A sequential compilation of quotes
taken from the ministry of William Marrion
Branham concerning events of the 20th century

The following is an outline of events from the early 1900's to the present as spoken through the ministry of William Marrion Branham.

The original intention of this outline was to assist friends and loved ones, within the Word and without, to understand the unfolding of current events. Furthermore, to help them comprehend what these unfolding events may mean to them in the near future.

In Questions and Answers, 1.12.61, page 480, Brother Branham clarifies the position of the laity. "Remember, your laity sometimes tries to explain things and do things, it's best that you instruct them not to do it. And if somebody wants to know something, let them come to one of the - the ones that's instructed to do it. You see?"

There has been great care in organizing the quotes in sequential order while avoiding the hazards of explaining doctrine. Hopefully, this will be of assistance in grasping a clearer understanding of our day and the "Modern Events Made Clear By Prophecy".

A special thanks to Eagle Computing and the Message program which so thoroughly brings the Word to our fingertips. [compiled 1991]


There are two main powers which have been used by God in shaping events since the late 1800's to the present day. These two powers are communism, with its more visible headquarters in Moscow, and Catholicism, with its definite headquarters in Vatican City/Rome, Italy.

The sudden occurrence of events in the 1990's confirm the authority of the Christian Bible. William Branham expounded on scripture with the insight given him by vision and prophetic utterance.

In 1954, Brother Branham spoke of the Soviet Union and the move of Pentecost in the late 1800's. In Jubilee Year, 10.3.54, he said, "The baptism of the Holy Spirit fell the first time since Pentecost, in Russia one hundred years ago. That's right, that's history. And they had the baptism of the Holy Spirit and worked signs and wonders a hundred years years ago and rejected it as a nation and turned it down.

"And when they did, they have turned now to anti-god, anti-religious, and become Communists. Cold, brutal heart... That's where Russia stands tonight. Damned in the sight of God because it failed to receive the jubilee message of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They were turned over to a reprobate mind. They believed a lie and are damned by it in the sight of God."

In the Laodicean Church Age, Br. Branham fully shares a vision he had in 1933 concerning events which would precede the end of all history. "But the Lord showed me a vision of the great powerful woman, in '33, 1933, it's on paper of how the Roosevelt would cause... he helped cause the world to go to war. How that Mussolini would make his first invasion to Ethiopia and he would take it, but he would come to a disgraceful end.

"And how that then the three isms - Naziism, Fascism, and Communism - would all wind up in Communism.

"And how many in here remembers me just keep having you stand, and say it over like that, 'Watch Russia! ... the king of the North!'? How many has heard me just say this, wave that over and over? ... See, what he would do, for all those isms will heap up into Russia." (32.11.60)

The winds of World War II took many by surprise. However, those who had heard of the seven-fold vision watched with wonder as God fulfilled His Word. As difficult as it may sound, God had a grand purpose in the bitter conflict which commenced.

In 1957, April 17th, Br. Branham spoke of the Second Coming of the Lord. "Now, Jesus speaking, 'When you see the fig tree put forth its bud.' Now, the Jews has been scattered to all the world, great numbers, millions in Germany, and in Italy, and in the United States, and all over the world. And God, as He did in the early days, hardened Pharaoh's heart, He hardened Mussolini's heart on the Jews, and the Jews was


ousted from" these many countries.

"And the fig tree is always Israel. And when Israel goes back to her homeland and becomes a nation, that generation will not pass away until these things are fulfilled." (Unfailing Words of Promise 1.20.64)

"The generation that sees Israel becoming a nation, that generation will not pass until all be fulfilled. ... If you want to see what day in the season it is of the coming of the Lord, watch where Israel's setting. That's God's time piece." (Mark of the Beast 2.17.61)

History confirms Mussolini and Hitler were each conquered and their ism with them. Communism became the surviving doctrine spread throughout the world with an international structure to support it. Why did Communism rise up so concretely in the USSR?

"The reason that Communism rose up is because the illegitimacy of the Catholic Church overseas in Russia. They took all the money and had everything hoard up, and that's all there was to it. And that is exactly what made Communism." (Spoken Word Original Seed 3.18.62)

In Lean Not On Understanding 1.20.65, Br. Branham confirmed this again. "But the churches, themself, has become rich. 'Pretty near the wealth of the world,' says the Bible, 'lays in the Catholic Church.' That's why Russia run her out, why Russia excommunicate her. That was the very grass roots of Communism, because the church taught to be something, there wasn't no more from the rest of the world."

The world began to look at Communism with an air of suspicion that at last the anti-christ was rising for all to behold. In 1954, 5.15, Q & A Image of the Beast, Br. Branham clarified what Communism really is. "And Communism, we found out, was not no ..no antichrist that Jesus spoke of. Communism is... is not a nation like Russia, Communism is a spirit. America is eat up with it. It's in the churches, it's in the people, it's in business, it's in everywhere - Communism, the spirit of it, - it's in schools, it's in homes, everywhere."

"God's using Communism. He will use it. And Communism will destroy the entire thing according to the Scripture, and we're in that day." (Baptism of the Holy Spirit 9.28.58)

"That is the reason God has raised up Russia yonder with an atomic bomb to wipe her off like the Antediluvian flood was, when He raised the clouds. Sure He has, and the Bible says so. Russia, the atheistic country that they are, has absolutely playing just exactly in the hands of Almighty God.

"Just as King Nebuchadnezzar was to destroy Israel because they failed to walk with God, Russia's raising right up to avenge the saints of the Catholic Church of the blood that she's shed of the saints. The Bible said so. It is going to take the whole thing." (Serpent's Seed 9.28.58)

Israel became a nation in 1948. World War II was over.


The six point star flew again for the first time in over two thousand years as the fig tree began to receive her people back. (Q & A Genesis 7.29.53 para.222) It was also at this time that the great uniting began to take place. The political world had their United Nations. The non-catholic church world had their World Council of Churches.

