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Joseph Branham in Arizona with Catch The Vision Tour



Part 1

[Editor: Joseph Branham begins with an introduction to the people.]

You know satan works in this flesh. But he can't work what's on the inside. See that's the promise. And if I got to stumble I want to stumble here in the flesh. God knows that. He knows that I can fail Him and that I'll make mistakes. But that absolute that's in my heart, he can't touch it. Amen? He give it to me because of predestination. Amen. I'm just happy to talk about it tonight.

[Editor: Joseph Branham continues with an introduction to the people.]

You know I told the Brothers that I want to be transparent. That you can ask me anything. You can ask me what kind of toothpaste I use. I'll tell you. You might not like what you hear but I'll tell you what I believe.

You know, lot of times the people that they want to, well, Brother Joseph doesn't believe this, does he believe this. I'll tell you exactly what I believe. I believe this. [Editor: Joseph Branham holds up a Message book.]

Brother Branham said this Message was no, of no private interpretation. So we all stand corrected by this right here. And I want to stand corrected by this word.

You know if you went down to the store and when you go down, you don't go in when you go to buy this, [Editor: Joseph Branham holds up a Bible.] you don't go in and ask, well, 'Do you believe the Prophet? Do you, do you, do you have sinners that make this book?' You don't care. It's the Word. You want the Word. It's the Holy Word.

And that's what this is too. This is sacred to us. [Editor: Joseph Branham holds up a Message book.]

And I want the Bride to be thankful and proud that God, He knew that this Message had to be preserved. And He give the tape recorder. And He has a way of preserving His Word. Because He knew in this end time that we'd have to have Thus Saith The Lord.

I, I wouldn't, my, best of my knowledge I'd never get up here and tell you anything wrong. But I'm a man and I make mistakes. I have failures. But this don't. [Editor: Joseph Branham holds up a Message book.] This don't got no mistakes!

Part 2


[Editor: Joseph Branham continues with an introduction to the people.]

We get down on our knees and we ask Him for something. We want an answer right now. But that's not the way God works. He wants you to stay down on your knees until He gives you an answer. Amen?

So that's what I want to do in my life and with the Voice of God. I want to stay on my knees before Him. I don't want it to be Joseph Branham because Joseph Branham makes mistakes. That's what we tried to tell you folks we're not here to promote Joseph Branham or Billy Branham or Voice of God as a business, It's Voice of God the Message. That's what we're here to promote is the Message. That you'll catch the vision. This is the vision right here. [Editor: Holds up a Message book.]

But to take this Message and to take it around the world.

It wouldn't be possible to take this Message around the world with you folks, without you folks. We can't, we can't do it without you. God's got a Bride working together. And that's not up here making, some out there I'm sure thinking 'OK. Here he is. He's coming in asking for some money.' I aint asking for no money. God's got no money problems.

We believe Voice of God in the work is a work of faith. If there's a deep, if there's a deep calling unto the deep, we've been taught, there's a deep to respond to it.

If we've got a shipment to go overseas, it's going to cost 20,000 dollars, we got 5,000 dollars in the bank account, the Lord's going to put the money there. He'll do it. He said He would do it. We gotta have the faith to believe.

You know that fine balance that is there between making the needs known to the people, it sounds like you're asking for money. And that's a fine line because when you start talking about money, everybody gets real quiet real quick. I mean it's a touchy situation. And I've always tried to be very careful.

Brothers and Sisters, since you've gotten the announcements over the years from Voice of God and whatever, I don't, I know that it's convenient for you, you get, I'm saying that it's wrong, just that you get an article, ? publication, and when you open it up a little envelope falls out of it. That kind of reminds you to send in a little money. I, I've never done that. You know, you know as my witness, I've never done that. I don't feel to do that. I, it might be convenient for you, but, I, I believe that if God lays it upon your heart, you'll go get the envelope, you'll go get the stamp, you'll mail it in.

And I can promise you from my heart to the best of my ability, that, that money will be used to further this end time Message. It's not here, as we said last night in the ? Voice of God, that it's not here, I don't give out my tapes, I don't give out my videos. I, as you know, I don't like standing up here in front of you people. Yes I enjoy myself very much being over there shaking your hands and greeting you. And I like looking you eyeball to eyeball. That way you get to know me and I get to know you .

You know, I believe that every Believer that has the Holy Ghost in your life has discernment. You might hear a lot of things about Brother Joseph, what Brother Joseph is, what he believes, who he is. That you just let that discernment that lives inside of you discern who I am and what I am. I'm just your Brother.

You know I have since I been a young man I've been called everything from Jesus Christ to the devil himself. And, and sometimes, Brothers and Sisters, it's a hard road to walk.

You know I have, as Brother Branham said many times I've wanted to take my family, as a matter of fact they're a witness, I've got in the truck and took off and go to Canada. I'll just take my family, I'll go up to the mountains, I'll live by myself. I got the Message. I, all I got to worry about is myself. I don't have to worry about nobody else but me. That's it. Me and my family.

