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7) Many of the sermon books of William Branham have been printed and reprinted in different formats by various sources.

7a) For example, the sermons William Branham preached from the Bible on the Seven Seals in the book of Revelation was printed as a mimeograph copy by several different sources; as individual booklets; as softbound books; and as hardbound books.

  • The Seven Seals, mimeograph copy by Jerry Wright, blue, lower left

  • Red bound edition, The Revelation of the Seven Seals by Tucson Tabernacle Books, top center

  • Seven Seals, by A. David Mamalis, to the right of the red bound The Revelation of the Seven Seals

  • Leather bound The Revelation of the Seven Seals with the note written on the flyleaf by Roy Borders to Pearry Green thanking him for his assistance in publishing the Seven Seals – January 5, 1968, bottom row to the left of the yellow The Revelation of the Seven Seals edition

  • Over 20,000 of the yellow edition of The Revelation of the Seven Seals were printed for Tucson Tabernacle on lighter weight paper so they could be given away overseas and mailed for less postage.

A copy of The Revelation of the Seven Seals bound in leather by Roy Borders with a personal note written by Roy Borders to Pearry Green thanking him for his assistance in publishing the Seven Seals – January 5, 1968


7b) Other sermons that William Branham preached have also been printed by various sources as individual sermon booklets, both as mimeograph copies and as small bound booklets. (See also photos below of booklets printed by End Time Message Tabernacle and A. David Mamalis as well as the sermon booklet examples that were shown in Point 6)

Mimeographed copies of William Branham’s sermons

7c) The sermons of William Branham were first bound together in hardback books by Pearry Green.

      1. The first two sermon books Pearry Green bound were his own personal books for himself. These he did as blue covered books.
      2. (Pictured on the right)

      3. Others wanted the same thing available for themselves. So Pearry Green asked the people to gather up their extra sermon books by William Branham to share with someone else. These were bound together in black hardback books. When Pearry Green saw the demand for these books was more than would by met by asking the people to gather up their extra sermon books, he started getting several hundred of the single books as they were released and binding them in a black leather hardcover book at the end of each year. The demand for these hardcover books began to be around a thousand, but the number of individual booklets that were being printed by Spoken Word Publications did not cover the demand.

(Black hardback books bound by Pearry Green – pictured below)

7c) iii) The people began asking Pearry Green to reprint the sermons of William Branham in hardcover books since they could not get enough copies from Spoken Word Publications, and also the previous booklets that were printed from the earlier years were not available. By the fifth year, the demand was so high for the previous sermon books and the current sermon books, that Tucson Tabernacle Books began printing the hardback "red bound volumes" (also called "The Voice of the Prophet" books), starting with reprinting all the previous sermons from Volume 1 up to the current printing. Tucson Tabernacle printed 28 volumes of the red bound series. This set included Volumes 1-17 (which is 19 books since volumes #2 and #3 were two books each: #2a, #2b, #3a, and #3b) along with the other books in the red bound series: The Revelation of the Seven Seals; The Revelation of Jesus Christ; The Exposition of the Seven Church Ages; Hebrews; Daniel, Demonoloy, and Adoption; Church, Israel, and Jehovah-Jireh; Conduct, Order, Doctrine Volume I and Volume II, and A Prophet Brings His Message (which was a compilation of the 3 books of William Branham’s sermons edited by Julius Stadsklev).

The 28 volumes in the red bound series printed by Tucson Tabernacle Books: Volumes 1-17 and nine other volumes.

7d) Hardbound sermon books and individual sermon booklets by William Branham have also been printed by A. David Mamalis, The Word Publications. These volumes have been published in sequential order from 1965 backwards. (Below are a some of the volumes they have printed as hardcover and single sermons.)

Some of the individual sermon books of William Branham printed by A. David Mamalis…

7e) Harold Hildebrandt, pastor of End Time Message Tabernacle in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has printed many individual sermon booklets and multi-sermon booklets by William Branham and excerpts of The Acts of the Prophet (written by Pearry Green) as witnessing tools.

End Time Message Tabernacle began printing them in single and double sermons booklets…

They then began printing them like this…
And bundled them like this
for use overseas with audio tapes…

They also printed booklets for witnessing that were portions of The Acts of the Prophet, written by Pearry Green

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