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  • Public Asks:
    Do you all believe William Branham was God?

    Joseph Branham in Russia says every word was Thus Saith The Lord.
    Pastor Donny Reagan Responds

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  • Public Asks:
    What are you people all about?
    "The Coming of the Lord Jesus; Making the Rapture; And our relationship with Christ. Our place in the Word. And knowing our position. Recognizing who we are and our position in Christ"
    Pastor Tim Pruitt USA

  • Public Asks: Do you all believe William Branham is raising from the dead to preach some more?
        One response: Grace Covenant Church gives their understanding.

  • Branhamites vs William Branham
    "He only pointed us to Jesus Christ"

    Public Asks:
  • Do you worship a man? No. William Branham pointed us to Jesus Christ.
  • What about the Bible? We believe the Bible is the only infallible book. The sermons of William Branham help us understand the Bible which points us to Jesus Christ.
  • Why do you all only listen to tapes? We ALSO, not only, listen to tapes/mp3s.
  • How come I never heard of Branham? Not sure. The Ministry was worldwide and is responsible (or accused) of starting many/most of the current publically recognized Charismatic/Pentecostal/MegaChurch Ministries. It should be understand that the supernatural associated with William Branham is what inspired many of the 'Non-Branham' ideas and ministries. The three major ministries of Oral Roberts, Billy Graham and William Branham established the groundwork of most of the present day ministries based on Jesus Christ in the non-Catholic tradition.
  • I know branhamites that don't even go to church. We believe in going to Church. That is what William Branham taught.
  • How can a dead man be your pastor? We do not believe William Branham is our Pastor.
  • My Pastor says you all are a cult. We understand your Pastor's misunderstanding. We are not a cult because Jesus Christ is our absolute. We follow William Branham as he followed Christ.
  • Why do you all hate ministers? We believe in the five fold ministry as taught by the Bible and William Branham.
  • Why are you all always yelling "Get back to the books and tapes!" Not sure who you speak of but if you type in "Get back to the" in the Message Search program, William Branham never said that. He did say after the Seven Seals in March of 1963 through 1965, "Get back to the the Bible : the Word : Gospel : Power of God : Pentecost : True Unadulterated Word : Original Word : Word of God : Foundation : Truth of the Word."
  • You all think you're the only ones going to heaven. We believe anyone who comes God's provided way will be saved. We believe there are two main groups that will be 'in Heaven'. Both are saved. One group is the elected specially picked by God and His foreknowledge - in order to be purged and trained for the coming Kingdom. The other group are the 'whosoever will' ones who are saved and will be allowed to enter into Eternal Life at the White Throne Judgment.
  • Why youall always say bride and message all the time? The Bible teaches the Bride to be as Eve was to Adam. Bone of Jesus Christ's bone, and flesh of His flesh. She reflects His Word and Character. The 'Message' is the same message in 1John 1:5 and 3:11. The Bride and Message believers greatest joy is seeing the Word of God manifest in their lives, in Spirit and in power within the Church, and in the simplicity of God's Character which is the Name (character) of Jesus Christ.
  • How can every word Branham says be God? William Branham never taught that every word he spoke was God.
  • Your headquarters must do a rotten job. You're worse than the baptist. We do not have a headquarters like the denomination churches. Each Church is sovereign and is only accountable to God.
  • He said the world would end in 1977 and it didn't. He's false. This is William Branham's quote as heard on recording: 43 "...I predict... Now, remember, "predict," especially you listening at the tape. I don't say it will be, but predict that it will end by 1977, that the church will go completely into apostasy, and she'll be ousted out of the mouth of God. And the second coming, or the rapture of Christ, might come anytime. Now, I could miss that a year; I can miss it twenty years, I could miss it a hundred years. I don't know where. But I just predict that according to a vision He showed me, and taking the time, the way it's progressing, I say it'll be sometime between '33 and '77. At--at least, this great nation is going to strike a war that's going to blow it to bits. See? Now, that's pretty close; it's awful close. And I could be wrong; I'm predicting. Everybody understand say, "amen" if you do." 12.11.1960 Laodicean Church Age
  • You big headed guys always blast denominations. You're no different! 'Denomination' is a loosely used word. Denominational thinking usually organizes a religious move into a set of beliefs which stop any further revelation of understanding. Likewise, man-made ideas are added that are not Scripturally based in the Christian Bible. The 'blast' you may be speaking of is the accepting of man-made ideas which either add or alter what is in the Christian Bible - the only infallible book as taught by William Branham. The study of Church history shows the Catholic's would not accept Martin Luther; the Lutherans would not accept John Wesley; the Methodists would not accept the Pentecostals; the Pentecostals would not accept William Branham pointing them all back to the Bible Word. God was always advancing back to the Word, but the man-made ideas always stop a man-organized church system.
  • Are you all against education? No - However, we do believe that Jesus Christ is not known by education or seminary training.
  • I know people with your headquarters books but won't carry a Bible. We believe the Bible is the only infallible book. William Branham said everything we teach should line up with the Scriptures. Our books are printed by very professional publishing companies. The main one in the U.S.A. is from William Branham's hometown in Jeffersonville Indiana. The Voice of God Recordings Inc does an outstanding job of printing the sermons and supplying audio recordings of William Branham. It's president is William Branham's son, Joseph Branham.
  • Do you think you are God? No, Jesus Christ is God. Yes, the complete Body of Believers is God manifesting in a multi-membered Body, but not one member exclusively - that would be a cult.