A cry had already been sounded long before Vatican II began in 1960. The new thinkers within the strict mainline Catholic Church were able to give the cry of ecumenicalism -thus new Catholic policy. This was the new ism that would draw all religions, Christian and non-christian, together into unity.

Br. Branham was unquestionably clear as he compared the lack of having the Holy Spirit, in the Mark of the Beast 1958, with this recent manifesting ecumenical unity. "And here we are, organization, with the mark of the beast upon us, just exactly like the first beast; an image unto it, a federation of churches, joining a power. And they made an image unto the beast, that he could both speak, and it done the same thing the first beast did before it. Right in our clutches! Oh children!"

The timetable of last events was confirmed again with the meeting between the United States' President Eisenhower and the Soviet Union's Khrushchev. In the biblical book of Daniel, chapter 2, an image of last day kingdoms is described. It started with a head of gold, Babylonian kingdom; breast and arms of silver. Medes and Persian kingdom; belly and thighs of brass, Greece's Alexander the Great; legs of iron, the all powerful east and west kingdom of the Roman empire; and ended with the feet, mainly the ten toes, mixed with iron and clay. (Church Ages p193)

"Let me give you a little something on the iron and clay. Remember when Khrushchev beat his shoe on the desk at the U.N.? Well, there were five eastern nations there and five western. Khrushchev spoke for the East and President Eisenhower for the West.

"In Russian, Khrushchev is clay and Eisenhower means iron. The two main leaders of the world, the two big toes of the feet of iron and clay, were side by side. We are in the end of it all." (Thyatirean Church Age)

As the worldly political kingdoms reached the end of the age in the feet - as typified with Khrushchev's shoe pounding at the United Nations, Satan's spiritual footprints were being exposed by the prophetic Word. Jesus clearly confirmed Satan's ownership of the political and antichrist kingdoms of the world which would arise. (Matthew 4:8-10 and Second Seal p214)

The Bible also states that Satan will come as an angel of light -or as a religious figure seemingly following the commandments of the True Light, Jesus Christ. (II Cor 11:14) (Sardisean p249)


There is only one international structure which can be considered a kingdom of light - Roman Catholic Church. This 'kingdom' is also the only international spiritual oriented organization which is deeply rooted in the political arena. (Church Ages pp189-197)

As these new unities spread, Israel continued to grow in population as the millions of Jews, who had been forced out of the many european countries, began to return to their historical homeland.

The question is a fair one: Would God let so many be brutally murdered throughout World War II in order to bring an exodus back to Israel? "It was spiritual devils, chargers, that had been bound in Euphrates all these years, supernatural devils. What was it? The old Roman Empire being revived, the persecution of the Jews... You remember, under the Sixth Seal how every one of those martyrs are calling, according to the Word of God receive robes? ... Under the Sixth Seal, these 200,000 spiritual demons, started in Rome, Germany, Hitler. Notice, over in the Bible where they received ... power as kings, but wasn't crowned. A dictator is not a crowned king, just receive power as a king." (Feast of the Trumpets 7.19.64)

"Israel, God had to harden Pharaoh's heart to drive them out the first time. And He done the same thing this time. He hardened Hitler's heart against the Jews, that's what started the war." (Mark of the Beast 2.17.61)

The martyred Jews are all given white robes for the Grace of God justly gives them to His chosen people who were blinded for the gentiles sake. (Fifth Seal)

America was having revival through the 1940's and 1950's. However, she stubbornly rejected the Word, as a nation. In April 1957, Br. Branham twice mentioned America in biblical and judgmental placing.

"And I think over yonder of those Jews, I see that old six-point Star of David, the oldest flag in the world hanging yonder. Why can't the nation see it? And to think that our own beloved nation is gonna hook up with the Arabs, to think, they'll be cursed just as sure, they spurned the mercy of God, now they must stand judgment." (Then Jesus Came 4.7.57)

"And have you been noticing the paper, that we, the United States are taking sides with the Arabs? Oh brother, the handwritings on the wall! God said, 'Whoever blessed Israel will be blessed, whoever curses Israel shall be cursed!"' (The Second Coming of the Lord 4.17.57)

This could be echoed again in 1990 when the United States once again voted with the Arabs against Israel for fear of hindering their companionship against Saddam Hussein of Iraq.

(Associated Press 12.21.90) "The United States on


Thursday joined in supporting an unanimous Security Council resolution that deplored Israel's deportation of Palestinians and called for U.N. monitoring of their safety.

"It marked the first time the council moved to actively involve itself and the secretary-general in protecting Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied territories, seized in the 1967 Middle East War.

"Thursday's 15 - 0 vote was the third time in two months that the United States declined to exercise its veto and shield its Israeli ally.

"Its vote was seen as a move to preserve the U.S.-led multinational coalition arrayed against Iraq's Saddam Hussein. A U.S. veto on an issue considered vital to Arabs could have undermined their confidence in the U.S. Persian Gulf mission, diplomats said.

"Israel rejects U.N. involvement in what it calls its internal affairs in the territories."

