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Welcome to a historical perspective of how the Message of Jesus Christ through William Branham has been published and distributed throughout the world. This perspective is from the Tucson Tabernacle archives located in Tucson, Arizona, United States :: Pastor Pearry Green

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1) Tucson Tabernacle has been in operation since 1965 when its pastor, Pearry Green, opened the church as a house of worship in Tucson, Arizona, per the request of William Branham, the man whose name is being applied for as a trademark by a business entity.
Pearry Green began to be acquainted with the ministry of William Branham in January 1950, when he was 16 years old. From 1953-1955, Pearry Green was the pastor of Emmanuel Gospel Church in Longview, Texas.

From 1956-1965 (just prior to moving to Tucson), he was the pastor of Emmanuel Gospel Church in Beaumont, Texas. Pearry Green instigated and arranged the preaching meetings for William Branham in Beaumont, Texas, in January 1961.

The ministry of Pearry Green began being fully identified with William Branham in 1964 when he followed the meetings of William Branham and provided the telephone hookup for these services (the telephone hookup was a system of sending the audio portion of the services over the telephones to many churches across the states so their congregations could also listen to the sermons as William Branham preached them). He was in most all the services William Branham had the last two years of his life. Pearry Green's ministry has continued to be identified with William Branham and the message that he preached until this day.

William Branham's comments concerning starting Tucson Tabernacle

What House Will You Build Me; Sunday, 11-21-65; Tucson Tabernacle; Tucson, Arizona

…I believe today, that the inspiration that's come to Brother Green to move here, him and Sister Green, giving up their place back in the east also to--or back in Texas, to come here with--to start with nothing, just simply by an inspiration, feeling that they should do it. I appreciate men that will follow the leading of Christ, regardless of the cost it costs them.

…I realize that years ago I was called in the ministry. I've never made a successful pastor, because I got a roaming, rambling spirit. I can't be satisfied anywhere. Just wherever the Spirit moves, I've just got to move with It, because I have a Message. Jesus said, "I must preach in this other town also." But there are those who are shepherds that watch the flock. I'm so grateful that Brother Pearry followed the leading of the Holy Spirit, and today we have a tabernacle. It's a small one. That's just good enough to start with to see what the Holy Spirit... Not knowing, let's just move step by step…

we are together in this Message. Brother Green preaches the same thing and Message that I believe in.

…Now, as I've said before, Brother Green told me, and he said it. My wife come, told me what he said when I was away. That, and he said this morning, that, "The pulpit was open at any time." Now, usually... That's open for me to speak.

Now, usually, I had to drive all the way to Jeffersonville, Indiana, to give a Message that God gave me, to bring it to the people; go all the way to Jeffersonville, Indiana, and each one of you stringing across the country, and hooking up the wires and things to get the Message, because that's what we're living on. See, that's what we're here for. Well, we don't have to do that no more. God gives me a Message, I can walk right here to the pulpit and preach it, and feel free to do it. See? And I believe, by that, that God Almighty will bless you if you will just stand by this church now, this group of people. Not only that, but let's go out and see if we can't get others to come in.

I believe, in bringing our Messages, and we'll come down and have healing services. And anything the Lord reveals to us to do, we'll have it right here in the church, until it swells out so big you'll have to take it somewhere else, and somewhere else, until Jesus comes. God bless you.

1a) Tucson Tabernacle was opened as a place of worship in November 1965 so that William Branham could preach any time he desired while he was residing in Tucson, and it has continued to this day to support and publish the ministry of William Branham. Tucson Tabernacle started at 560 South Stone Ave. and has moved to its present location of 2555 North Stone Ave.

Tucson Tabernacle
560 South Stone Ave.
Tucson, AZ

Tucson Tabernacle
2555 North Stone Ave.
Tucson, Arizona

1b) Pearry Green has made numerous preaching trips to other fellowships around the world and has visited 135 countries. This was started in October 1965 when William Branham told him to go preach for Oscar Galdona who lived in Venezuela. Since then, Pearry Green has conducted preaching services around the world and has shown the films of William Branham and has given an introduction to the message that William Branham preached.


Announcements for a missionary trip to India in February and March 1972
The message that William Branham preached was introduced and the films of William Branham were shown.

March 1970 – New Zealand

Many, Louisiana – August 1970

Testimony & films shown

This is a newspaper clipping

1c) In addition to his travels, Pearry Green yearly held the Tucson Tabernacle December Convention, December 18-24, starting in 1969 through the year 2000. Ministers and people from other congregations from around the world attended these conventions, visited the sites in Tucson and the surrounding areas that have significance to the ministry of William Branham, and learned more about the ministry of William Branham. Often the visiting ministers participated in the preaching services.

The announcement for the first December Convention, December 18-24, 1969:

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