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Marilyn Monroe ~ baptised Norma Jeane Baker June 1, 1926 August 5, 1962

E-43 A few weeks ago I was... About eight months ago, or a little more, I saw a vision one night of two fellows, one in one barroom, and one in another, fussing at one another to their congregation that they were talking to. Finally, they met in New York in the middle of a street, dug a hole like, got in there, and one killed the other one. I said, "Somebody's going to get killed." They were nice, tall, young men. About a month after that, them two prize fighters fought the grudge, and one killed the other one.
Setting up in Colorado a few months ago in a--a little cabin, I went and said to my son, my wife, my daughter-in-law, and them: "Last couple of hours something happened. I saw a young lady, a beautiful woman, and she had kind of thick lips, looked like I'd saw her somewhere. And she's--she was trying to get to a doctor, and she
And the Spirit that was speaking to me, said, "Now, they will say that she committed suicide, but she died with a heart attack." And said, "It's just a little before four, but you can say it was four o'clock," and the vision left me. I told them, "What did that mean?" I didn't know. "Somebody's fixing to die."
When we come out of the mountains two days later, that movie star (What's that woman's name?), Marilyn Monroe, she was kind of a strip tease or... Or you read her story. She was an illegitimate child. Her mother's in the insane institution. Poor little girl probably had a hard way. And she always hungered for something. I wish I could've got to her. I know what she needed. I knew what she needed. Yet she'd joined churches and everything. But see, it was just a ritualistic form. She needed the application of the Blood. See? Now. I guess there isn't a sex fiend in the country but what knowed her and had her picture. She was supposed the most perfect built woman, as understood, there was in the world. But if that anatomy is so great, then watch... When the life went out of her body, they had to give her a number to lay in a room. And nobody would claim her body. So which is the important part? The soul or the body? See, we got to be sincere in these things. God requires it. It must come. William Branham

Marilyn Monroe

Listen to William Branham's vision of Marilyn Monroe death:
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E-91 ... They call you a woman hater. I don't believe that. I believe you love me as your sister." And I do, sister. But I'm only trying to tell you. I don't want you to be influenced by Marilyn Monroe. I want you to be influenced by Jesus Christ and by His Word. He is the Word. If the Word don't influence you, then Christ can't, because He is the Word. You know that.

E-82 ... Now, teenager, what would you do about that? Would you'd try to act like Marilyn Monroe, or some of them others, or some of the women like the first lady of the land, with these here all kind of carrying on, and this cutting the hair and--and manicuring on the face, and these tight, sexy dresses and... And you men letting them do it. And you pastors without the audacity to rebuke it from the pulpit too. That's right. That's right. Now... That's right.
Now, just a minute. Listen. That's right. But many times you've got God-given pastors that will rebuke it, and you still won't line with the Word.

E-67 ... There's something inside that my heart bleeds and I cry out, "Don't fashion after Marilyn Monroe, or some of these women there. Do like Sarah in the Bible. See?" Don't try to be Mr. Some--Something or other, run over the platform and carry on, and--and try to dress like some bandbox, and...?... and carry... Don't... We got too much Hollywood showmanism in Pentecost. That's right. We need the Holy Ghost. Now, you might not love me; you might not want me back again. But this is an opportunity to speak truth, and this is truth. Try it. Find out if it's not so. Some lady said, "It's my own American privilege." I said, "But you'll forfeit that."

89 When I seen this woman not long ago in a vision the Lord showed me, see her die that... I can't never think of that woman's name, she... Marilyn Monroe. And I never seen her; I don't go to movies. But I--I--I seen the girl, and she was attractive. And she was trying to get to something; she was dying, had a heart attack. And the Lord said, "Now, you say that she died just at four o'clock. She did not commit suicide," said, "but you can say she died at four o'clock, 'cause it's just a few seconds before four." And there, I seen where they found her. And I told Billy; I told the family, the ones that was with me about it. And a few days afterwards, it was Marilyn Monroe that died.

E-16 About different things in the nation... About this Marilyn Monroe, when she died, they'll never believe but what that girl committed suicide, but she did not commit suicide. She died in a heart attack. I seen it days before it happened, and told them about it; but they wouldn't listen to me.

Listen to William Branham's vision of Marilyn Monroe death:
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