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Choose William Branham or Joseph Branham
The following is in response to the statements of Joseph Branham and quotes preached by Brother William Branham.

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[Editor: A discussion between two Believers ~ sent to us.]
February 8, 2008

I want to answer you so you clearly know that I DO love and believe ALL that Brother Branham told us. The good and the bad about himself.
Let him speak for himself. I have no say in it.


"My point was that there are things that I do not understand about the Bible, but I believe it. 100 percent"

>>> Me to 100%. I didn't until Brother Branham told me to. He restored the Bible to me.

"but you also say Brother Branham made mistakes"

>>> I didn't say. HE said it. He said NOT when he said THUS SAITH THE LORD though. I happen to believe HIM. Do you?

"for Satan to try to tell me there are mistakes in the Bible now. And the same thing goes for the Message. "

>>> Only difference is Brother Branham said he made mistakes. Not everything William Branham said is the Message. Those weren't my quotes or ideas, they were WILLIAM BRANHAMS. Do you believe him?

"You are telling me that the 7th Church Age Messenger made mistakes and are thus trying to point them out to me to prove that his Message cannot be my absolute."

>>> NO. I'm not trying to tell you. BROTHER BRANHAM IS telling you. YES. The Message is absolute, but NOT everything Brother Branham said. THAT'S WHAT HE SAYS. Do you believe HIM?

"...then you must be also telling me that the 1st Church Age messenger (Paul) (who wrote much of the New Testament) also made mistakes."

>>> NO. Because then I would be saying the opposite of what WILLIAM BRANHAM taught, as well as the Bible.

"yet he made mistakes and we have to figure out where they are...God did not do that with the Bible...why would he do that with His prophet?"

>>> We do not specialize in the mistakes until someone says they are THUS SAITH THE LORD. Impossible. BROTHER BRANHAM SAID THEY ARE MISTAKES. I CANNOT in clear conscious call him a liar. HE SAID IT. I didn't. BUT HE ALSO SAID, the BIBLE is THE ONLY BOOK infallible. HE SAID IT. Do you believe him?

"generally when people come into the Message "

>>> This is my thought. You can take or leave this one. When I was a little boy, my dad was infallible to me. As I grew up, HIS TEACHINGS clarified that he was NOT but HE POINTED ME TO the things in LIFE that are true. I thought Bro.Branham was the absolute too! Brother Reagan thought he was the absolute too! BUT THEN THE PROPHET himself taught us otherwise. WILLIAM BRANHAM said it. We believe him. Do you?

"been told by one person ... 2000 of Brother Donny's sermons and he never contradicted Brother Branham one time...but Brother Donny who is simply a minister of the Gospel....does not make mistakes."?

>>> FALSE. Brother Reagan makes piles of mistakes. He admits that. BUT NOT when he is quoting WILLIAM BRANHAM ... intentionally. He could quote Brother Branham saying the white horse rider was Christ. Then LATER while studying, find out it really was satan. But who made the original mistake. BROTHER BRANHAM said HE DID. Do you believe him?
(and yes, Brother Reagan can misuse a quote also accidentally. He is a man, JUST LIKE William Branham said he was.)

"so why is it in the Bible if it is not the Lord speaking but Paul...Because Paul had the authority..."

>>> WILLIAM BRANHAM had NO authority to write the BIBLE. He said so. He DID have the authority to speak THUS SAITH THE LORD when he received it. HE SAID SO. Do you believe him?
Brother Branham was to bring together the loose ends only. And as a Prophet he could. He was to present us to the infallible Christ. Not the infallible "every word I speak" Prophet.
That is what HE SAID. Do you believe him?

Do you really believe Brother William Branham?

God does not make even his prophets robots.
He gives them the truth, but then he let's them present it in their own unique way. You might say to your son, "Son, build me a gocart. It must be red. It must have a horn. That is THUS SAITH ME." You then let your son go and build in his own unique way - as long as it is red and has a horn, he has been obedient.
That is why BROTHER BRANHAM said, 'God does not show his prophets everything.' Do you believe him?

Do you really believe Brother William Branham?

God bless you.
Please please, let William Branham tell the truth about himself.

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> You did not answer my questions...I assume that you were unable to answer who saw Jesus first after ...

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