron Borthwick
Bethel Tabernacle
Location: Chelmsford Essex, England
Pastor: Bro. Peter L. Halls
Bible Believer's Fellowship
Location: Scotland
Pastor: Bro. Brian Loch
Bible Believers Bieselsberg
Location: Bieselsberg, Germany
Pastor: Bro. Gerd Rodewald
Bible Believers Church
Location: Musselkanaal , Netherlands
Pastor: Bro. Wim Kremer
Bible Believers Iceland
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Pastor: Bro. Guomundur Orn Ragnarsson
Bride Assembly, The
Location: Lagos
Pastor: Bro. Moses Alu
Dublin Christian Fellowship
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Pastor: Bro. Andrew Marais
Eastlea Tabernacle
Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
Pastor: Bro. H.B. Chesa
Eglise Roc Seculaire Tabernacle
Location: France
Pastor: Bro. Ndaye
El Tabernacle
Location: South Africa
Pastor: Bro. E.H. Roscoe
End Time Evangelism Ministries Harare
Location: Zimbabwe
Pastor: Bro. Joseph M Chikosi
End Time Message Believers Tabernacle
Location: Monkey Bay, Malawi, Africa
Pastor: Bro. Laston G.W. Makuzula
Evening Light Christian Fellowship
Location: Stourbridge, England
Pastor: Bro. John Noble
Harvest Time Christian Fellowship
Location: Ghana, West Africa
Pastor: Bro. Peter Ankrah Dodoo
Independent Christians Assembly Eislingen
Location: Eislingen, Germany
Pastor: Bro. Josef Hofelich
Kenos Tabernacle
Location: Brazzaville, CONGO
Pastor: Bro. Bill Eddy Gonfoua
Local Christian Assembly
Location: London, England
Pastor: Bro. Peter Chandler
Peniel Tabernacle Rodrigues Island
Location: Rodrigues, Indian Ocean
Pastor: Bro.
Pierre de Faîte Tabernacle
Location: Örebro, Sweden
Pastor: Bro. Louis Fataki Boanerges
Rocher Tabernacle
Location: Congo
Pastor: Bro.
Shalom Tabernacle
Location: France
Pastor: Bro. Mosaka Arthur
Speckledbird Tabernacle
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Pastor: Bro. Gideon Byekwaso
Stockport Christian Fellowship
Location: Stockport, UK England
Pastor: Bro. Ulrich Joseph
Tabernacle Of Mbuji Mayi
Location: Mbujimayi, Congo Africa
Pastor: Bro. Vibidila
Tabernacle Of Peace
Location: Wola Piotrowa, Poland
Pastor: Bro. Piotr Sniegon
Tanga Evening Light Church
Location: Tanzania, East Africa
Pastor: Bro. Adam Shekiao
Tema Bible Believers Fellowship
Location: Tema, Ghana
Pastor: Bro. David Tarentaal
Troens Tabernakel
Location: Vadheim, Norway
Pastor: Bro. William Reiersen
Voice of God Tabernacle
Location: Windhoek, Namibia
Pastor: Bro David Smith
WM Branham Tabernacle
Location: Brazzaville, Congo
Pastor: Bro Bill Eddy Gonfoua

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