"I predict that America this year, the United States this year, will either receive Christ, or she will start falling from this year. ... I'm not saying this in the Name of the Lord, now. I'm saying this as your brother." (What Is A Vision 4.8.56)

"Do you believe that God has give America an invitation the last fifteen years to a great revival, to a spiritual feast? Did they come? No sir, no sir! Then to reject to come, is that life worthy of the Gospel, though they call themselves that?" (Is Your Life Worthy 6.30.63)

"And I have today, for my Witness is God's Word, and my indictment is against the churches of today. Now I'm not bringing the sinner into this; I'm just speaking this to the church. ... I indict this generation for the second crucifixion of Jesus Christ!" .(The Indictment 7.7.63)

Revelations 13 is the chapter in which the United States is mentioned. She is called a lamb, however, the lamb manifests her own sorrowful destiny. "America is number 13; it was born with 13 colonies; ... it even appears in Revelation the 13th chapter." (Broken Cisterns 7.26.64)

"Just wait until the prophecy of Revelation 13 is fulfilled. It is strikingly true that the United States of America is in that chapter."..(Church Ages p131)

"We are down to that end-time now, to where the little lamb that rose up in Revelations 13 - a lamb, two little ... part little horns, civil and ecclesiastical powers. A lamb, freedom of religion and so forth. But after a while he spake like a Beast, like the Dragon and exercised all power the Dragon did before the... a bitter religious persecution." (Angel of the Lord 5.2.51)

"As the beast rose at the Nicene Council, so the image will come out of the World Council of Churches with all ungodly and Satanic power to vent the anger of the devil upon the true vine of God. It will be a repeat performance of


all diabolical cunning and cruelty." (Church Ages p.131) "We are nearing that time! Remember Church, you are living in the best days you ever will live in, right now, until Jesus comes." (Angel of the Lord 5.2.51)

According to the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee, a 70 year old prophecy came out of Russia. Around 1930 a Russian Pentecostal woman prophesied: "The last czar will be named Mikhail with a mark, and he will let the Jews go out. He will not sit on his throne until the end and he will draw the land into catastrophe."

If this prophecy is true, then current events take on clearer meaning. Two parts of the prophecy are clearly manifesting. Mikhail Gorbechev does have the mark, a large birthmark, on his forehead, and the Jews are arriving in Israel by the thousands each week.

However, two parts have yet to have been fulfilled. The first is that he will not sit on his throne until the end. The second, is that he will draw the land into catastrophe.

There is a fifth and last part, which, until unfolding recent events, appeared to devalue the prophecy:

"The last czar...".

Mikhail Gorbechev is not a czar according to 75+ years of Soviet history. Until recently.

In Malachi Martin's book. The Keys of This Blood, page 471, Mr. Martin writes, "On February 12, (1990), leaders of the Soviet parliament voted in favor of holding 'an extraordinary session ... in the nearest future' in order to vote on new powers for the Soviet presidency - Gorbachev's post.

"'A democratic presidential power would be his: to maintain the country's stable development, to speed up perestoika (new thinking - restructuring), to guarantee its irreversibility, to ensure the normal and effective functioning of all state and public institutions in the process of democratization, to ensure law and citizens' security, to protect the Soviet Union's interests, and to represent our state in the international arena.'"

Malachi Martin then adds, "These were the absolute czarlike powers he needed." Czarist powers.

Russia again has a czar. In the footsteps of Peter the Great, Mikhail Gorbachev is stubbornly pushing his nation into a new era of human history; and according to scripture, the last of history.

Mr. Martin continues, "What Lenin and Stalin had accumulated by bloodletting, torture, the massacre of millions, lies and propaganda, this Master Craftsman of Statism had obtained unbloodily and by overwhelming vote."

In 1963.12.16, Br. Branham asked, "Why is Communism coming? Why is the world being swallowed up? Why could one percent of Russia? That's all is Communism. Ninety-nine


percent is still Christian. One percent of Russia, controlling the rest of the world, almost, the Eastern world. Communism. Why? Why could it do it? The Bible said it would; He's got the answer."

"Russia today is looking for an anointed messiah. What are they looking for? What if God sent them anointed Messiah, a Lamb like He did nineteen hundred years ago? They'd get rid of It just like Herod did, try their best to get rid of It.

'"What's Russia's opinion of a messiah? They want a science. They want an anointed science, scientist, a genius that can conquer the world for them, that can beat them, the rest of the world to the moon, who can conquer the outer space, who can take them beyond the stars." (Falling Apart of the World 12.16.62)

"All the rest of the nations are looking for it. They want a scientific genius that will run them over to the moon, can invent some kind of a bomb that will take off all... knock off all hydrogen bombs and stop them, and can take their own bombs and rain it on everybody before anybody else gets a start, and then they take the whole world over. That's the kind of messiah that Russia's looking for." (The World's Falling Apart 4.12.63)

The group of people Br. Branham is referring to [were] a part of the Soviet Union controlled by the Communist Party. The Soviet Union [was] made of many cultural groups of people such as the Georgians and Armenians in the south and the Russians in the north. The Georgians do not like to be called Russians and vice-versa since each has a distinct history in which they are individually proud. However, Brother Branham did not say 'soviet', but he did say "Russia".

Brother Branham was near the Russian border when a little Finnish boy, which he had seen in a vision years before, was raised from the dead. "Communist soldiers, Russians, standing there with the Russian salute, and tears running down their cheeks. They said, 'We will receive a God that can raise the dead.*

"It's the negligence of the Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church, and all those denominations, and have taken all of the money, and building organizations, and giving the people nothing. They live like the rest of the people." (The Voice of God 1.20.63)

The church hoodwinked the people, and the Soviet party did likewise. Brother Branham said that "There's only two elements in the world that controls the world tonight, that's fear and faith. Russia's trying to get everybody to fear them, and we're trying to get everybody to have faith in God. That's the difference. That two elements controls all nations, controls all people..." (Expectation 2.7.61)

As the events of the 1990's unfold, a door has been opened in the Soviet vacuum for the gospel to reach the people which have been caught in a seventy year famine. Even before Lenin took control in 1917, the history of the country


was a battle between dictatorial czars and the Russian Orthodox Church, which is the same in spirit as the more recognizable Roman Catholic Church.

Remember, that is "the reason that Communism rose up is because the illegitimacy of the Catholic Church overseas in Russia. They took all the money and had everything hoard up, and that's all there was to it. And that is exactly what made Communism." (Spoken Word is the Original Seed 3.18.62)

From the 1700's, when Peter the Great turned to the western sciences as god for the country's future; to Lenin, who nurtured that same science over the true Living God; science has become equal with war - and thus power. With the same mighty push, the Soviet Union thrust forward into the twentieth century with science, mainly as a war machine, as their god.