  • All this prophet stuff drives me crazy. What's your alls problem? I got Jesus. We do not choose how God chooses to express Himself. He always used men to warn and rescue His people. We believe that just as God sent John the Baptist to rescue the people at the end of the Jewish dispensation, so likewise has God showed this same love and kindness to the Gentiles before ending their dispensation. According to the Bible, when God is through with us Gentiles, He will then return to the Jews to finish His promise He made to Abraham.
  • I can't believe you all hate America!? Neither do we. We love the United States but we hate the magnitude of sin. We love South America, Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa. Those 'Message Believers' who live in the United States are very blessed people in many ways. In other ways they must constantly stay prayful to resist the temptations of their wealth.
  • Do you support the Democrats or the Republicans? Each citizen of age in the United States has the opportunity to vote according to their conscious. This also applies to all nations that offer this privilege.
  • I heard William Branham had a mistress? No. William Branham did not have a mistress. His life was constantly watched by critics as well as the government. The United States government would have discovered any discrepancies when challenging his financial dealings.
  • Branham faked all this for money. It is impossible to fake healings and discernment at this level. Too many witnesses globally make the 'fake theory' of no effect. William Branham was given $100 a week from his home Church in Jeffersonville Indiana.
  • His money put him in prison. I can't follow a crook. William Branham never spent time in prison. His financial problem was due mostly to signing checks people gave the ministry in his name. The government explained that even if he never kept the money, if he signed the check in his name, then it was considered his money and taxes needed to be paid.
  • He's false man. He said the world would end in 78. Get off it. William Branham never said by prophecy that the world would end in 1977. He clearly, on the audio recordings, said he 'predicted' and that he could be off by a hundred years.
  • False prophet false prophet false prophet. Money money money. We believe William Branham was a true Bible scriptural Prophet and his lack of concern about money helps to establish his genuineness.
  • They always build their big schools and headquarters to make their big money. William Branham never built a school or a headquarters. He called the Jeffersonville Indiana Branham Tabernacle his church that he could speak freely in. He also had a trailer with a typewriter where he answered mail. He could have been a millionaire but chose to stay simple. He knew that things like a school would force him to concentrate on keeping money coming in and he did not want to do that. He preferred to be able to go anywhere he felt guided by God. Therefore he could to go to large populated meetings or a small house meeting. He knew his gifts were for the people not himself.
  • Just another TV minister. William Branham had no television or radio ministry which he had to fund.
  • This is just Benny Hinn all over again. These guys have mastered marketing. Money grabbers. William Branham sold no books for profit and all tapes were similarly sold. He had no organization to support financially so it freed him from the pressures of the television ministries.
  • Golly, tell me no that you believe it was sex in the garden of eden? This is how William Branham explained why each of us are born in sin through the sex union which started with Adam and his wife: "16-1 ...The Token was God's Life, and when God made the first man, He made him a son. And the son was so corrupt, that he listened to his wife instead of God, and the woman listened to the devil instead of her husband. And when he did, it so corrupted them together, that it brought a pollution. And He knew that when they did that, they'd have to bring children into the world. The fruit in the midst of the tree could not be touched. And then when it was, they brought this sin upon themselves; and therefore, the whole human race that was born, was in sin." The Token 9.1.1963 AM
  • I've read all about you Latter Rain Joel's Army Bentley people. Sarah Palin sympathizers. William Branham was not Latter Rain nor the founder of Joel's Army. These are complete distortions of his ministry. WMB1, William Branham or 'Message Believers' do not promote civil politics. That is for each person to decide about. Furthermore, we are not a political party with future aspirations.
  • I saw Left Behind and all this rapture stuff sounds kooky. The Rapture is a process that has already started. William Branham taught the the 'Shout' of the Rapture was to turn the Christian church back to the Bible and the Faith of the Fathers as lived by the original Church in the Scriptures of the Christian Bible. The completion of the Rapture is the Body Change when the living Christians defeat death and are translated like Enoch in Genesis. That is when the Gentile time ends and God's attention returns for a short season to keep His Promise to Israel that He gave Abraham. There is no 'salvation' available for the Gentiles that are 'left behind'. Every Gentile must 'be saved' on this side of the completion of the Rapture.
  • So you guys thinks your better than everybody? Not at all. Salvation is for anyone that wants it. The 'Elected' are simply called for a future work. Like a person goes to Law School for future work, the 'elect' goes to Word School to be trained for a future work. They are not better, they are simply called. They must die to themselves, and become the Word of God in life and character. Abraham was Elect, but Lot was not. Both were saved, but God had a special work for Abraham. Abraham was the Word of God expressed. Lot was the behavior and influence of sodom expressed. God's Grace is Abraham. Without Abraham, Lot would have been lost. "...that God remembered Abraham, and sent Lot out of the midst of the overthrow,..." Genesis 19:29. (this subject is too easily misunderstood for a short reply. Please contact a Pastor that can show you the Scriptures.) - Anyone who has an arrogant boasting or self-exalting or know-it-all behavior has not become what William Branham or the Bible (Jesus Christ) teaches the Elected Bride must be. The Elect is not better. They will simply be the Potter's restoration of the original Church of Pentecost (New Testament) ~ the Body and Bride of Jesus Christ. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever." Hebrews 13:8
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