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14) Color and black/white prints of William Branham:

14a) Pearry Green first distributed pictures of William Branham in 1969 during the December Convention held December 18-24, 1969. Originally, this included four color prints of William Branham: 16"x20" portrait, 8"x10" Altar of Fire, 8"x10" of William Branham hunting, and 5"x7" of William Branham and his 10 year old son, Joseph, in the Sunset camping area.

The second page, last paragraph of the 1969 December Convention announcement contains the notation about the availability of these four prints of William Branham

14b) Distribution of the prints continued and expanded to include ten 8"x10" black/white prints, five 8"x10" color prints, and one 16"x20" color print of a painting of William Branham. (Note: The16"x20" print of William Branham is not pictured in photo below.)

A few of the receipts and Purchase Orders from Tucson Tabernacle for the above mentioned prints…

14c) Voice of God Recordings requested to borrow Tucson Tabernacle’s negatives of these prints so that they could also offer these pictures. Tucson Tabernacle allowed them to do so; however, the black/white negatives were never returned to Tucson Tabernacle and are still in the possession of Voice of God Recordings. Tucson Tabernacle’s originals of the black/white negatives have not been returned to date.

Please note: "Since we are using the negatives that you so graciously supplied us with many years ago…"
– Helen Borders Mullen

Please note:
"In the past, special consideration had been made for you because you had supplied us with the negative to make some of the pictures…"
– Joseph Branham

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