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Welcome to WMB1ProConForums. Here will be many links related to the Ministry of Jesus Christ through William Branham. Feel free to submit a site. Some of these are PRO and some are CON. This means supportive or non-supportive of William Branham.
Each interpret William Branham and Jesus Christ in their own perspective. Homepage

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PRO :: "...this online message board believing that it will be a blessing to the bride of Christ expecially at this point in time when all is set for HER to meet the BRIDEGROOM."

PRO :: "What we need is men thatll preach the Gospel and handle it with the powers of God, tell the truth, regardless if the organization kicks him out. "

PRO :: "This group are the stay-at-home, sisters only, believers of the Message brought by William Branham. This group is for fellowship and encouragement of the homemaking Bride of Jesus Christ."


PRO :: "...about the Supreme Deity of Jesus Christ. It is about the absolute infallibility of the Word of God. It is about clean, holy living according to the standards of God's Word. It is about fellowship around an endtime message brought by Brother William Branham."


PRO :: "open for discussion of topics related to William Branham and his ministry. ... is intended to serve as a place of fellowship and it is important to treat it as such, following the same order of fellowship that would be applied elsewhere."

PRO :: "open forum. You may post immediately. We respect William Branham and honor the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ through William Marrion Branham."

PRO :: "Welcome to Everyone, literally. This forum is totally open for anyone interested in William Marrion Branham."

Gathering of the Eagles

PRO :: "The purpose of this forum is to discuss the issues of the Message of Malachi 4. And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things. MATTHEW 17:11"

The Message of the Hour Forum

PRO :: "The Message of the Hour is a Christ centered discussion forum. The purpose of the forum is to fellowship around the Message from God for our day, give testimonies, make prayer requests, spiritually edify one another etc. That does include discussing our differences."

The Message of William Branham

CON :: " forum in which we examine and discuss the Prophecies, Doctrine and Events in the ministry of this man who claimed to be the Elijah of Malachi 4:5,6. It is designed as an informational resource for those interested ..."

Endtime Evangelism
PRO :: " based upon the concepts of restitution and the coming of the Lord. Though we recognize Brother William Branham as the 7th Church age messenger we are convinced that "Branhamism" was not the intent of God in sending forth that ministry."

PRO :: " a place where believers in the end time message of William Marrion Branham can feel free to fellowship. It is not church, just a gathering place..."

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Youth Quake Forum
PRO :: "Talk about daily life. Meet new people. :: Youth"

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