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"I believe that everything
Brother Branham says is
Thus Saith The Lord."
Joseph Branham : President
of Voice of God Recordings Incorporated
Jeffersonville, IN, USA
To the Church World and the Public:
Within the 'ranks of the Message' is a strong ongoing debate about listening only to the tapes/mp3s versus the Five Fold Ministry's position (Ephesians 4:11).

Joseph Branham believes the tapes are "the absolute", that William Branham is his "pastor" and that the tapes/books/MP3s fulfill the Minister's job. The second opinion is that the five fold ministry, Eph 4:11, is to preach what they study from the tapes and Bible.

We present this information in equal portions. Feel free to submit your thoughts concerning this issue.
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Read Joseph Branham speaking in St. Petersburg Russia Ministers Meeting. September 2006
He expresses his intentions of promoting the publication sent out by Voice of God Recording Inc. called Here I Stand and the purpose of the Catch The Vision Tour
Read transcript here. See Video Links below.

Read Joseph Branham speaking in Arizona at the Catch The Vision Tour Meeting. ?March 2004
He expresses his intentions of promoting the Catch The Vision Tour and implies William Branham is his pastor.
Read transcript here. See Video Links below.

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The Absolute William Branham Joseph Branham
What is the Absolute?
Joseph Branham from the Russian Ministers Meeting says:

  • "I believe that everything Brother Branham says is Thus Saith The Lord."
  • "This Message has to be my absolute. Brother Branham said you have to have an absolute."
  • "Is this Message your absolute? If this Message is your absolute then we can fellowship with one another. If you have another absolute, if you take another man's idea, another man's thought, his interpretation, then we can't fellowship."
  • "Our absolute told us where to pay our tithes and offerings."
  • "Now we agree that this Message is our Absolute, Amen?"
    Quotes from Joseph Branham in St. Petersburg Russia 2006

    What are your thoughts?
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    Dear WMB1, I believe we need to express that this is not a vendetta against Bro. Joseph Branham. He is a human like all of us that satan would love to chew up and spit out. Satan does not give love and gifts to people who he confuses. There are no honors with misquotes. If Bro. Joseph is never able to realign his thinking, satan is not going to congratulate him, but he is going to crush him like he did Judas after using him.
    But my main point is to NOT BE against Bro. Joseph BUT TO BE against any SPIRIT that comes against this Message, Its quotes, and Scripture.
    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesian 6:12
    Eventhough I totally disagree with Bro. Joseph Branham, I still refuse to let satan have any person to torment. I pray our brother will be able to pull away from these misconceptions while there is still time.

    [ Editor: We agree that this topic is not about Joseph Branham.]
    To Clarify: This issue is a long standing debate. Joseph Branham has put himself in the 'spokesman' position or a leadership role in presenting one side of this issue. We offer his thoughts to the public as the most concise representation of one view of how the ministry of William Branham should be understood.

    [Editor: Postings will soon be consolidated to an attached sub-link.]

    why are there 25 letters in favor of Brother Reagan and only 10 in favor of brother Joseph Branham? are you sure you guys are printing out all the different letters from all those sent to you?
    It doesn't look too fair.
    I wonder if your website is being honest and putting up everybody's words sent in.
    Sis. Ann
    [Editor: Thank you for your question. We had not counted. However, we are trying not to publish repeated statements. Many of the comments also point to other listings of opinions. We are also attempting to keep it to one response per person although this is not a 100% procedure. Thank you once more for sharing your thoughts with us and the public who are trying to understand the Message.]
    [Editor: 02-23-08 In reply to your second concern email: and this topic is not a forum. It is an information site. We do allow minimal counter-points. We are posting replies with an attempt not to duplicate responses. Vulgar responses are voided. Most never contact us with their opinion. ~ or give us their email address ~ This is why WMB1 does not formulate polling numbers. This topic simply allows the church world, public and Message Believers to study an overview of the issues within the Message. Thank you for the honesty of your concerns.]