But you know, God put a burden upon my heart. And I believe that's what He's called me to do. I don't know why He did. There's a lot more people that are qualified. Anybody's more qualified. But I believe that's what He's called me to do. So no matter what the criticism, no matter what they say, even if I stand by myself, I've got to do what the Lord shows me to do.

You know we live, live in a very deceiving time. You know the Scripture tells us, he said it would be so close that it would deceive the very elected if it was possible. Now Saints, that's got to be really close if it's so close it can deceive the very elected. It's only by staying with this word and inside of this Message, and keeping your ears tuned.

How many know what that Prophet said? You can't take nobody's word for it. You've got to know for yourself. If it rings an uncertain sound, that Holy Spirit inside of you It says a little something, when anybody speaks we have to have on a filter. This is the only place where we can sit back and take off the filter and say "Praise God". [Editor: Joseph Branham holds up a Message book.]

Part 3

You know, we've never, never, ever been able to do that. Only until this time we've been able to do that. And what a wonderful privilege it is to be able to do that.

As you heard yesterday, last night, as you'll hear this evening, a few of the other Brothers speak tonight, of what this same Message is doing overseas to the Bride of Jesus Christ. It just thrills my heart when I see, like our Brother G, Brother M, Brother F, see when God raises up men in other countries, that don't even hardly understand the English language, and they believe and teach the same Message that we love and we appreciate. That's the people that we want to support.

And that's why we say to you Brothers that are from overseas, you're the ones, we can get behind that. They're not over there building kingdoms for themselves. They're not over there preaching their ministry. They're not over there trying to tell them, their people, this is what Brother Branham meant and meant to say this. They're giving them the Message of the hour.

You know the Prophet of God said that that's what God would do. He would raise up men in those countries. Those are true missionaries. That's a true missionary. A lot of time people want to be missionaries but they want to fly to South Africa and stay in the Hyatt Regency. They think that that's, that's mi, that's, I've been on a missionary trip. That's not missionary trip. Missionary trip is where these Brothers go. Out into the jungles. Out into the danger and out with their people. To raise up. Nobody knows their people like somebody that's raised and born in their country.

So God has men He's raised them up. And to me that's another aspect, there's that true ministery with God going forward, taking this Message to their people. Not adding to it or taking away from it but giving them the Message of the hour.

So we're thankful at the place of God to be standing with these Brothers and with you folks. And that, it would be none of this possible. You've seen the exhibits over there today and just a little bit some of the things that we do at the Voice of God. There's, there's not enough time, we could stand here all night long and talk to you about the work. And what the Lord is doing. And many testimonies that we could share with you. Just to encourage your heart to keep pressing the battle. To keep praying for your Brothers and Sisters over there. They're praying for you. They love you. And that they know, as our Brother spoke last night and Brothers, if it wasn't for you they wouldn't have this Message. Cause sometimes we feel like we're not doing nothing. What, what am I doing? Your every one doing something. If it's nothing but getting down on your knees every morning and say 'Lord, bless those Brothers. Give them strength to carry on and take this Message. All, all I can do is pray Lord.' That's more important than anything. Your prayers are more important than anything. Brother Branham said, I, I think it was with Brother John Ryan when he said he prayed all day. And I forget who it was. He said "That's the success of my meeting. Because of their prayers."

That's the success of Voice of God is your prayers. Amen.

So, so we're so thankful tonight that God has raised up people that love this Message with all their heart and as the end time comes that won't be deceived.

I was reading this the other night in the Message in The Anointed Ones in the End Time, it just blessed my heart, I thought I'd read it tonight. Talking about you. He says, "The reason the elected won't be deceived, you know why? Is because they are the Word." Amen.

Give yourselves a hand. You are the Word.

I love this. "They can't be nothing else. They can't hear nothing else. They don't know nothing else. My sheep hear my voice." Amen. Amen.

He says "But in". He says "But in the last days, false prophets appear. Watch and see what they keep telling you. That if you don't believe them and what they say." But there is a predestinated seed that knows better. He said they looked them in the eye and said 'Your false. Cause you're not saying what he said.'

Thank the Lord for a group of people that love this Message with all their heart.

[Editor: Discusses some Brothers that take the Message into the foreign fields.]

The Lord, the Lord through Brother Branham had a very special place in His heart for the Black people. He loved them. As our Brother G spoke last night, Brother Branham said about Thus Saith The Lord I will return. And he has returned. Amen [Editor: Joseph Branham holds up a Message book.]

It been impossible for Brother Branham to go and visit all those places. He couldn't have went in all those places and then through the jungles, the hudson, up the Amazon river and down the Congo river to preach this Message. It been impossible. But God knew that he was storing up the food so that they would have something to feast on. We're all eating at the same table! Amen? Amen.

