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6) Starting in 1966, others also have transcribed and printed the sermons preached by William Branham and have printed tracts concerning the ministry and supernatural occurrences that happened in the ministry of William Branham. Some have also duplicated sermons in various audio forms of William Branham.

To name a few: A. David Mamalis, Phoenix, AZ; Bible Believers, Blaine, WA; Bible Believers Association, Newfoundland, Canada; Calvary Christian Tabernacle; Christian Bride Call, Anchorage, AK; Duane Dean (Spoken Word Outreach Ministry), Bartow, FL; End Time Message Tabernacle, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Ewald Frank, Germany; Faith Tabernacle, Anderson, SC; Jerry W. Wright from Athens, GA; M. Hantus, Knoxville, TN; Milton Bethune, Fairfax, AK; New Testament Apostolic Church, Atlanta, GA; Restoration Missionary Outreach (later became Believers International), Tucson, AZ; Samuel E. Johnson, Ann Arbor, MI; Son Light Ministries, Neenah, WI; Tabernaculo Emanuel, Tucson, AZ; The Gospel Tape Ministry, Gisborne, New Zealand; The Living Word Press, Georgetown, IN; True Vine - Memorial Library, Hendersonville, NC; Tucson Tabernacle, Tucson, AZ; Victory Tabernacle, St. Augustine, FL.


New Testament Church - GA

A. David Mamalis, AZ

M. Hantus, TN

Harrell family Unknown

Ewald Frank, Germany

Faith Tabernacle – SC

True Vine Memorial Library, NC

Bible Believers – Newfoundland


A few of the misc. tracts from various sources…

The Gadsden Times,
Sunday, June 23, 1968

Reprinted 1972 by
New Testament Apostolic Church
Atlanta, GA

Gospel Tape Ministry, New Zealand – English & Chinese

All 5 tracts below from End Time Message Tabernacle, Edmonton, Canada – English & Chinese



Left – Prophetic Revelation, Singapore

Below – Bible Believers, Blaine, WA

Left – Endtime Message Tabernacle, Edmonton, AB

Below right – Tabernaculo Emanuel, Tucson, AZ

Tucson Tabernacle, Tucson, AZ

Bible Believers, Blaine, WA

New Testament Apostolic Church, Atlanta, GA

Living Word Press, WI



Owen Jorgensen, author / several others printed

End Time Message Tabernacle, Edmonton, AB Christian Bride Call, Anchorage, AK

Tucson Tabernacle, Tucson, AZ
July /Aug 1966 issue, Milton Bethune, Fairfax, AK

Tucson Tabernacle, Tucson, AZ

New Testament Apostolic Church, Atlanta, GA

Bible Believers, Blaine, WA

Spoken Word Outreach Center, Duane Dean, Bartow, FL


Christian Fellowship, Singapore (left)

Living Word Press, WI


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