    I beleive that the message of William Branham is my absolute....when I have listened to other brothers ministry over the years, there have been confussion, questions that bother me and some division over what was said...I have never had any of that listening to our dear prophet.
    Sis. Jean

    Hey wmb1. Here is some thoughts. William Branham or Joseph Branham.
    "It is either WILLIAM BRANHAM or Joseph Branham.
      Everyone will have to choose. "

    Click here for William Branham or Joseph Branham

    Click here for 'Joseph Branham is Right' from G.Cruz
    Following the ditch. No man can save you. ... God bless Bro. Joseph, the type of Joseph in the Old Testament that brought blessings and prosperity wherever he went. ... Wake up Reaganites!

    Here's a talk between a couple of us if you want to use it:
    JOSEPH BRANHAM please let William Branham speak for himself !
    Click here for this response of "Do you really believe Brother Branham?
    [Editor: We will soon have the quotes this text is speaking about.]

    Do not lean unto your own understanding. Always put God first in what ever you going to do.
    Jeremy S

    dear wmb1, its clear to see now the prophecy in 2 Tim3 concerning the spirit of Reprobation in the Faith restored to us by the ministry of Jesus Christ written in Mal.4. The Son is Back and questioning if He can Find "The Faith" on those who claimed to be Message Believers. Are we Sealed In by Believing Every Word of the Message?
    Caleb C

    Dear WMB1, I appreciate you all staying open to both sides of this issue. It is a very touchy subject and everyone should have the right to express their opinion. We are so blessed to have the Bible, the recordings, the books, the Ministry and Christ Himself. Jesus Christ has been faithful to supply our every need. God bless you.
    Tim M.

    Hmm. If every word Brother Branham spoke is Thus Saith The Lord, then that must mean HE IS THE LORD! ... not.

    Hello, Here is a good one I just heard pastor Ron Peterson say.
    I typed it up here:

    [Editor: This was not sent by Pastor Peterson but taken from an archived church video that WMB1 has confirmed at the Pastor's church website. Phoenix, Arizona, USA.]

    "How about bowing to an image?
    ... Did you know Brother Branham said there will be a spirit in this endtime that will cause some to seduce, be seduced, and they will worship the Prophet Messenger.
    ... They refused to bow to the image unto Daniel. Because Daniel was such a man of God, that the King said 'Daniel, we worship him! He's like God!'
    And three real Believers said "We'll not bow. I'm not bowing to nobody." And Brother Branham said, don't you ever bow to any man of God. A true Prophet of God will never let you bow, he'll never let you prostrate yourself. He'll never say, it's not me, it's Him. Don't you look at me, look at Him!
    He says. 'Lot of you think I got something to do with this. I got no more to do with it than a Voice. Against my own better judgement. I wanted to go and be a trapper. Grow my hair long. Get my gun out. Forget telling these people all this stuff. Tired of preaching to them and they don't receive it. ... You what the Angel of the Lord told him? 'You do and you'll turn into a bum. Your wife will leave you.'
    He said 'Against my own better judgement.'"
    02-10-2008 Balaam's Stumbling Block
    Phil R.

    "Brother Branham is my pastor (shepherd), and the pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church in Panama City Florida, I am jest his assistant."
    Click to read Brother Branham Is My Pastor

    Has this wonderful message actually become such a cult? This is painful. I may write more later.
    Brother T