"Just like Russia did when it went into Germany. And there is why they got the atomic bomb, and so forth, they got those German scientists. That's why they're so far advanced today. They captured them and took them back up there. Themselves, they didn't have it, but they went and got those things just like Nebuchadnezzar did the Jews." (Handwriting on the Wall 1.8.58)

However, the seven-fold vision in 1933 did say "They'll all wind up out of Russia in Communism, and it will destroy Catholicism. See if it don't." (Voice of the Sign 3.21.64)

In just a matter of a few months, the Berlin Wall came down, the eastern block Communist controlled nations stepped into new forms of democracy, Mikhail Gorbachev is seen shaking hands with President Bush with their new plans for the "New World Order", and a sign of greatest significance -Mikhail Gorbachev and Pope John Paul II shaking hands in a historic, and prophetic, meeting.

"Russia, Communism isn't conquering nothing! God's Word can't fail. Romanism is going to conquer the world." (Greatest Battle Ever Fought 3.11.62)

"Russia is trying to unite the world under Communism. Russia... the devil that is controlling Russia is trying to unite all the world under Communism. They will never be able to do it." (Oneness of Unity 1.28.58)

"Do not never fear Communism. Communism is only working in the hands of God." (Spoken Word Original Seed 3.18.62)

"That's the reason we're in the day, and that's the reason Russia is playing exactly in the hands of God to rock this thing out here. The Bible says so. Certainly, God's using Communism. He will use it. And Communism will destroy the entire thing according to the Scripture, and we're in that day." (Baptism of the Holy Spirit 9.28.58)

"They'll all wind up out of Russia in Communism, and it will destroy Catholicism. See if it don't." (Voice of the Sign 3.21.64)

"And I believe one of these glorious days when the


United Confederation of Church goes together and the new Pope is brought out of the United States and put over there according to prophecy, that they'll form an image liken unto the Beast, and I tell you, the true Church of God will be drove together. The real true believers out of Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, - Pentecostals, Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness, whatever, they'll be, will go together, cemented by the love of God. That'll make the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ - all the believers. And agnostics and shallow minded will be cast to one side. They'll go right on in to the Confederation of Churches." (Acts of the Holy Spirit 12.19.54)

"And after a while they went together and he spoke like the dragon, and exercised all the power that Rome did before him." (Hebrews 9.1.57)

So why would Rome be associated with the Beast? "And watch where he ascended out of: Hell. What is it? The bottomless pit. There is no foundation for Catholic doctrine. There is no Bible for Catholic doctrine. There is no such a thing as any Bible for any Catholic doctrine, not at all." (Why We Not Denomination 9.27.58) (Rev. 17:8-9)

"What a difference it is to Christianity, though. We prostrate ourself before a supernatural God that's not an idol ... It's contrary to paganism; they fall before Mary or a Joseph, or some saint, or something another like that, that's been dead for years. And, but, you see, the Holy Spirit comes into the living being, not into a dead idol." (Greater Than Solomon 6.28.63)

"And you Pentecostal people, anyhow, ought to recognize this. ... Many of your organizations of the Pentecost, ... right now they're coming into it. They've done witnessed that they were. And when you do that, what are you going to have to do? You're going to have to forfeit your evangelical teaching of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. You'll have to forfeit your doctrine of the Bible.

"And the members is not going to stand for it. Real borned again Christians will die first. They're warned by the Word. They know this thing's coming. Yes sir." (Then Jesus Came and Called 2.13.64)

"And after awhile they went together and he spoke like the dragon, and exercised all the power that Rome did before him. That's coming to our nation. You mark it down. You watch the Confederation of Churches and the Catholic unite together, and watch what takes place. People who follow the Pillar of Fire will certainly have a rough time but they're ready for the translation at that time. That's right, just ready to go." (Hebrews, Chapter 4 9.1.57)

"And churches like this who's not in denominations, they'll use them for storehouses then. And if any man goes and offer a prayer for anybody else that don't belong to the ecumenical movement, will be shot on the spot." (Christ is the Mystery 7.28.63)


"I got the paper on it, that even if your church is not in this Council of Churches, in time of trouble, they can use your church to store ammunition or anything they want to. And if any man is caught having a prayer for anybody, outside of affiliating with this Council of Churches, can be shot, as a federal offense. That's right. I got the papers on it, from Washington." (Just Once More Lord 12.1.63)

"Oh little flock, do not fear. This age is fast closing. As it does those tares will be bound together, and as a three-fold cord is not easily broken, they will have a tremendous three-fold strength of political, physical, and spiritual - Satanical -power, and they will seek to destroy the Bride of Christ. She will suffer, but she will endure. Fear not those things that are coming upon the earth, for He 'Who loved His own, loveth them unto the end.' John 13:1" (Laodicean Church Age p.355)

"You just got to mark it down, we are coming into a religious persecution with the same things that they did in Pagan Rome many years ago. For it's Thus Saith The Lord!" (Why We Are Not A Denomination 9.27.58)

Br. Branham clearly stated that the people "who follow the Pillar of Fire will certainly have a rough time", but added that they are "ready for the translation at that time." (Hebrews Chapter 4) Br. Branham referred to this time as The Press. The Press will be the time when a religious persecution will close the churches who have not complied to the World Council of Churches resolutions of belief. It will be that time when God displays His proven Bride in a short powerful work which will compare only to Jesus of Galilee's ministry and that of the apostles.

"After a short and powerful demonstration of the Spirit this little hunted and persecuted group will go to be with Jesus." (Laodicean Church Age p.361)

It is also this time that will complete the Third Pull in Its fulness.

