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  • Woman : Seven Prophetic Visions in 1933
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    10 God, ... He interprets His own Word by vindicating that Word in Its season.

    E-11 ...The Bible doesn't need anybody to interpret It. God is His own Interpreter. He interprets it by making what He said come to pass.
    That settles it
    . William Branham

    E-92 And so, this... I... I won't have time in this meeting to tell you. In 1933 (had seven visions), this is a woman's nation. It's the number thirteen. It appears in the thirteenth chapter of Revelation: thirteen stars, thirteen stripes, thirteen... Everything's a thirteen. Everything is a woman. And remember, THUS SAITH THE LORD there will be a woman rule before the end time. She'll either be President, Vice President, or it'll be the Catholic church as a woman. I've seen her: A great woman, the nation bowed to her. It'll be one before the end time. THUS SAITH THE LORD. Write it down and find out, you young people. See if it happens. If it isn't, I'm a false prophet.

    136 ... And I said, "Remember, in that day, before the end time comes, before the end time comes, that a woman... Now, you all keep this wrote down. There'll be a great powerful woman raise up, either be President, or dictator, or some great powerful woman in this United States. And she'll sink under the influence of women. Now, you remember; that's THUS SAITH THE LORD."

    E-77 And I said, "Then I seen some great powerful woman rise in the United States." 'Cause this is a woman's nation: woman's picture on the money; everything is woman here. That's right. She's a goddess. Not you Christian women. I'm talking about... Let a little flapper come down the street here with all these shorts, and things. She can do more harm to the church of the living God, among men, than all the bootleg joints there is through the nation. That's right. This is a... America is a woman's nation. ... And I seen a great woman rise up, beautiful to look at, but a cruel wicked heart. And that will be a church. And she's on her road now.
    E-78 Then I seen the end time when the United States looked like a big bunch of bursted up stones and things like that, just blowed out, smoldering everywhere. Five of them has happened, two of them's one their road. That has been twenty-one years ago (See?), when it was predicted. If five of them is perfectly hit, the other two's got too. I see them coming on the road now. Oh, repent and flee from the wrath that is to come, church of the living God. Get back to the real Gospel, friend. You Methodists, you Baptists, you Pentecostals, the rest of you turn to God with all your heart, for your hours are short.

    Woman : Seven Prophetic Visions in 1933
    Read All Quotes Compiled on the Woman Prophecy : Click here

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