    Hi wmb1, here are my quotes from Bro. Branham.
    35-4 ... Just like to the Church, there's got to be an absolute. To the people in the church, you've got to have your absolute. But today, each church has its own absolute.
    E-22 Now, Paul had a Christ-centered life. He... They--that was... Christ was Paul's absolute.
    E-44 ... And I knew that I needed an absolute. So I read the Word of God, and I seen that this Word was Christ. And I--I wanted that for my Absolute.
    138 I've got my Compass here within me; the Holy Spirit points me right straight to the Absolute. "For both heavens and earth will pass away, but My Words shall never pass away."
    12-3 ...It's less than that: just faith in His Word. And you--if you make His Word your Absolute, you can... Any Divine promise in the Bible, you can tie your soul to it.
    18-3 No matter what your experience is then; if something in you tells you that that Bible isn't true, that power of God, apostles, prophets, and teachers, and pastors, and the gifts of the Spirit just isn't the same as It was when It flowed through them apostles at Pentecost, there's something wrong with your absolute;
    30-2 Now, let's turn ourselves around and look at the men who put their hopes upon the Bible, upon God's Word and held It for an Absolute; look where they are now.
    CHURCH.ORDER_ JEFF.IN COD THURSDAY_ 63-1226 872-6 ... It's got to come to one final absolute, and my absolute is the Word, the Bible. And as a pastor here of the church, my absolute is the Word
    E-22 ... Proves God just reveals to His prophets that what He wants them to know, nothing else. Prophets are not infallible people. Prophets are not Angels. They are men.

    Looks to me like the Bible is the Absolute, not the Message books.
    John C.

    Wmb1, How can Brother Branham be my pastor. I'd have to send my tithes beyond the curtain of time.
    Mary A.

    Sender's Name: Bro Gary M
    Message: Greetings in The Name of Jesus Christ,Thought i say its wonderful for you to place HERE I STAND , on your website, for its TRUTH, what Bro Joseph said about franchise rights,if we claim we truly believe this Message we all love , then our love would be to obey every WORD The Lords Prophet said, for its The Love in Christ compels us to, LOVE is also correction,I thank The Lord for Bro Joseph true stand ,to point out where we have failing short, We The Bride of Jesus Christ will heed and understand , because we Love Jesus Christ, THE WORD.

    You guys need to link to the service of Bro. Donnie Reagan on saturday night January 19. ...
    Roger P.
    [Editor: We will watch the video when it is posted and decide if it is an appropriate link.]

    Dear WMB1 Editor, Here are links from youtube to the Bro.Donny Reagan service if you would like to add them. Bro. Donny Reagan defends Jesus Christ with William Branham's statements.
    Bill T.
    [Editor: Links in 5 parts from January 19, 2008 service. Pastor Donny Reagan. Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ, Johnson City, TN Tennessee]

    Editor Notice VIDEO - simply supplies a link to these pre-posted videos.
    TRANSCRIPTS supplied by a Believer in the Message.
    Donny Reagan William Branham Youtube
  • Part 1 Donny Reagan Defends Jesus Christ Part 1 Click here
  • Part 2 Donny Reagan Defends Jesus Christ Part 2 Click here
  • Part 3 Donny Reagan Defends Jesus Christ Part 3 Click here
  • Part 4 Donny Reagan Defends Jesus Christ Part 4 Click here
  • Part 5 Donny Reagan Defends Jesus Christ Part 5 Click here
  • READ Quotes used by Donny Reagan: View Sermon Quotes here.

    I just don't understand this issue. The Prophet called William Branham was so clear in 1964 - after the Seals - in answering much of this issue.
    1108-Q-352 352. ... Brother Branham, we have no preacher where we live, but we have tape service on Sunday night only. Should we take our children to another church for Sunday school? Are the tape services sufficient?
    Well, let that be according to the way your children are going. See? Now, if you get your children, they're young; and you get them out into some kind of a group out there, that'll just pound the stuff into them that they--that they--they shouldn't know; I wouldn't do it. If they--if they seem to learn enough from the tapes and things... And you, say, you put them over in a Catholic church, take them over to Catholic church, take them over to something like that; I wouldn't advise that. See? If they...
    But now, if you got a nice little church over there that maybe disagree two or three things with you, and your children wants to go to Sunday school, they're full Gospel people, or something, why, that's perfectly all right. But see, but when you come to a place where... Depends on how your children take it, See? Watch what your children does, what--how they react to it.
    1109-Q-353 353. Let's see. If you don't have a church to go to, should you just listen to the tapes?
    Yes. That's--I'd--I... That'd be fine.
    1109-Q-354 354. Do your children have to have an experience to have the Holy Spirit? If the--if--if they see the end-time Message, do they have the Holy Spirit?
    Every one must have an experience. Your children cannot go in on no other way but the same way you do. See? They've got to be borned again. There's no grandchildren in the Kingdom of God; they're all children. They must have it, must have an experience with God to go in, just the same as you. Now, I hope I can get this. It's... QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS_ JEFF.IN COD SUNDAY_ 64-0830M
    1109-Q-355 355. Dearly beloved: (Let's see.) About the Scripture of Ephesians 4:11 through 13, do we all (Let's see.)--do we get all the perfecting of saints through the tapes, or should we be here, where the gifts of the Spirit are operating and the different offices of the church to help perfect us? Our hearts have believed all the Word of the Lord.
    [edit] ... See? That we--we get fellowship one with another here at the church, but the perfecting comes between us and God. The Blood of Christ is what perfects us in the Holy Spirit.
    [Editor: end quotes]
    I just can't see not going to church and having a pastor that preaches the word in spirit and power. Why do they fight that? That's what Bro.Branham said to do. sigh :(

