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3) Other sources have published
William Branham’s sermons or books
concerning William Branham
prior to his decease.


3a) The Voice of Healing published the books William Branham, A Man Sent From God,
by Gordon Lindsay, copyrighted in 1950…

…and William Branham Sermons,
edited by Gordon Lindsay.

3b) Julius Stadsklev wrote the book
William Branham, A Prophet Visits South Africa,

copyrighted 1952…

…and also compiled a three-book series of sermons by William Branham, A Prophet Brings His Message… Sermons by Rev. William Branham compiled by Julius Stadsklev. Both Book 1 and Book 2 of this series were copyrighted in 1960 and Book 3 was copyrighted in 1972 by Julius Stadsklev. Julius Stadsklev gave

Tucson Tabernacle permission to print and distribute these three books. (See Point 7. c. iii.)



3c) These books (William Branham, A Man Sent From God, by Gordon Lindsay; William Branham Sermons, edited by Gordon Lindsay; and William Branham, A Prophet Visits South Africa, by Julius Stadsklev) and other booklets were also advertised in The Voice of Healing magazine.

These are a few examples of this:

Voice of Healing – July 1949

Voice of Healing – October1949


Voice of Healing – June 1952
Voice of Healing

Voice of Healing
– September
1952 Voice of Healing – October 1952


Voice of Healing
– March 1953

Voice of Healing – April 1954


Voice of Healing – January 1956


Voice of Healing
– February 1966

William Branham’s comments concerning the publishing of the books:

Palmerworm, Cankerworm, Caterpillar And Locust
; 6-12-53; Connersville, IN
…I'm not a book salesman. I don't sell books, friends. If I didn't think that would help you, I wouldn't say one word about it and wouldn't even have it published or permit it to be published. And they're not my books. I buy them at forty percent off, and bring them here and sell them to you. That's exactly for handling charges… that book belongs to Gordon Lindsay; the other one belongs to Julius Stadsklev.

; 11-19-55; San Fernando, CA
Now, concerning the book, Mr. Stadsklev (He's a Chaplain in the Army.) wrote the one called A Prophet Visits Africa. And Reverend Gordon Lindsay wrote the other one, which is called A Man Sent From God... the men wrote them… then I pay them for the book, and I have to sell one for a dollar and a half; that's what they sell it for, and the other one for two dollars. And that's what the price is on them. Then I give them forty cents less for the book. Then I have to take it, and handle it, and ship it, and send it. Oh, my. The meeting has to hold it up. And then, I told every time to people are selling them, if there is any time an old dad or a mother comes by, reaching down in one of them little pocketbooks to get some money, and hasn't got enough money to pay for it, give it to them anyhow. That's right. 'Cause it's not to make money out of... I've lost, if it would be counted, hundreds of dollars on the books.

Time of Decision
; 4-18-59; Los Angeles, CA
We see setting present tonight, Brother Julius Stadsklev, Captain Stadsklev from Barstow, Chaplain in the United States Army….Brother Stadsklev was with me in Africa, and was there at Durban that day when thirty thousand heathens received Jesus as personal Saviour at one time. Where are you, Chaplain, are you here? Here he is, standing... Would you stand up to your feet a minute? Well, Brother Stadsklev was a witness of it there. He wrote the book, A Prophet Visits Africa.

Jehovah of Miracles
; 11-26-59; San Jose, CA
On these handkerchiefs, if we happen to miss your handkerchief in this meeting, why, you just write to us at Jeffersonville, Indiana, and we'll be glad to pray over one and send it to you. It's absolutely free.
Now, we don't have nothing to sell. Well, I take that back. The boys has the books and tapes and the pictures, I think, and so forth, in the back of the building... I buy those books. Brother Gordon Lindsay prints those books, and I buy them for forty cents less than I have to sell them, then pay for them to be transferred. You know what you make? You don't make nothing; you lose on them. It's the message. And the pictures, I think they just about--expenses to send them is about... We don't want to make nothing. We brought nothing into this world; it's certain we take nothing out... I wouldn't even let those books be there, or those things, if I didn't think it would help you some way… Anyone that can't afford it, and anything like that, some poor person, let him have it. That's right. It'll come some other way, somewhere. And so, it always has, and it always will, if you just put God first; that's all; put God first.


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