Br. Branham referred to the Third Pull as the completion of God's full ministry with the gentiles -given only to His Bride. "Satan will try to impersonate! He will try to impersonate everything that the Church will do. He's tried to do it. We've noticed it through the antichrist; but this is one thing he cannot impersonate, There'll be no mimics to this, see, because he don't know it! There's no way for him to know it. It's the Third Pull. He just knows nothing about it, see. He doesn't understand it." (Seventh Seal p.558 3.24.63)

Referring to The Press, Br. Branham elaborates in Look Away To Jesus, 12.29.63, "And now on, persons like ourselves, we are going to be cut out of all that altogether. That is exactly, because they won't be able to do it. It is tightening; and then when that time comes, and the Press comes to a place to where you're pressed out, then watch, what. I am fixing to tell you in a few minutes, watch the Third Pull then! It will be absolutely to the total lost,


but it will be for the bride and the church."

The promise remains: "I may go down in history yet, if there is a history) as a fanatic, as a crank, but at the day of the judgement I can stand and say I warned the people of the wrath that is to come. It is at your hands. It could happen at anytime.

"You see how close the world is to collapsing into the hands of the atomic bomb. But yet the Church is to be gone before that takes place. How close is the coming of the Lord." (Former and Latter Rain 3.3.60)

"Come hither away from these man-made Babylonian walls of man-made denominations; run away from man-made theology and creeds; run to the middle of God's grace and scream for mercy, for it is the blood of His Son that will save you! Get away from your old doubting nature, your superstitions, pay heed and flee to the middle of His grace and live.

"For I say unto you the walls of man-made denominations will crumble and perish with the unbelieving world. But righteous Lot and righteous Noah were taken out) and so will the Church of the Living God be taken out.

"If you pay heed you will not see one atomic bomb) and not one weapon of destruction will come nigh thee -you will be safe in God's great Kingdom." (As The Eagle Stirreth In Her Nest p.27)

You will be safe in God's great Kingdom.

During this time frame a quiet, yet monumental, change takes place in the spiritual world. God turns, once again, His full attention to Israel.

After the taking away of the Bride, there is a 3 1/2 year span of time left which is commonly called the Great Tribulation. "The Bride will be in the palace in Glory at that time. ... Jacob's trouble, that 3 1/2 years, the end of the seventieth week of Daniel. The Messiah's to be cut off in the midst of the... And He prophesied 3 1/2 years and was cut off. Then there's 3 1/2 years left..." (Q & A 8.23.64)

The last events will constitute numerous covenants between the uniting world's nations, key covenants between the world and the Catholic Church, many natural catastrophes of alarming proportion, the nations will surround God's chosen Israel, and will complete with a thorough destruction of all humankind on the earth - the end of the sixth day.

"And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made." (Genesis 2:3) "One day is with the Lord as a thousand years." (II Peter 3:8) Millennium.

"Man's day is six, Man was created on the sixth day. There'll be six thousand years that the world was created in, the seventh thousand God rested. Six thousand years the Church will labor against sin with the Power of God of these barley loaves, and then go into the Eternal Rest." (The Kinsman Redeemer 10.2.60)


Brother Branham mentioned key events to watch for. The most striking, and horrendous, is the sinking of California into the sea.

"Look at the earthquakes over here in California. I predict, before the coming of the Lord Jesus, that God will sink that place. I believe that Hollywood and Los Angeles, and them filthy places over there, that God Almighty will sink them. They'll go beneath the bottom of the sea." (Who Do You Say This Is? 12.27.64)

"California, Los Angeles will sink. It's going down." (Works Is Faith Expressed 11.26.65) "

I remember just my last message in California where I thought I'd never go back again, when I predicted Los Angeles will go beneath the ocean. And Thus Saith The Lord, it will! ... What hour? I don't know when, but it will be sunk. Right after that the earthquakes begin to jerk and bound." (The Rapture 12.4.65)

This bench mark event in itself will be enough to set the world into a financial whirlwind. The details are not clear, but the call came as "Thus Saith The Lord."

Br. Branham again mentioned the United States. "And it's just like it is today: here we are, ... we're almost bankrupt. We're borrowing, spending money now on taxes that'll be paid fourteen years from today. That's how far we are gone." (This was in 1962.) "Who's got the money of the world?" (Blasphemous Names 11.4.62)

"Our bonds are no good. We've got to have gold. Who's got it? The Catholic Church. What will they do? Before these whiskey man and all these great holders and stockholders will ever give it up, they will absolutely sell out, and the church will loan the nation the money. And what it will do, it'll sell its birthrights right straight into Catholicism.

"Then what are you going to do? That's the gold of the world, them and the Jews, and that's the covenant that he makes with Israel.

"That's how it will have to come to pass, and we got it right there now. And here we are, organization, with the mark of the beast upon us, just exactly like the first beast; an image unto it, a federation of churches, joining a power. And they made an image unto the beast, that he could both speak, and it done the same thing the first beast did before it. Right in our clutches! Oh, Children!" (Just Once More 6.28.63)

Br. Branham also speaks of the covenant between the Jews and the Catholic Church. When God once again turns His full attention to Israel, two prophets will rise up according to Revelations 11. "And during that time, those two prophets will rise on the scene and call the 144,000." (First Seal 3.18.63)

Paul speaks of Israel being once again grafted back into the tree of God's grace. (Romans 11) After the Gentile


dispensation has ended, God fulfills His promise as major keystone events begin to mark the end of the end.