    From Bro. Ty Rains,
    Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ! In Defence of the WORD, I Believe it speaks For Itself, And may The Holy Spirit Quicken it to all who read Prayerfully With an open Heart.
    "Response to The Absolute by Bro. Ty Rains (a fellow minister)" :
    Click Here to read Brother Rains comments.

    There can only be one THE ABSOLUTE! "AN ABSOLUTE" sholdnt be confused with "THE ABSOLUTE". If one wants to say Wiliam Branham is THE absolute just as the Bible is,then he/she unwittingly presents two absolutes(???)!Where is wisdom???
    Andrew P.

    With so many interpretation on what the message is, I would find it difficult to say my absolute is the message of the hour. My Abosoulte is found in a person, and that person is Christ Jesus. He said, " I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life." also, "No man can come to the Father, but by Me". God bless.
    I suppose if I was running a world wide business I would find ways to promote it as well. Statements like this lead the flock astray.
    Steve W.

    Hi there brothers, ...The tapes are support for the 5 fold ministry. There is no way you can see the revelation without the message of WMB. ... Most of the known ministry today are going far away of the message. They don't even know what malachie 4 said anymore. That is a real problem. God bless you

    Re the issue of the Five fold Ministry, I feel that any 'spirit that attempts to by-pass these ministries in favour of "tapes-only" is a cultish spirit of Anti-Christ. I was grieved in my spirit when I noticed in a recent edition of "Catch The Vision" peole gathered around pulpits with MP3 Players on the pulpit. Using MP3 players as a subsitute for the ministry is anti-Word.
    Pastor L.

    ...Watch the ministry type: William M.Branham type John the Baptist, called listeners to repent and turn to Christ Jesus. "Come out from religious systems" Then Jesus Christ came on the scene and recruited the apostles and others. About 3 years plus. Then Jesus died and ascended to heaven, left the apostles to continue on the ministry of Christ.... This ministry is very humble proclaiming Christ is the absolute. He who has an eart to hear, let him hear hat the Spirit is saying.
    Soong C.

    The Word of God is our absolute. And Brother Branham's Message is our absolute of the interpretation of the Word of God. The Word of God reads that the fivefold ministry was placed in the church to bring us to perfection for the rapture. As long as there is a church, there will be a five fold ministry. That is what Brother Branahm said and that is what the tapes say. Say what the tapes say.
    Geoffrey W.

    I support Joseph Branham (WHEAT) 100 percent! After watching Donny Reagan (CHAFF) on tells me that LORD JESUS CHRIST IS SOON COMING FOR HIS PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS AWAITING SPOTLESS BRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps Matthew 13:30 Let both grow together until harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn. HALLELUJHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Larry N.

    My precious prophet William Branham said the Bible, the word of God is my absolute. Will you argue with what he said. That's truth.
    Ruth F.

    Dear Precious Brethren. - The Message is an Absolute. But everything the Prophet said was not. He said so himself. He changed his thoughts on things. That does not make him a false prophet. It makes him a human.
    Tom Y.