[Editor: talks about Russia.]

Our Brother that, he was taking the Message over to those countries when it wasn't the fancy thing to do. You know now it's nice, everybody wants to go. They want to go to Russia ? missionary work. That's wonderful, but, you know a lot of them didn't feel the call to do the missionary work when their lives were on the line And with if they were to get caught with the Message that they would go to prison, get killed, they didn't want to go. But now the iron curtain is down, you can go, everybody wants to go over there.

What we want to is just five them the Message. We don't get, we don't need to get them our ideas. We don't need to give them our thoughts. We don't need to give them our interpretations. We just need to give them this Message of the hour.

Part 4

And that's what these Brothers that you're going to hear tonight to do, their stand is to give them the Message of the hour. So I know it will bless your heart as you hear the many testimonies and about the work that's going on. I pray that you'll just be praying for the Brothers as they come up here.

It's very difficult to stand before the Bride of Jesus Christ. I couldn't have a greater privilege as to serve you. Because I believe from the depths of my heart that you are the Sons and Daughters of God. You know in this earth, if they would call me up and say Joseph you've been chosen, that we want you to be a servant to Prince Charles. Man, in the natural I, it would be wonderful. I I'd want a, I'd wash his clothes. Clean his cars. I'd want, I'd do anything I could for him.

He's nothing. He is absolutely nothing. But you are Sons and Daughters of God predestinated before the foundation of the world. He chose you in that you are one of His. What greater job could I do but to search you. We love you.

Before I turn the service over to uh, Brother M as he makes his way to come up, when I was in Tucson, that uh, I was reading in the Church Age Book a quote that's been going around telling the Brothers and Sisters, uh, that what Brother Branham said is Perfect Love. Said and that's the only thing that's going get in over there is Perfect Love. And that's what this Message will produce is Perfect Love.

So a little quote that I read here the other night out of the Church Age Book, I would like to leave it with you folks. When Brother Branham had just, he was giving his report on coming back from beyond the curtain of time. How happy are you tonight that Brother Branham, that the Lord sent Brother Branham, beyond the curtain of time. Amen?

He went over there to tell us it's not a myth. It's nothing to be afraid of. He said it's real. He says whatever you do just be there. You know it's like they come and say Brother Joseph do you believe that there going to be tent, there going to be this there going to be that, I believe exactly what he said. [Editor: Joseph Branham holds up a Message book.] Whatever it is, I just want to be there. I want to be on the front row.

But he said this and it just blessed my heart and I hope that it sinks in real good to you tonight, ? speaking to his heart, you know, every word that Brother Branham said is poetry. It just is poetry. As I told you last night all I can hear is "Good morning friends". That's, that's just, that's like reading a Psalms to me. You read his prayers, you go down and read it. It's like, nobody can, nobody but God can say those things.

I was trying to get some quotes together and you read and say 'Oh that's a good. Oh, that ones good. That ones..'. There no such thing as a bad one. Amen. Amen.

You know you think I just want to say this little part. I was talking to my family last night and I asked them, I said, "Did I read that last night or part of it." You know I started reading it and I thought, well, theres, what word would you eliminate? You can't. He put it together exactly perfect. You can't take out the words. We wouldn't want to take out the words. Cause every word has a meaning to us and touch our heart.

So I hope this blesses you. He says, "Oh my precious friends. My beloved. My darlings of the Gospel." That's you. My darlings of the Gospel. Amen. Amen. "My begotten children unto God. Listen to me. Your Pastor." [Editor: Joseph Branham pauses, looking out, as the people applaud.] "I wish there was some way that I could explain it to you. There's just no words. I couldn't find it. I couldn't find it anywhere. But just beyond this last, last breath, in the mys, most glorious thing that you ever, there is no way to explain it. There is no way I, I could do it. But whatever you do friends lay aside everything else till you get Perfect Love." Amen. Amen.

That's the desire of my heart Brothers and Sisters. I want to have Perfect Love. We appreciate from the depths of our heart. Once again, for all your love, your prayer and support, to the Voice of God, to the Branham family. That we're just your Brothers and Sisters. This Message has no big I's and little u's. We got one Prophet and one Messenger.

And I'm just proud to be one spoke in that wheel. You know that bicycle wheel gots many spokes in it. They're all the same size. They're all the same shape. You know but when one, one little spoke gets loose, the next one has to start carrying the burden. And then the next one and the next one and the next one. And pretty soon, if they're not all tight, that bicycle wheel is going to go to shaking. Let's tighten up those spokes. Let's get them tight. Amen? Because we are the Bride working together. Amen.

Once again, ... Amen.

God richly bless you. Be praying for us as we journey on.

[Editor: Joseph Branham tells of Catch The Vision schedule.]

God richly bless you. We love you.

[Editor: Joseph Branham speaking in Arizona at Catch The Vision Tour Meeting.]

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