"That blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in." (Romans 11:25)

"Israel, which was blinded for a season ... but the veil will be lifted from their eye. And that is when the last Gentile is borned into the Kingdom of God, then their veil's lifted from Israel's eyes. ... but the Gentile door is closed ... there's no more no more grace left for the Gentile at that time." (Q & A Hebrews 9.25.57)

"God is able to graft them in again. See? Telling that there will be a time that when the Gentile will be cut out and Israel come back in again." (Sixfold Purpose Gabriel Visit To Daniel 7.30.61)

"Because the Blood has done left. You see, there will be no intercessions - the Gentile age is finished. There will be no one saved after the Rapture." (Q & A Seals 3.24.63)

"And every way, the world will carry right on. People will still come to the altar; they'll still cry out, but it won't do no good. It'll be gone. It'll be over. There won't be no mercy. Remember that. 'And the sanctuary become smokey'. 'He that's filthy is filthy still, he that's righteous is righteous still, and he that's holy is holy still.'" (Souls In Prison Now 11.10.63)

"We were contrary to nature, alien, without mercy, without God, with no hope at all; and God by His mercy to give us a chance, cut off righteous Israel ... Until God is finished with the Gentile, Israel was blinded. ... And so all Israel shall be saved." (Sixfold Purpose 7.30.61)

"And after the Church is taken away, Rome and the Jews will make a covenant with one another. The Bible said they would, with the holy people. And now notice, they'll make it because why? This nation is going to be busted, and the rest of the world that's on the gold standard is busted.

"The Catholic Church can pay it off. She's the only one that's got the money, and she can do it, and she will do it. And in doing this to get it, she will compromise with the Jews and make a covenant, and when she makes this covenant with the Jews, .. we notice in Daniel 8:23 and 25 he will cause craft to prosper, and craft is manufacturing, in his hand.

"And he makes this covenant with the Jews, and in the midst or this three and one-half years, he breaks his covenant as soon as he gets this thing wrapped up and gets the money of the Jews tied up.

"And when he does that, oh my, oh my, he is called the Antichrist until the end of the church age, for he and his children are against Christ and the Word.

"He will have all of the world's trade and the commerce, a pact. with the world, because he will hold the wealth


of the world completely!" (The First Seal 3.18.63)

"For the church system of the Roman Catholic and the Protestant in coming together will control the whole wealth of the world system and force the whole earth into its religious trap, or will kill them, by refusing them the privilege of buying and selling whereby they would make a living.

"This will be accomplished simply, for the harlot's daughters are all but gone back to her.

"In the meantime, Rome has acquired nearly all the supplies of gold. The Jews have the bonds and all the paper. At the right time, the harlot will destroy the present day money system by calling in all the paper, and demanding gold. With no gold, the system falls. The Jews will be trapped and come into the alliance, and the harlot church will take over the whole world." (Philadelphian Church Age p. 314)

"At this very time, the antichrist covenant that the Jews have made with Rome will be broken. Rome and her allies then send their troops to destroy all the God-fearing, Word-abiding Jews." (Revelation of Jesus Christ p. 40)

During this 3 1/2 years, the nominal Christians must go through a time of great hardship. "Lot was down there, but then, he was not elected. God had not called and separated him. He came along only on the invitation of Abraham. He was a good man, to be sure, but God did not appear to him. Only angels came with a message for him to get out.

"Lot was not truly separated and neither were his children. They are the nominal Christians who go through the tribulation," (20th Century Prophet)

"The church nominal sets asleep. ... The sleeping virgin has went off to sleep, that'll take the tribulation period. ... Now, during the tribulation that will be, the sleeping virgin will be hunted down by the dragon." (Escape Hither Come Quickly 2.2.58) "The dragon is always Rome." (Ten Virgins 12.11.60) "Will be hunted down by the dragon ... that'll search down and take this woman, remnant of her seed and will kill her." (Escape Hither 2.2.58)

"And here's the Tribulation saints, the sanctified ones ... being it's mine and your fault they had never heard the Word. If they heard It and rejected It, they went on to hell, they was cast out into outer darkness because they rejected the Word. But if they had never heard It, God's just. Tribulation period comes to them." (Revelation Chapter 4 Part 3 Throne of Mercy 1.8.61)

"Nominal believers like Lot, he's going through the tribulation period, see, and be saved as if it was by fire." (Questions & Answers 8.23.64)


"Remember, in this great time of persecution, there's millions of Gentiles will die in that, that rejected bride, that remnant of the woman's seed, sleeping virgin. ... Such are the foolish virgins and the righteous as are spoken of in Matthew 25. In this class also are those who do not worship the beast or become involved in the antichrist system but die for their faith even though they are not in the Bride, not having been born again. But they will come up in the second resurrection and go into eternal life." (Seventy Weeks of Daniel 8.6.61)

"And during that time, them two prophets will rise on the scene and call that 144,000. Then what will take place? Then the Mark of the Beast of Revelation 13 will set in, because he holds all of the commerce, trade and everything of the world." (First Seal 3.18.63)

"It's all sewed up in politics and things, and just like a union." (Ashamed of Him 7.11.65)

"There'11 be a boycott, that nobody can go to these churches or go to any churches. Unless you have a mark from your own church you cannot buy, or sell. You see it." (Then Jesus Came And Called 2.13.64)

"There ain't going to be no middle grounds. It'll be the mark of the beast. ... Now, stay out ot it! Get out of it! Flee it! Stay away from it! The God that they claim they're serving will destroy them." (Seed of Discrepancy 1.18.65)

Enter: Gog and Magog.

Brother Branham said in God Being Misunderstood, 7.23.61, that "Gog and Magog... is Russia, the north country." Russia was raised for one purpose, and that is to destroy Roman Catholicism for she is guilty of the blood of the Saints. Along with her shall be destroyed the image to the beast, the World Council of Churches.