    I believe that the five fold ministry is to preach what they study from the tapes and Bible but I believe Bro. Josph should have a pastor. Since the meaning of a pastor is "burden bearer" I believe Bro. Joseph should have a living pastor. May be if Bro. Joseph is given another chance he will frame the words differently.
    Alberta A.

    Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ ....... Until you are sealed into Christ you do not know what the Absolute is ... You have the written Word and the Spoken Word ... They both are the Absolute... God bless and praise our might God who is Love
    Judy N.

    You should post these quotes from the youtube video 1,

    whatwebelieve (1 hour ago) YouTube ABSOLUTE AN, PHOENIX AZ SUNDAY 63-0127 E-88 "...Until then I'm going to live true to that Word, so help me God; because that's my Absolute, with malice towards none, with love and grace towards all. [...] Did you ever read I John 4:17, that you have to have correction like that to make genuine love at the time of judgment? It's not to be different. It's love. Love is strict, and love chastens."

    whatwebelieve (1 hour ago) YouTube ABSOLUTE AN, PHOENIX AZ SUNDAY 63-0127 E-89 "... And character comes from the Word of God, and that alone. And any preacher that claims to be a preacher, and deny that Word, there's little character of God there to me. Amen. ... Now, I don't want to get critical with you. I love you, and I mean that. But that's my Absolute, brethren, this Word, THUS SAITH THE LORD. You know that's true."

    These are all from Brother Branham.

    I believe there is way to much confussion and division in this message. Our prophet would not be very happy with some of our actions. However without Bro. Branham bringing us this message, you wouldn't even know what the bible really said. So if you have the holy ghost you will catch the message and know what he wants done with his word. We know he was a man but also it was God speaking to us through a human. ...
    James J.

    Please you people should not try to take the bride in to a denomination, I believe in the tape but the five fold ministry is the absolute for its the ministry of our Lord, and that which will bring us to perfection, if you play the tapes with a five fold ministry you will not understand what the prophet said, and that is why there is alot of confusion today the more you print the books the more confused the people are, brother s looks for a true five fold. thanks.
    Ubi I.

    It is with great regard to you WMB1 that you've provided this forum for discussion since we are children of the light and not children of darkness. it's so sad that such a simple message can be so miscontrued , misunderstood ,and be made so controversial instead of leaving it simple and pure as presented by the messager. The messager pointed to us the absolute ,and the absolute is the divine message ,and the divine message is the word of God,and the word of God is christ himself, and christ is God. Let us therefore keep it simple and true as it is.
    John K.

    Hi Guys, I believe God sent W.Branham with a Message to forerun His Second Coming. This Message is preached from the Bible, which, being the Word of God, is the Absolute. The Message only illumines the Word. Bro. Branham pointed us BACK to the WORD. So what can we say is the Absolute here? It's time we read and were guided by the Holy Spirit into ALL TRUTH to avoid this confusion. The Fivefold ministry remains as it was ordained in the Scripture.
    Ernie Z.

    Joseph handles the thing he calls the Word all wrong. He even admits he's not a preacher. He misquotes Brother Branham, The Prophet, which proves he's not a true prophet. Then he has the boldness to gather the Ministers together around the world and try to teach? them with misused quotes and bible. Who is this man and where does this boldness (arrogance) come from? This is awful. God help us. If our God is so small that he changes the bible, warps the quotes, trashes the ministry or is unable to produce TRUE ministers, why would anyone want to serve him. This is too much. Thank you Lord for being Hebrews 13:8! And thank you Lord for the Bible and a true ministry. And I won't "Amen" myself like Joseph does.
    Robert T.

    I think Brother Joseph may have started out in the middle of the road in the early 80s. Then all the false ministers that really tampered with the Message got so extreme that in his desire to speak out against them, he has gone too far into the ditch. His sincerety looks like he really believes what he says. If only he had a real Pastor which would have kept him in the middle of the road when all the radical doctrines were being created.
    T. J. W.

