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Choose William Branham or Joseph Branham
The following is in response to the statements of Joseph Branham and quotes preached by Brother William Branham.

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[Editor: A discussion between two Believers ~ sent to us.]
February 5, 2008

Dear Brother,
Someone taught you what you now believe.
Did that person teach truly 'what the tapes say'?

Brother Branham said he WAS NOT infallible. True or false?
Brother Branham and the Bible said a pastor preachs. True or false?
Brother Branham said lots of what he says is just the man, not Thus Saith The Lord. True or false?

This issue is NOT about listening to tapes.
There is NO problem of listening to a tape in church or home or anywhere. Praise Jesus Christ he gave us the recordings. You and I both rejoice equally.

The issue is WHY Joseph Branham only wants people to listen to the tapes. The motive is what God watches.
His answers DO NOT match what the Prophet says. That is the issue.

Brother Branham said the hardest thing God has to do is to get one man to believe another. Therefore, THAT IS WHY God GAVE us the Ministry. It is a wonderful gift to us.
Why would Joseph Branham want to go against God, his own dad, and the Prophet? THIS IS MY BIGGEST QUESTION I ask myself.

You and I both are trying to find which men to believe to lead us to the promises of the Word.

Fear makes us throw in the towel of GOD'S PROVIDED WAY and reject His gift of the Ministry, and choose just tapes instead.

It truly is the same ploy of satan in the garden of Eden. "HATH GOD SAID?..."

Isn't that true.

YES! Many Ministers have done the same PLOY since 1965. It was EXPOSED by the TRUE MINISTRY, not tapes. GOD IN FLESH.

Why, now after all that work and sacrifice, is Joseph Branham now doing the SAME ploy?

His influence is great. This 'prophet' is NOT saying what THE PROPHET said. WHY!?


There is no question on this. Please read the transcripts and then read the printed quotes Brother Reagan uses.

I thank God you love the tapes, recordings, mp3s. I do too.

SOMEONE IS RIGHT, Someone is wrong.

It is either WILLIAM BRANHAM or Joseph Branham.

Everyone will have to choose.

God bless you Brother. I know you love the Lord.

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