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12) Audio versions of William Branhamís sermons have been distributed around the world by various sources besides the above named applicant.

12a) William Branhamís sermons were originally recorded on several different media including wire recordings, records, and reel-to-reel tapes.

Recordings of William Branhamís sermons on record

Recordings of
William Branhamís sermons on
reel-to-reel tapes

12b) Prior to and following William Branhamís decease, people began compiling his sermons from various sources, totaling approximately 337 of William Branhamís sermons. As Pearry Green traveled around the world, he found more sermons that were not already available and he collected them. When he gave a copy to what now is called Voice of God Recordings, he asked Fred Sothmann that if when he gave the sermon to him, would he loose his own rights to duplicate it. Fred Sothmannís answer to Pearry Green was that he could duplicate as many tapes a he wanted, but not sell them because they would sell them. There was a high demand for William Branhamís sermons and it was impossible to give everyone all the sermons (some sermons took more than one reel-to-reel tape). At that time, they cost two or three dollars a piece and people made about ninety cents an hour. Instead of giving the whole 300+ sermons away, Tucson Tabernacle went through those sermons and selected approximately 150-160 sermons that we termed the "Seed Tapes." (This was started when the sermons were available in reel-to-reel format.) Within the first ten years, Tucson Tabernacle had distributed these "Seed Tape Libraries" free of charge to all the churches that we knew across the world. This endeavor used approximately 700,000 tapes.

Pictured is a copy of one of the indexes that was used to define the seed tapes and a copy of one of the index pages. The sermon numbers circled in red are part of the sermons used as the "Seed Tapes."

12c) As time went on, more sermons were collected until there are over 1100 sermons available today. The reel-to-reel format out-dated and better technology became available, so the sermons were put on a less expensive and easier-to-use format, the cassette tape. These sermons of William Branham were then distributed by several locations including Cloverdale Bibleway (Canada) / Bible Believers (USA); A. David Mamalis (USA); and the above named applicant. Cloverdale Bibleway (Canada) / Bible Believers (USA) also began to "clean up" the audio on the sermon tapes and offer these sermons.

A letter informing that the following tapes have been transferred from reel-to-reel to cassette format

Copies of sermons of William Branham - available from A. David Mamalis - The Word Publications

Copies of sermons of William Branham Ė available from Cloverdale Bibleway / Bible Believers

Copies of sermons of William Branham Ė available from Cloverdale Bibleway / Bible Believers

(a different cover used)

Order forms used by
Cloverdale Bibleway /
Bible Believers
for their "cleaned"
sermon tapes of
William Branham

12d) In the past few years, William Branhamís sermons have been made available from several sources in the MP3 format (a less expensive format and less expensive method of distribution). (Note: The above named applicant originally decided against making the sermons available in the MP3 format until after others had made them available in the MP3 format and the demand for them in this format was obvious.)

i) Cloverdale Bibleway (Canada) / Bible Believers (USA) and Edmonton MP3 (Canada) have made William Branhamís sermons available on MP3 CDs.

Past editions of the MP3 CDs of William Branhamís sermons
Ė available from Cloverdale Bibleway / Bible BelieversÖ

Current edition of the MP3 CDs of
William Branhamís sermons Ė
available from Cloverdale Bibleway /
Bible BelieversÖ

A copy of the MP3 CDs of
William Branhamís sermons
that were made available from
Edmonton MP3 (Canada)

  • Chris Coffee (USA) has made William Branhamís sermons available on hand-held MP3 devices.

  • Three of the styles of these handheld devicesÖ

    12e) Many churches have made lending libraries of William Branhamís sermons available to their own congregations. Others have loaned his sermons upon request, locally or by mail.

      1. Gospel Tape Ministry in New Zealand received the free tapes from the free-tape society that was offered while William Branham was alive (see William Branhamís comments below). Gospel Tape Ministry offers copies of these sermons on a loan basis to all who request them.

    1.) William Branham refers to sending his sermons free of charge from a society in his church and he mentions the translation of his sermons in his sermon titled, Choosing of a Bride; 4-29-65 pm; Los Angeles, CA, "And now in this, it doesn't exactly mean that I'm speaking this to this congregation present, but these tapes go around the world. They're translated in practically, oh, a great deal of the languages, even into the heathen lands around the world. We send them tapes free on a society of the church, and they're translated in all out through the jungles of Africa, and to India, and around the world goes these tapes."

    Gospel Tape Ministry indexÖ

    ii) Tucson Tabernacle has offered William Branhamís sermons as a free, "on your honor" lending library. (Note: The photo below only shows a small section of the lending library.)

    Since the sermons of William Branham have become available in the MP3 format, it is much less expensive (due to the cost of postage) for the borrower to obtain their own personal copy of the entire sermon library on MP3 disc instead of mailing the sermons back after borrowing them. However, the sermons on tape are still available for loan.

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