"That is the reason God has raised up Russia yonder with an atomic bomb to wipe her off like the Antediluvian flood was, when He raised the clouds. ... Russia's raising right up to avenge the saints of the Catholic Church of the blood that she's shed of the saints. The Bible said so. It is going to take the whole thing." (Serpent's Seed 9.28.58)

However, Communism itself, the spirit, should not be feared, but instead, should be understood as the tool in God's hand for judgement. "Just forget about Communism. It's nothing in the world but a bunch of people that's nothing but barbarians that's ungodly. It's a system." (Q & A on the Seals 3.24.63)

"It shall gradually, not gradually, but rapidly get worse and worse. When Russia goes down there to get that oil, look out. That's all she needs. That's what the Prophet said it would do and we are ready for it then." (Angel of the Lord 5.2.51)


"Now, therefore we find out that ... it's Communism that's gathered together. God said Gog and Magog there will gather together, sure, to bring about the battle. That's exactly true, cause it's going to bring these forces together. It has to come, the Bible said it would." (Restoration of the Bride Tree 4.22.62)

Daniel 11. "You can see how the king of the north is coming down, which is nothing else but Russia. Coming down to press against it, like a whirlwind. And the great battle of Armageddon will be fought right there near the gates of Jerusalem." (Beginning End of Gentile Dispensation 1.9.55)

"They'll come right down, the cities of the world. Russia will come down, say, 'We just got to have that stuff. That's uranium and everything downthere, we got to go get it.'

"And as they go down, then will be the battle of Armageddon. That'll be when God will stand like He did in the valley for the children of Israel and fight again." (Q & A 1.3.54)

Brother Branham, in Q & A on the Seals 3.24.63, clarifies that, just as the Mark of the Beast is spiritually in effect now and literally takes place in the natural during the tribulation, 'Gog and Magog' also is two different battles. "One is this thousand years, and the other one is the end of the thousand years. ... Satan was loosed out of his prison (end of the millennium) and went to gather all the people, the wicked, to bring them to this place, and God rained fire and brimstone out of Heaven and they were consumed, see two battles altogether."

"Here comes Satan with all four corners of the earth with his Protestants and with his Catholics and all together, marching right up to the battle of Armageddon. All right. And here comes Jesus coming down from Heaven with resurrected saints vindicated Word." (Fourth Seal 3.21.63)

"But as they come against the city (Jerusalem) to destroy it, there will appear in the heavens the sign of the coming of the Son of Man with His mighty armies to destroy them who have been destroying the earth." (Revelation of Jesus Christ pp.40-2)

"Revelation 19... Christ is gathering His not from the four corners of the earth, because there's going to be a little bitty remnant. What's He doing? He's gathering them from the four corners of Heaven." (Fourth Seal 3.21.63)

"Death, gathering his earthbound delegates, and Christ is gathering His Heaven-born subjects, saint. He's got Death wrote on him; Christ has got Life wrote on Him. Those with Him are on white horses, also, and they are called 'chosen before the foundation of the world.' ... Called, chosen before the foundation of the world, and then faithful to the Word by their choosing, all stimulated with new wine and oil just riding right along, coming down to meet Him. ...


"He's come with resurrected saints, vindicating that His Word is true. So Satan knows then the bottomless pit is ready for him. ...

"Now, if you want to see their bodies, let's turn over here to Revelation 19 after the Word slays them. Now, the Word is going to kill them. ... 'And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations:...', out of His mouth like from God's mouth to Moses' mouth, ... Now watch, now He comes forth smiting. Who is He smiting? -- Jezebel and her Ahab, false prophet. 'And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls of the air in the midst of heaven. Come and gather yourselves together to the supper of the great God;'." (Fourth Seal 3.21.63)

"Those feet of brass will crush the enemy. They will destroy the antichrist, the beast and the image and all that is vile in His sight. He will destroy the church systems that have taken His Name only to corrupt its brilliance and crush them along with the antichrist. ... That's where he rode them to to eternal separation. Christ rode His Church right into Glory in the resurrection." (Church Ages p.56)

"Just before the great millennium, Armageddon is to clean off the earth. She re-purifies herself with this atomic blowing, and the volcanic ash, and things sinks this soaked... blood of men upon the earth, and sin, and crime. She sinks beneath the earth.

"The volcanic breaks out again, and renews, and cleans the earth for the great millennium. He cleans His Church during that time for a people to live here. Amen. I say, I like that. Yes sir. There's coming a time when it'll be great..." (Victory Day 4.21.63)

"But in Malachi 4, immediately after that prophet prophesied, the whole earth is to be burnt over, and the righteous walk out upon the ashes of the wicked." (Modern Events Made Clear By Prophecy 12.6.65)

"That is when the righteous will have their day with the Lord, for the wicked shall burn and the righteous will walk over their ashes into the millennium. Malachi 4:3, 'And ye shall tread down the wicked for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the Lord of hosts."' (Church Ages p.48)

"Burning fire that will destroy all the unbelief and the righteous will walk out upon the ashes of the wicked. It's promised. It's prophesied. It's Thus Saith The Lord." (Voice of the Sign 2.14.64)


In summary:

God promised Israel that He would restore her land to her in the last days - and restore her to Him. Jesus promised that the generation who saw this restoration would not pass away until all had been fulfilled.

World War II was the catalyst which God used to gather His people back to the newly formed Israel. The six-point star flag flew for the first time in 2500 years.

During this same time frame, 1948, the United Nations and the World Council of Churches were founded. Likewise, God began to raise the worldwide ministries such as Billy Graham and supernatural ministries such as William Branham.

The cry of "Unity!" was heard throughout the world in both spiritual and political realms.

The world trembled at the rise of communism, however, just as John Hus, Martin Luther, John Wesley, and all the other Protestant leaders since the dark ages, William Branham exposed what the true antichrist was; the mother of all - Roman Catholic Church.

