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Opinion : Joseph Branham is Right
The following is in response to the statements of Joseph Branham and quotes preached by Brother William Branham.

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[Editor: An opinion from G. Cruz ~ sent to us.]
February 13, 2008

We just heard and saw Bro. Joseph in a video speaking in Russia and thought EVERYTHING he said was inspired by God, perfect, and true.
Bro. Joseph is showing forth the Ministry of the Prophet's Message as God's Thoughts and therefore God's Words, equal to the Holy Scriptures, or else where could one draw the line and say "This is correct but not That" in the Messages? How does one chop up the vindicated ministry of Rev. 10:7, accepting some parts of That Message sent from God and daring to ignore certain Quotes simply because it seems better to do so, in their sight.
"We'll ignore This Quote because I like the "Headquarters to be here instead"
Who's the Prophet around here anyway?
Some popular Internet preacher?
What is a Vindicated Prophet Words compared to anyone else's?
Is a pastor or teacher or evangelist's words higher than God's Prophet of Revelations 10:7 who came to reveal ALL the mysteries?
I happen to love the Holy Bible and also the Vindicated Channel of God expressing His Scriptural Thoughts through the simplicity of His humble Prophet, William Branham.
How else could anyone understand God's Thoughts if God hadn't sent His Prophet, William Branham to explain It in simplicity?
Is Donny Reagan a vindicated Prophet?
Who is he to question if Brother William Branham 's Message is The Ansolute for the Bride?
The only thing Bro. Joseph Branham is trying to do is to make EVERYBODY understand that the two seeds are SO CLOSE TOGETHER that it's no longer the difference between the Pentecostals and the Message, but rather, the two groups that are so close together that they could deceive the very elected are the Message believers that are following the Word regardless of ANYONE, and those that are following blindly whatever teaching or revelation their "message pastor" has.
Following blindly....to the ditch.
No man can save you.
Not even your "message pastor" The only thing that will lead to ALL TRUTH is the Bible AND the Message of the hour to restore the Bride to that Bible Truth.
I have no shame or qualms stating that The Message brought by God's Prophet is ALSO my Absolute, hand in hand with the Holy Scriptures.
Bro. Joseph made it perfectly clear in all he stated in the Video Tours, is that he was backed up in his statements by the Words of God's Prophet, William Branham, WHICH IS the SAME as "Thus Saith the Lord" for the Prophet was given the commission since 1933, "Your Message will.." And also the Sword of the Word was placed in his hands even BEFORE the Seven Seals were opened.
Who is challenging that God-given Authority?
Woe to Donny Reagan and others like him that plant seeds of doubt in the people by hinting that the Message by God's Rev. 10:7 Messenger came with a hit and miss Message that only he, Donny Reagan and others like him as a "pastor" today could make the Prophet's Message clear to the people. Woe to those that would disrespect God's Prophetic Channel by stating that It was not equal with God's Holy Bible Thoughts or as inspired as St. Paul's words.
Bro. Joseph stands by God's Prophet Messenger not only because Willliam Branham was his father in the flesh, but because he knows that God's Way is the Perfect Way, and I believe it too, and so does the rest of the True Bride. It's so easy for us to believe ALL that God's Prophet said.
If we don't understand It, we believe It anyway. We discard nothing.
God bless Bro. Joseph, the type of Joseph in the Old Testament that brought blessings and prosperity wherever he went, even playing a role in the Vision sent from God of December 22, 1962, but do they care?
They stomp where Angels fear to tread!
Making bold, insinuating statements that will catch up to them someday, the weight of their words, the influence they spread, the poison they sprinkle in the Internet winds.
God have mercy on their soul on that Day when God will say to them, "Why did you not believe My Prophet, My Channel to give you My Thoughts?
Donny Reagan, Instead of leading the people to the Word of the hour which is My Prophet, William Branham's Vindicated Message, You have made them doubt It.
You have made them wonder what is and isn't True in the Message when they are to believe It all, EVEN if they don't understand It all.
You have blinded the eyes of these members of your congregation and other congregatons where you have spewed out your "doubting poison." How can you take those doubts away now from their minds?
You planted that seed with your "Is The Prophet The Absolute?"
Just wh's Prophet do you think you're referring to?
The Mormons?
William Branham is God's Vindicated Prophet with a Vindicated Message!
Wake up Reaganites!
THAT is the reason WHY Bro. Joseph said one cannot trust fully in man...ANY man, be it laity or preacher. But as Joseph is saying over and over in many ways...Trust in the Word. Trust in the Message brought by Rev. 10:7. In THAT you can trust even more so than your understanding of the Scriptures because The Message came to reveal and explain the Scriptures.
Hurry up and Come Out of Babylon....
The signs of His Coming are nigh...

G. Cruz

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Whew. We have met the cult and he is us.
Don S.

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