    God sent to us the end time message prophet to restore us back to the original word as preached by the apostles. That's the part bro Branham's message has done and is doing. According to bro Branham the highest office to run the affairs of the church is the pastorship. He further says pay your tithes to where you get your day today spiritual food, meaning your local pastor.It looks to me therefore that the message and the Bible are one Absolute to us.
    SK. K.

    I hope everyone is aware that Bro Joseph and his family attend the Branham Tabernacle and he recognises Bro Collins as the pastor there. God Bless
    Bro Ken

    Brother Joseph Branham sure stands for the true Word. I certainly appreciate him pointing the Bride back to the Message. How can anyone who follows this Message NOT believe it to be the Absolute? It perfectly lines up with the Bible. It is the Word for our day. How can it not be the Absolute? Sounds like the Pharisee's telling Jesus that "we have Moses" and denying the Word manifested before them. God bless you all.
    Nomde G.

    This Message is the absolute. With out it, you can not understand the Bible. If I were ask which would I have to choose, it would be the books and tapes. With out them, we can not understand what God's Word says. If you could understand outside this vindicated message, then why did Elijah have to come and restore? All tables were full of vomit. The cry was made "come out to meet Him" The Bride came out of creeds and dogmas and made herself ready by the washing of the Word.
    Larry C.

    279 I said, "Joseph?" That's right. 280 Right there, in the house I went. And there's the little fellow, so big she... she's a big ol' boy, she couldn't hardly walk, going out through the field. I run, throw my arms around her, and I said, "Honey! Joseph is coming. Joseph is on his road."
    i agree 100% what our br.Joseph stand in his absolute in this day, whre he pointed the people, and about the 5fold ministry. ithe position he is in today..?

    Here is a quote from the Church Age book from page 329: Who then will have the power of infallibility which is to be restored in this last age, for this last age is going to go back to manifesting the Pure Word Bride? That means we will have the Word once again as it was perfectly given, and perfectly understood in the days of Paul. I will tell you who will have it. It will be a prophet as thoroughly vindicated, or even more thoroughly vindicated than was any prophet in all the ages from Enoch to this day, because this man will of necessity have the capstone prophetic ministry, and God will shew him forth.

    Bro. Donny Reagan is my pastor. I read the comments and watched the y-tube videos. I was in the service when he preached these. As much as I love Bro. Branham-mal. 4, a son of man revealing the SON of MAN. I have the host of messages-listen to several a day-I stand accounted that our prophet said the gifts ,the 5 fold ministry would be here til' Our Lord Jesus comes for His Bride. The true 5 fold ministry that I've heard is saying what that prophet said. I am so thankful to be counted as part of the elected blood washed Bride of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bro. Branham told me that to get closer to God I should pray and read my Bible each day. I am a sister-and have my place-I do pray for those who have the burden of this message on their hearts. I have not lost the passion to see souls borned into the Kingdom of God. As a living epistle I want others to see Christ Jesus in me. my stand is with the true 5 fold ministry.


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  • VIDEO: Joseph Branham, Arizona, expresses his thoughts about the Message of William Branham. President of Voice of God Recordings Inc in Jeffersonville Indiana. Publishing company for books, tapes and MP3 recordings of William Branham sermons.
  • There are four parts to this video presentation.
  • Part 1 of Joseph Branham :: Part 1 Click Here
  • Part 2 of Joseph Branham :: Part 2 Click Here
  • Part 3 of Joseph Branham :: Part 3 Click Here
  • Part 4 of Joseph Branham :: Part 4 Click Here
  • There is a strong debate within the 'Message of William Branham' about Joseph Branham's opinions on the importance of listening to the tapes/mp3s versus the Five Fold Ministry of Ephesians 4:11. What is the five fold ministry?

  • VIDEO: Joseph Branham speaking in St. Petersburg Russia Ministers Meeting. He expresses his intentions of promoting the publication sent out by Voice of God Recording Inc. called Here I Stand and the purpose of the Catch The Vision Tour Read here.
  • Part 1 of Joseph Branham in Russia :: Part 1 Click here
  • Part 2 of Joseph Branham in Russia :: Part 2 Click here
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