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2) Prior to founding Tucson Tabernacle, Pearry Green also published and supported the ministry of William Branham. Pearry Green was the only one publishing books of William Branham’s ministry at William Branham’s decease.

2a) The initial printing of An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages book (a series of sermons preached by William Branham, edited by Lee Vayle) was paid for by Pearry Green, and unexpectedly and without prior arrangements, was reimbursed by William Branham just prior to his decease. Pearry Green did the initial printing of An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages (or as it is commonly called, "the Church Age book") as a blue hardbound book. Since then, it has been reprinted as a softbound book, and Tucson Tabernacle Books reprinted it in the "red bound volumes." (See Point 7. c. iii.)

2b) The Laodicean Church Age book and the Twentieth Century Prophet book (both written by Lee Vayle) were both published by Pearry Green. The Laodicean Church Age book was originally an excerpt taken from the ninth chapter of the book titled, An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages. The Twentieth Century Prophet book was sponsored by several people so that it could be given away free of charge, as William Branham also stated in a couple of his sermons in 1965. The Laodicean Church Age book (Pictured on the left)

Twentieth Century Prophet book with its Dedication page containing the names of those who sponsored the printing and distribution of the Twentieth Century Prophet book

The Dedication page from the Twentieth Century Prophet book reads: "The Messenger To The Laodicean Church Age" is gratefully dedicated to those Christian friends and churches whose love for both the minister and the ministry has prompted them to generously publish and distribute this book, in the one hope that many may be enlightened concerning the very soon coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. L. Vayle, (author)

2c) Pearry Green also obtained from The Voice of Healing the remaining copies of these three books that were printed by The Voice of Healing: As the Eagle Stirreth Her Nest, The Eleventh Commandment, and Do You Fear Cancer? Pearry Green also obtained permission directly from William Branham to reprint these books. When he went to make a contract with The Voice of Healing to print the book An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, Pearry Green also contracted with them to reprint these three books in the quantity of 10,000 each. The reprinted copies of these three books were received in 1964, prior to the completion of the initial printing of An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages. These were distributed in the same manner as the Twentieth Century Prophet book was distributed– given away free of charge, if anyone wanted to make a donation to help with printing them, they could.

A couple of William Branham’s comments concerning the Seven Church Ages book, The Laodicean Church Age book, and the Twentieth Century Prophet book Doors in Door; 2-6-65; Flagstaff, AZ …Doctor Lee Vayle…my tapes of The Seven Church Ages, I sent them to him to grammarize them…. Which the book is going to press now after about three or four years. He asked me, he said, "Can I write a book, just my comments?" And I said, "Well, it's all right, Brother Lee." …Then he said, "…It's not to be sold; given away." …they had a sponsorship of about ten people to sponsor it, which cost them about fifteen hundred dollars, I think, I understand, for ten thousand of them. And so we got them; it all come off the press a couple days ago, and we got just two or three, yesterday, and Billy brought them up. And they're giving them away.

…if you'd like to have one, if you'd just write us, it'd be sent to you free. And it's called Twentieth-Century Prophet.I think The Voice Of Healing was the one who printed the book. And now it's absolutely free. And the sponsors back here in the back of the book, who put fifteen hundred dollars in it, just to get it out to the public, let the public read it. So it's free.

A Man Running From the Presence of the Lord; 2-17-65; Jeffersonville, IN

I think we got some new books outBrother Vayle has wrote a book…I believe they said today, two. Brother Vayle, is that right? You have two here now? Two books…the way I understand, that each person gets a copy...

And then the Seven Church Ages has been finished (Is that right Brother Vayle?), and on print now…. I think our precious brother must've picked up a little extra inspiration somehow, and he said he was going to write a couple books of his own off of them like. And so he wrote one called, I believe, The Twentieth Century Prophet and another one, Laodicean Church, I believe, or something like that. And Billy told me tonight that I believe several thousand of them arrived today; somebody brought them from Texas… (Note: The "somebody" that brought it from Texas was Pearry Green)

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