Brother Branham declared Communism's true purpose -to destroy Babylon, mother of harlots, great whore - as described in Revelation 17. "They'll blow that thing off the map, just as certain as I'm standing here. We just had time to take up that subject there of that church, and run it on down through the Scripture, where It said, read, 'all the kings of this earth, and all the shipmasters, and all wail, for great Babylon met her desolation in an hour.' One hour, her time had come! And, oh, how He said, 'Rejoice you saints, and all you holy prophets, for God has revenged the blood of the saints, and your brethren upon her.' See, that's right, sure. Communism playing right into the hands of God. Just like King Nebuchadnezzar played right in the hands, to come take them Jews when they walked away naked." (Why We Are Not A Denomination 9.27.58)

Who could possibly unite all the denominations into what the Bible describes as the Image to the Beast? "Look here. Elsenhower has has got a big name here in this United States, but in Rome he ain't nothing, in Russia he's nothing. Krushchev's big in Russia, but in the United States he's nothing. But there's one man that's big everywhere, that's the pope - that's right, 'Let us organize ourself together, and come together.'

"'And there was given unto him a mouth to speak great things, blasphemy... power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

'"And he opened his mouth and blasphemed God,' and teaching for doctrine the commandments of man - heady, high minded, and lovers of pleasure; having a form of godliness, denying the Power thereof. 'And blasphemed his name,' -took Father, Son and Holy Ghost instead of the Lord Jesus Christ, see, 'and his tabernacle, and them that dwelled in the... in heaven.


'And it was given to him to make war against the saints,' There comes the persecution rising, 'and to overcome them; and power was given to him over all kindreds,... tongues, and nations.

'And all them that dwell upon the earth earth shall worship him, whose names were not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.'" Revelation 13:5-8. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh." (Thyatirean Church Age 12.8.60)

The Pope has his triple crown over earth. Heaven and purgatory. Just like Constantine, the religious and political world will unite.

In the meantime, God has been driving His Bride together. "And that's what He's going to have to do to the very Gentile Church. He's going to have to break down these denominational barriers let communism start eating around us, and then we'll have to come together. God'll make His Word fulfill because the covenant is unconditional! Not if you will, I will; but I have already done it. That's right. Oh, I love that. That just makes me feel religious." (Mark of the Beast 2.17.61)

At the Seventh Assembly of the World Council of Churches in February 1991, the council approved a statement "urging all churches to take steps toward 'full visible unity' including recognition of each other's baptism." They added that there is "no fundamental change ... anticipated soon in relationships between the WCC and the Roman Catholic Church. The latter does not belong to the WCC but participates fully in the WCC's Commission on Faith and Order." (United Methodist Reporter 3.1.91) Image unto the Beast.

The Assembly included 825 delegates from 100 nations. The current membership of the World Council of Churches is 317 (3.1.91) and growing.

With the completion of the Gentiles' Third Pull and Press, the True Bride of Christ will be taken from the earth; for His spotless Bride cannot be marred by the coming tribulation.

"Where will the Gentile Church go in the rapture? Into the palace. The Bride will be taken off the earth. She will be caught up before the great tribulation to meet her Lord in the air. For three and one-half years while the retributive wrath of God is poured out, she will be in the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Then will He return, leaving His Bride in 'His Father's house', while He makes Himself known to His Brethren." (Church Age Book p. 40)

God is driving His people home to Israel. "God's always had to drive the Jews, they never had the Holy Spirit. Many of them wouldn't even believe their prophets, their messengers." (Mark of the Beast. 2.17.61)

"They drove them everywhere, and they've been a despised nation, but -- because of the love of their money. They came back again. But that little minority is returning


into Palestine. Amen brothers! ... 'they'll trod down the walls of Jerusalem until the Gentile dispensation be finished.' When that's finished, then the Jews will return back into Jerusalem to re-establish the temple and temple worship." (Gabriel's Instructions To Daniel 7.30.61)

At this point the two Prophets of Revelation 11 rise to call the 144,000 Elect of Revelation 14.

"At this very time, the antichrist covenant that the Jews have made with Rome will be broken. Rome and her allies then send their troops to destroy all the God fearing, Word-abiding Jews.

"But as they come against the city to destroy it, there will appear in the heavens the sign of the coming of the Son of Man with His might armies to destroy them who have been destroying the earth.

"With the enemy repulsed, Jesus then comes and presents Himself to the 144,000. Having seen His mighty acts of salvation, they have come to know His power. But also seeing His wounds and knowing that they had rejected Him even to that moment, causes them to cry out in the agony of terror and fear, even as did their brethren of old when they stood before Joseph, being sore afraid that they would be killed.

"But as Joseph said, 'Don't be angry with yourselves. It is alright. God was in it all. He did it to preserve life.' Even so will Jesus speak peace and love to them." (Church Age Book p. 40)

While grace is being reestablished with the Jewish people, grace has left the Gentiles. Persecution and death will reign for those believers who do not join the Beast, taking the mark - membership to the World Council of Churches via man-made denominationalism - over the Word of God.

Humanity, science, culture, education, philosophy, psychology, all as seen by the eye, heard by the ear -on earth shall be destroyed at the end of the 3 1/2 year tribulation. Tribulation to some, restoration to others. The Bride shall walk out upon the ashes of earth to enjoy a millennium honeymoon.

"But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

"Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years." (Revelation 20:5-6)

Those who were not foreordained to express God as Bride, will rise in the White Throne Judgement (Rev.20:11), some into Eternal Life - whose names remained in the Book of Life (Church Ages pp.280-1), and others into the Second Death. God's Own' will be established together.


Revelation Chapter 21

"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

"And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

"And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying. Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

"And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me. Write: for these words are true and faithful.

"And he said unto me. It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

"He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son."

"Then tribulation sets in upon Israel; and then comes the battle of Armageddon which destroys all things. And then, the Bride returns back with the Groom for a thousand years, the Millennium reign;

"after that comes the New Heavens and New Earth and the New City coming down from God out of Heaven. "Eternity and time blends together." (Q & A 8.30.64)

Eternity and time blends together.


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